Fluid Art Pour Beginners Club, By Carl Mazur – Ocean Spray 12 x 24

Fluid Art Pour Beginners Club, By Carl Mazur – Ocean Spray 12 x 24

Okay, I am ready to rock. I’m going to use a lot bigger canvas that I’ve been using before and I’ve got my colors ready to go Check that out It’s got some artist’s loft metallic cobalt blue some Apple Barrel (brand) real blue some Basic (Brand) colors uhh over there some regular white (Apple Barrel gloss white) I’m going to set this up here alright, so I’m going to do a dirty poor But still try and make a wave out of that. I got my cup here and first… I’m going to get the paint all going on in there and Do a shot a couple shots of silicone spray (CRC Brand Silicone Spray) there’s a couple shots in here Gotta Love it! This is going to be so much fun I Can’t wait to see this one. I haven’t done a dirty pour in a while I’m trying to Mix on all different sides like put one here one here one here. I kind of have some different flow rates in there do And now I’m going to do the ole Switcheroo right down the middle one two Going to look awesome. Okay? I’m going to set this off to the side and get the setup here oh So when I after I let this sit a little bit um I’m gonna go this way on it Let me make sure I got the cameras setup there just right… jack it up a little bit more on my old shower curtain there it works perfect Okay, oh, let me get my palette knife ready here palette knife… gotta have that.. okay here we go I’ll tell you I really like some of these patterns alone See, there’s some nice cells coming along in there On this canvas it was so big. I didn’t put any posts (little push pins) on there, so By post meaning the little things that hold it up And this is looking really awesome. I love the color colors very ocean like and I want to stay away from blending it too much So now got my trusty towel going to wipe this off I guess I need to get a little bit more up here on the side And I didn’t do anything to this canvas (no gesso). I like seriously just for the paint on I Didn’t use gesso or anything Kazoo Kazoo However, you pronounce that. I I really don’t know I’ve never even asked I’ve never even used it So I don’t even care.. Oh, thank you (joking laughing loud).. I might get this squared out just a hair more I just saw my friend of at the pipeline in Hawaii hanging out at the billabong house I’m so “jello” jealous Okay, so now I’m going to run a little over Getting some gnarly big cells going on Man, I might… I almost might not want to put a wave on there. Holy smoke is it cool Make sure it’s not blowing one way or the other (sound of embossing tool or small heat gun) Okay, plenty of that. I gotta take this camera down and show you all this without dropping anything here Come on focus, baby The lighting in here, so weird there we go Oh, man, almost had a “fly” (pesky bug that needs swatted) over there fly into it. Go figure. I Love that part right over here It is just wild looking Okay, let me set this back up if possible Anything’s possible Bob Ross. Oh yeah, baby! (Austin Power’s Voice) okay, I’m going to go ahead and attempt the wave on here and I’m going to start out with some white Make sure that fly got out of here gotta love the flies man You get one in a room and a little doom a piece of artwork for you so I’m going to do a Little something like this If it’ll come out what’s going on? (Paint stuck in bottle) I don’t know what’s going on here. Oh there it is? Wasn’t pushing hard enough All right, let me try this again Okay, no I’ve got to get a little more color in there I’m going to go with the metallic cobalt blue Get some more of that in there Get it down here in the base Okay I want there to be a little bit of Green coming out through here like a light green And some light on the white Wave action going on there to get off the edge there a little bit and then some light blue to some nice different colors in there And some of those are almost purple looking and then I’m going to have the little dark blue towards the bottom And i forget to spray this down (with silicone spray..) that’s okay, they’re gonna cell up anyway okay, now just to make sure I Want to make sure this canvas is Propped up this way just a hair I cuz I don’t want anything. I don’t want my way of running that way And you can tell by it kind of started go that way a little bit. Yeah Mr.. Small here (referring to palette knife) Get really detailed one thing I love about the elmer’s glue it really gives you a lot of leeway It gives you more time before taking out Looking pretty cool It definitely.. Oh my towel is like leaking through here, okay I hope all you can see all what’s going on. Yeah, okay up again It’s like I need some more contract going on And that’s where the white comes in Get that thin white coming in there. I’m going to drip some on there Because there’s got to be a lot going on here It doesn’t have to be a ton going on down here. I don’t think but On the back end of a wave you know, it’s it’s pretty busy Okay, now I’m going to hit this sucker with the (embossing tool) again There’s a lot of paint on there, so I got to be careful because see it moving around Need to get this to move a little bit That was pretty cool It’s got some light area’s over here And some light area’s working there So I might fill that in a little bit of green just skosh And a little bit of blue… here comes that fly again, gotta kill it IHe wants to be a part of the show I understand I’m hoping that will fix itself a little bit better And way down there I? Still need a hair more contrast going on here Just ever so slightly I’m gonna bake it just a little bit Do the Ole Bake-N-Run It looks like the canvas is pretty level. So that’s good so anyhow I think I’m going to stop there and I’ll take this down, so we could take a look at it together Possibly we can get this all moved around here okay, so Go on focus, so some of the cells are pretty cool It’s with that metallic paint. It’s almost like it’s setting on top of the other paint Okay, so I just finished putting the Epoxy resin on this one and Wanted to show you what it looks like I think it’s pretty cool the the metallic really stands out The metallic paint I use and see that part there really is almost like it’s above So it really came out kind of cool It’s amazing the epoxy makes the cells and colors just pop About much more, but this is my first time doing epoxy at all But you can see there’s some spots Let’s see if you can see them or not some over here. It’s really hard to tell here See you can see that bubble right there there’s a bubble there and it’s bubbled up in some other places, but I’ll have to put on a second or third coat. I’ll have to wait till it dries clean it really good and Do that just put on another coat until it fully covers it alright. Thanks for watching

89 thoughts on “Fluid Art Pour Beginners Club, By Carl Mazur – Ocean Spray 12 x 24

  1. Carl your paintings are just FANTASTIC, AND A PLEASURE TO HEAR!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  2. I think it's great that you are creating a picture rather than just pretty paint. Your waves are awesome, unlike my bodged attempts! I was about to give up but you have inspired me to keep trying.

  3. What is the blowdryer thing you're using? This is awesome! And, how much silicon did you put in each cup?

  4. Hey Carl, you can get bubbles out of the epoxy with a blowtorch, or try your heat gun that may work like it did on the pour; same concept…nice piece of Art!
    Tony…West Hills, Ca. USA

  5. You are awesome. I am from Hawaii, so I like waves. You make great ones! I am also a beginning acrylic artist(my new hobby and passion) and I appreciate your instruction. Of course I am finding my style and medium and hope someday I can get good at something.

  6. just wondering do you finish out your sides and do you sign your work on the front, I don't notice artist signing their fluid acrylics and wondering why not.  Great piece by the way.  I've just started doing fluid painting and am loving it.

  7. sooooooo cool. I really like it. Could you tell me what's material adding in the pigment? and what kinds of pigment is it? propylene? oil paint?
    If you could put the name of materials you use on painting, it would be perfect.

  8. Awesome Work!! More "Big-Pours" from You Please!! the Cells You make,are Impressive! More,Big Canvas Pours….Please?! Keep the Great Pours Coming!

  9. great demo, thank you! can i please ask what recipe do you use for the colour mixtures? i have just done my first pour today and really loved the process. what is the spray you are using? thank you! colleen

  10. Hey Carl the colours u have used are awesome No let me correct myself.. The art U have created using these colors is awesome- I am going to attempt this for my daughters bedroom but its a large canvas 5×4! but in the past few days I have been creating quite a few-experimenting first with the small canvasses then have done 3 larger ones but each one different-i prefer to use just 2 or 3 colours I feel theres less mish mash though many seem to have liked what i did!!

    I am trying different methods that i see in videos by various artists who have it on Utube– like liquid hand soap, WD 40 squirts, Acrylic pouring medium , Elmers glue, alcohol -So far I just cant seem to get the silicone , dimeticone.. These create cells
    Anyways I am going to use your colors for the large canvas I am planning
    Thanks for sharing your expertise Carl

  11. Carl I heard U say Elmers glue as you were perfecting the wave-did you use it for this pour? mixed it with paint and distilled water? Thks

  12. I love your work 🙂 after your paint gets dry, how does it stay glossy? Do you cover it by resin? Many Thanks for sharing

  13. I just started watching these today, and I just find the whole process so fascinating. Are you heating up the silicon, and that's what's creating all of those beautiful cells? Could non-stick cooking spray be used instead of the silicon?

  14. So I tried to do similar only with black and white .. when I poured it looked really good but when it fully dried you can no longer see the white ??? I don't get it ..

  15. First day I come across this art form. Looks like fun! Effect is entrancing. And I love the color combos. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hey carl! You are One of my favorite flow art artists I've seen! Just wondering if you used floetrol or water in your paint to thin them out in the cups or just straight from the tube into the cups? . If so how much did you use? Thanks! Love these glass like pieces!

  17. Been watching a marathon binge of Rick Cheatle. His paintings are something else have you watched them yesterday. i suppose you have. I love to watch that color flow out. Now thats addiction. You' ll be having lots of traffic down there for the 2 weeks. Starting Friday or before. I wish I could have gotten tickets. This is my restful color. Show the name

  18. You had the advantage living Close by. I hope the church will show some of the rooms. I tried to get my husband to take a chance but we'd have to stay over nite with his eyesight. We also have 4 little dogs to get someone to lock them in late at nite. How did you get extra tickets. Expecting all your family. If you haven't found someone mail them up and I'll get my friend to drive. Cheery bye. Get your picture ready for Feb.

  19. Nice work there.

    Just how long does something like this take to dry, fully, ready to hang or sell?
    I mean… you have 2 mm to 5 mm thick acrylic paint there, some also have PVA glue, some include silicone oil (does that leave a residue?)

    I'm guessing the drying time is measured in weeks rather than hours…?

  20. I think you are the only one who can tell me: how do not the colors mix between them, and how do the "cells" appear? I tried to put two colors in the same container, and they mixed. There were no cells. What's the secret? Maybe you said, but I do not understand English. I would be grateful if you would tell me. Thank you.

  21. For me this would be the only way to make art! I like it a lot, and for weeks I'm watching here and I do not understand everything. Yes, you need acrylic paint first. When I tried, the colors mixed up and the "cells" did not appear.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the message in Romanian. Tell me in which area of Romania is your friend?

  22. Hi, I am new to this pouring style and I would like to know what you do to the paints to get them ready. The ones you have in the cups at the beginning of the video look much thinner than straight out of the tube. Why? What thinner did you use? Do you have a list of brands and colors of the products?

  23. Hi Carl, I have been enjoying your tutorials and your work for a couple weeks…..I am having a huge problem getting dig cells let alone small ones . Does the age of paint matter? I am really frustrated!!

  24. Hi Carl; I am an artist who actually got a degree from a local university so if you will let me help you with a couple of things. First Gesso (pronounced like J in John. So Jesso). Also Gesso is like a primer coat for a canvass, closes the pores in the cloth and tightens it. Also if the canvass starts to get a little loose, which may happen without Gesso, you can retighten it by painting the back side of your canvass. This will help tighten the canvass. Just so you don't sound like a moron when you talk about these things Sweetie. Your sea scapes are wonderful and I shall surely try them. Keep up the great work, hopefully a tad bit wiser. Love these.

  25. Love this – really beautiful. For the epoxy, you need to hit it with a torch to get the air bubbles to surface and pop before it starts to cure. that will take care of that problem for you.

  26. I'm 11 minutes into the video and WOW! This is so cool!! I am a fabric artist but really want to try this technique of painting 🙂

  27. Gracias por la inspiración que sus videos han causado en mi, soy paciente de cáncer y por ir tratamiento no puedo hacer casi nada estoy siempre sin ánimos y al ver tus videos, me anime hacer unos cuadros. Estoy comprando los materiales poco y comenzar. Te felicito

  28. Great pouring Carl. Blue is my favorite color. The white wave transport to the ocean… I've just to convert in metric system and your canvas is for us 30 cm x 60 cm to buy one and try the same…. Thanks and kind regards from France. Thierry

  29. This is awesome! I'm very new and very obsessed with fluid art! I'm going to try the wave soon……first I have 2 going on to finish first. I subscribed,btw. Thx for the lesson!

  30. hola, felicidades por tu obra, me podias decir como se llama el spray y el soplete que usas como se llama, gracias desde España

  31. How was your paint mixed? That's what i don't like about some videos. If we don't know the mix, we can't recreate it.

  32. An example of what makes this a bad video, is you talked about liking Elmer's Glue. We have no idea what you're talking about. I'm assuming you mix your paint with Elmer's Glue, but without you telling us that we will not ever know. I know some people mixed with glue and water instead of another kind of flow medium. I would like to know what ratios you use or something

  33. Is the white you are drawing the wave with from the bottle just white paint, or is it mixed with floetrol & silicone like the rest?

  34. Yes I would also like to know your Pour ratio between your paint and PM as I have not had anywhere near the results with spray silicone as you have. Really nice job!

  35. `Amazing. I love this one. How would you do it with three 12×24 canvasses on the vertical? Could you do a tutorial? Please, please? lol

  36. Just when I think I understand the basics I end up with another question. How many times do you add silicone to your paint? You added silicone when you first mixed them up and you’re using more when you add extra paint. Help please!!!!

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