Game Grumps Animated – A Normal Day At Literature Club – by Ryan Storm

Game Grumps Animated – A Normal Day At Literature Club – by Ryan Storm

SAYORI: FriendArin always gives it his best as long as he’s having fun! DAN: I’m not having fun. SAYORI: He helps me with busy work without me even asking! DAN: So you’ll leave faster. YURI: You two are really good friends, aren’t you? ARIN: What gave you that idea? [Dan and Arin singing intro and laughing] YURI: I hope this isn’t too overwhelming of a commitment for you. YURI: Making you dive head first into literature when you’re not accustomed to it. YURI: Jesus, what were we thinking? Why don’t we just push you off a cliff? YURI: I didn’t want you to feel left out, so I picked out a book I thought you might enjoy. YURI: It’s Clifford the Big Red D- *WHEEZE* YURI: Clifford in Space! ARIN: Clifford X! YURI: It’s a short read, so it should keep your attention cause you’re stupid. ARIN: Now that everyone’s settled in I expected Monica to kick off some scheduled activities for the club. ARIN: But instead she’s malfunctioning in the corner. ARIN: Her head’s spinning all fast, lasers shooting out of every tip of her fingers. ARIN: Man-ga. ARIN:…I don’t know why i just said “manga”. NATSUKI: You read manga, right? ARIN: Uhhh…! ARIN: There’s a lone volume of monga-manga.. ARIN: Monga.. DAN: Mangoes! ARIN: *Giggling* Amidst a stack of various books on one side of the shelf. ARIN: They looked juicy and delicious. DAN: *Laughing* ARIN: She then turns into box- ARIN: Oh, I thought it said “she turns into a box of mangoes”. NATSUKI: HELP! NATSUKI: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! NATSUKI: I’m reDUCING! DAN: *Laughing* ARIN: She then turns into a bo- ARIN: She turns TO a box of manga… DAN: Jesus Christ… ARIN: And slips the volume right into the middle of the rest. NATSUKI: If you’re gonna judge, you can do it through the glass of that door. ARIN: I know that feel… ARIN: I watched my grandmother die in front of me. ARIN: She pats on the ground next to her, signalling me to sit there. ARIN: It’s fun to imagine when things happen instead of seeing them. NATSUKI: Here we are! Sitting down! [ LIT BEATBOXING ] ???: Ah!

100 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – A Normal Day At Literature Club – by Ryan Storm

  1. Did anyone laughed hard when yuri said got the book Clifford the big red dog:in space Clifford X and it’s a short read because you’re stupid

  2. FriendArin Always gives it his best as long as he's having fun!


    He helps me with me Busy work without me even Asking!


  3. Is that "I'm reducing!" bit a reference to a movie or something?
    It seems extra random for something to have been made up on the spot.

  4. Favorite jokes in this is the Clifford the Big red Dog and Turning into a box (And Monkia being a robot for some reason)

  5. “I know that feel. I watch my grandmother die in front of me.( My clothes were torn off as it was due to shock)”

  6. monika: verhfdgtf asiygrkjfsfwgfh h h
    arin: I have a question and that question is WHAT THE FU-

  7. I know it's from another game that they've played, but when I always see this art, I think:
    O H M Y G O D, Y O U' R E S O F U C K I N G C U T E !

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