Guys Try Instagram Nail Art Designs

Guys Try Instagram Nail Art Designs

we should do a tutorial okay hey what’s up everybody it’s your boy Zack and Fernando and today we’re gonna be doing an Instagram nail tutorial I have never done my nails ever in my life No hell no no I don’t do nails I don’t do nail maintenance either so we’re figuring in design on Instagram for each other and then we’re gonna go out to our colleagues and find out who did the best I came in knowing that you were gonna win why not did pay my nails which was one time or I should say somebody painted my nails that one oh yeah [Music] I’m highly competitive so even though I know nothing about this I’m absolutely gonna win I will win this is all I’m gonna have you do okay I can do that it seems like hard but like not too hard I left nail open nail for I am rolling with this one for you North as a beginning art student maybe this would be something that’s easy for you to do I just want you to have a fighting chance in this competition I hate you I would never wear yellow and teal it looked like Denver Nuggets Jersey Denver Nuggets do I look like a Denver Nuggets fan no exactly initial thoughts that seems really hard very cheetah girl realness oh I love the cheetah girls you literally just have to do like three dots oh it is it’s not a messy huh it’s my my feeling I got away with yeah I messy one for a messy boy I put some thought into it you like some sci-fi stuff you like a space I thought this was actually a well thought-out design for you I very much love this if I had my nails done this is something I would do to him I already get started yeah we have no other choice let’s do it in about 10 minutes we’re no longer gonna be basic Oh Oh what I need the CLO and I need purple this color what is all this stuff what are these for they’re just fine it’s like a little paint mini paintbrush and you go like that oh yeah that would make sense yeah the laughter you guys are laughs leads me to believe that I didn’t think this was for nails no I didn’t I didn’t at all is this how I be painting them no these come with a brush inside another I knew that I’m gonna go for it oh my god oh my god yeah there’s a punch it’s oh there’s a brush in here bro yeah what’d you think oh I’ve seen nail polish before I clearly you have not do I shake is it smart if I just do the whole nail yellow and then put stuff up is it gonna drop you’re supposed to do I don’t know how fast it drunk where are you gonna put the yellow around the circle’s is that what you were thinking I don’t know how fast it dries okay further review it says insta-dry I’m putting on a nice layer of black I want to talk like Bob rice I really wanted to talk like Bob rice right now right now I’m applying a thick coat of yellow to the nail region how much am I supposed to put on you know what I can do oh not that much okay I’m feeling great oh this is okay this is intense I already messed this up look look at this this is ridiculous it looks like it just ain’t a hot dog with a lot of mustard on it and so the leftovers the issue with mine is that she has a tiny black line right there and I’m feeling good this doesn’t look great but I’m feeling good I’m gonna use a piece of paper to stay in the light I had it some purple in there does not look how I thought it was gonna look it legit looks like you put your hand in mustard right now maybe that’s the aesthetic that I’m trying to afford I’m a hot mess at a hot dog I’m trash insta-dry is maybe the biggest lie I’m trying to dry it so then I can put more of the yellow on so it really pops maybe if I leave my fingers down like this it would be easier I could do this on you and it would look great but like I’m using my right hand I’m like I write with my left hand I do things with boats so I’ve never painted my nails so I don’t know which one it’s easier with this hand I be utilizing the toothpick oh we got toothpicks I flipped the toothpick to use not the sharp side of it because it’s more of a circle Wow grand breaking I’m gonna let you know something if you mess up don’t try to just go over what you messed up with with a different nail polish because that just makes it worse how do you know this because I just did it this is coming together this is happening I think I can do this you seem very focused over there learning from my mistakes patience I will say I think they use thinner brushes for this because I don’t like okay so see this time I went and I did all the rest of my fingers with that black base so now I can just go through and boom hit them with the purple and hit them with the white purple I’m not doing great but like here’s the thing this is like when you’re writing a research paper and on your second page you realize that your thesis statement was crap you’re like damn I’m too deep and to go back so I’m just gonna tweak it a little bit yeah change my sources then there I’m having a lot of fun right now it’s soothing to the soul even though I’m doing it horribly I really like the paint going onto my nail and me focusing on the brush hitting my nails so vividly off how do you get a specific amount of nail polish you don’t have any say it’s like this is how much you get you just deb-deb into it we should do tutorial okay hey what’s up everybody it’s your boy zack and Fernan and today we’re gonna be doing an Instagram nail tutorial alright guys so what you’re gonna need today is definitely a very important document that you don’t need anymore so you could have straight lines on your nails I know we’re competing but people this time with the friend holding down the paper you’re gonna want to put the wine like that okay then your frame will remove the paper okay oh wow that’s not bad is it bad I had better expectations oh then you’re gonna touch it up with some white kind of like cute cover that yeah you’re very much on your skin I’m struggling a little bit but that makes me relatable I’m moving on to no wait wait for me wait for me sack Jesus sorry guys oh my gosh those we never do that we never fight we’re perfect we’re very competitive I love sports you paint the nails don’t let the nails paint you paint those nails Chris paint them damn I’ve got my base on the rest of my fingers time to add some stars my hope is that if I just add a bunch of the glittery one people will be like oh his has shiny colors right now I’m finishing up the spots there seems to be some blue on top of the black I’m totally going outside of the lines but you know what I don’t believe in restrictions wow I’m impressed look at that like a leopard I have mad respect for nail artists because this is terribly difficult it’s incredibly difficult he bleeding what happened I wanted to prove that I could do a solid one but I can’t this is like painting on five little tiny canvases five opportunities to mess up and I feel like I’ve screwed up a little bit in a different way on each nail finished I decided to go for like a messy look I know that’s very in right now and Instagram the messy look is like something that people really like like you don’t you didn’t try hard but this is what we got this is my finished product we are both done this is what I’m working with here this my finished product five lovely galaxies and some mustard I think they look better than what I thought I would do but definitely not as good as the Instagram I agree I actually am very impressed with your nail painting skills and then slightly disappointed with my are you impressed with you now there’s no I’m far from impressed I think they’d be like the silver lining if you liked them I hate myself for doing this work it was easier than I expected it was much harder than I expected nail polish is tough to control I have no skills whatsoever being very hard on yourself today you might win you know this makes me respect all the men and women who paint their nails yeah I feel like I just go oh their nails are painted there knows what it’s like no you have to be good at it all right you can’t do it in fairness when I show people this next to the example they’re gonna be like that looks nothing like it where’s yours is like yeah oh no they’re gonna say that bad enough she’ll show the office not really brinda you can at least clean it up I don’t know Brennan oh it’s just like I can’t say yes I think I can I get a point yeah I think you get a point from disappoint here you can see them both Chris oh this is what I was supposed to do all right this is why I would definitely go with these based on how clean I’m just gonna have to go with that because you didn’t go outside the lines he stayed in three lines mostly Chris Krista he think he’s got less paint on his fingers like yours could have been like you went to a salon and the lady wasn’t that good Oh so I’m Salaam worthy yeah I am clearly not a long word Theo what are you laughing at looks like the fourth of July threw up thinking very American very Lana Del Rey he does look better but you might have had an advantage thing I think Kristen a little bit better my name is Lia descent okay looks like outer space outer space what is this simply like abstract outer space it’s like finger-painting in kindergarten who won you did hashtag which is my best finger yeah that one cuz you have a little member than the naked nail if anyone off just do that yeah okay thank you so I’m quitting yeah I will never do it again this just made me feel bad I probably won’t do it again because I feel like just doing it this one time I really nailed it you get it nailed [Music]

100 thoughts on “Guys Try Instagram Nail Art Designs

  1. it should have been a great video where the guys do the nail art on one hand and the same art is done on the other hand by a professional. it would have been such a fun video. guys going, ohh thats how you do it!

  2. Can yalls stop whining about rhe try guys? I dont need to read 10 separate comments that say "hhhHhNNGGGHHHH TRY GUUSSSS HURRE TRY GUY YOURE COPY CATS UNGGHHH"

  3. Calm down Buzzfeed is a channel based on trying stuff … Plus, they’re not trying to lure us this time with the try guys in the thumbnail so , improvement

  4. So instead of crediting/showing the actual Instagram creators they made generic illustrations???
    Why not just give credit??🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. All these people in the comments acting like NO SINGLE GUY NOW OR EVER will be able to TRY anything without being labeled as copying the "try guys."

  6. 1. Not the Try Guys. This ain't it, Chief.
    2. One of the guys featured here, Norberto Briceño (black shirt, glasses, beard) was just laid off in a massive employee cut by Buzzfeed. I realize that Buzzfeed still has the rights to material out there that includes previous employees who either quit or were laid off, but damn, this is in bad taste–especially since he was laid off ~1 month ago.

  7. Seriously, these try guys comments are ridiculous. The video is guys trying nail art. Buzzfeed always have people trying different things. Shees.

  8. This hurt me to watch cause some of them werent getting rid of the excess paint on the brush and the guys sitting on the left werent painting their entire nail with a base color for their designs

  9. I have been doing nails for 2 years, and not once have I ever painted my nails that badly! I love the whole idea of more guys painting their nails, but If they watched a video on how to do it first, the results would’ve been better. I’ve never cringed and loved another video in my entire life.

    Follow @noahnailedit on all social media’s to keep up with my tutorials.

  10. Wish there had been an overhead camera so we could actually see the surface of their nails while they're painting :/

  11. Literally sat down to do my nails with my favorite brand of nail polish (Sally Hansen Intsa-dry) which I currently have 28 colours of, and thought what shall I watch while I do this and look what I found :')

  12. You guy really screwed up by firing Norb.
    Also…one design was CLEARLY easier than the other, for both teams!

  13. Why are there so many try guys comments? Buzzfeed does "X try(s) Y" videos all the time and pretty much always has done. These comments aren't even funny- the "buzzfeed copies everyone" joke is just boring now

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