Guys Try Instagram Nail Art Designs

Guys Try Instagram Nail Art Designs

100 thoughts on “Guys Try Instagram Nail Art Designs

  1. it should have been a great video where the guys do the nail art on one hand and the same art is done on the other hand by a professional. it would have been such a fun video. guys going, ohh thats how you do it!

  2. Can yalls stop whining about rhe try guys? I dont need to read 10 separate comments that say "hhhHhNNGGGHHHH TRY GUUSSSS HURRE TRY GUY YOURE COPY CATS UNGGHHH"

  3. Calm down Buzzfeed is a channel based on trying stuff … Plus, they’re not trying to lure us this time with the try guys in the thumbnail so , improvement

  4. So instead of crediting/showing the actual Instagram creators they made generic illustrations???
    Why not just give credit??🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. All these people in the comments acting like NO SINGLE GUY NOW OR EVER will be able to TRY anything without being labeled as copying the "try guys."

  6. 1. Not the Try Guys. This ain't it, Chief.
    2. One of the guys featured here, Norberto Briceño (black shirt, glasses, beard) was just laid off in a massive employee cut by Buzzfeed. I realize that Buzzfeed still has the rights to material out there that includes previous employees who either quit or were laid off, but damn, this is in bad taste–especially since he was laid off ~1 month ago.

  7. Seriously, these try guys comments are ridiculous. The video is guys trying nail art. Buzzfeed always have people trying different things. Shees.

  8. This hurt me to watch cause some of them werent getting rid of the excess paint on the brush and the guys sitting on the left werent painting their entire nail with a base color for their designs

  9. I have been doing nails for 2 years, and not once have I ever painted my nails that badly! I love the whole idea of more guys painting their nails, but If they watched a video on how to do it first, the results would’ve been better. I’ve never cringed and loved another video in my entire life.

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  10. Wish there had been an overhead camera so we could actually see the surface of their nails while they're painting :/

  11. Literally sat down to do my nails with my favorite brand of nail polish (Sally Hansen Intsa-dry) which I currently have 28 colours of, and thought what shall I watch while I do this and look what I found :')

  12. You guy really screwed up by firing Norb.
    Also…one design was CLEARLY easier than the other, for both teams!

  13. Why are there so many try guys comments? Buzzfeed does "X try(s) Y" videos all the time and pretty much always has done. These comments aren't even funny- the "buzzfeed copies everyone" joke is just boring now

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