Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN’T CARS!

Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN’T CARS!

100 thoughts on “Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN’T CARS!

  1. This isn't a car not a car not a car oh this isn't a car not a caaar it could be a unicycle or maybe a motorcycle possibly a paracycle if those exist

    That's an… interesting song by random encounters

  2. i llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that monster truck movie

  3. I don't get the bugs life thing because if no humans were present I don't get how the electric bug zapper lamp was placed there and powered.
    I don't see why or how the bugs could've done that unless they became strong enough to lift something like that and smart enough to create it, and wanted to like kill each other for some reason. Also, the pizza truck van was there and the power still worked which means humans were still present since nuclear power plants and stuff need to be maintained by humans. Spoiler=(Just in case you don't know what I am talking about there is a scene in the movie somewhere around when the ant guy visits the city where a moth or something flies into a fly trap, gets zapped and presumably dies.)

  4. Is it just me or is everything seeming more and more like Shed 17 or project G1, btw go watch them and you will understand

  5. I don’t think they are bugs. I think they r alive. But not bugs. Also if what may pat says is true. PIXAR IS OFF THEIR ROCKER! I MEAN! WHY! THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE COMPANY AND THEY MAKE MOVIES ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD AND DIFFERENT CREATURES TAKING OVER! I. Just. Gosh

  6. 12:25 but there are humans in Bugs Life… the mobile home seen in Bugs life, is the exact same one that appears in Monsters Inc.
    And it does have humans in it as they beat Randal with a shovel, so Bugs life takes place within the realm of Humanity's existence.

  7. When I was seven,I remember asking myself while watching the movie, "Are the cars from Cars actually cars?"

    Edit: Im just starting getting on the YouTube industry! Yey

  8. Two things you missed that may add to the lagitamacy of this theory: 1. In cars two before one of the races Francesco says hi to his mom implying that the "cars" are born and not made in a factory. 2. In cars one when Mack drives past the sleeping trucks on McQueens request you can see referances to a lot of the Pixar movies that have allready been made on the east side of the trucks and a possible referances to bugs life on the west side of one truck. This may be a way for the animators to show that cars and bugs life have a deeper connection. (these are simply some things I have noticed and may be incorrect but I figured I'd share them anyways.)

  9. That isint right. If the tires act as shoes, what are rims? Do they get new prosthetics or something every time they go into the pit stop?

  10. As I watched, I got an ad about cars, and one looked like Lightning McQueen, and all I could think was, "That's not a car."

  11. Theory buster: A Toy Story 2 post credits puts the characters of A Bugs Life on a plant that gets smacked by Buzz Lightyear.

  12. Why can't they be just something like people in this world? I mean, they're inteligent, has a lot of human reactions and eat human food, the only difference is that they have to drink oil. But they act like people, not like insects. You have equivalent for birds and insects there, at least those are the only ,,animals" we can see in the movie. Why wouldn't there were also something simillar to our mammals? And, if all animals in the movie are cars or planes, those inteligent cars could evolve from everything, not necessarily from insects. If mammals in this world really exist and are cars-like creatures, why couldn't inteligent cars evolve from them?
    Also, about the theory that people in wall-e eat each other (maybe I should go there to write this, but when we're at it) Why can't they eat their own processed spoilage? I'm sure they have technologies to turn human poo into something really tasty, taking all nutrients out of it (mmm, yummy!). It's for sure more humane and not as drastic as eating dead people. If they really have to keep every dead body inside their ship, they would have to have some kind of warehouse to storage them, because I assume that people die there every day, if not from an old age, then from endless diseases caused by their unhealthy lifestyle. It would be highly dangerous to keep dead bodies and living people on one ship, it would stinks a lot and could cause an epidemic, unless they had something to get rid of all these bacteries inside rotting human body. Wouldn't it be much easier to throw those bodies into space, where they explode or…well, nothing will be left of them? The droppings on the other hand can be much easier to gather (these people sit all the time, so there can be a pipe right under their seats…) and much easier to process, what means that the spoilage wouldn't even have to be stored, it would be processed directly. Let me know, if I'm missing something here.

  13. The theory makes no sense. In cars 2 you can see rod torque redline exploding but there were life related signs but only fire coming out of his whole entire body.

  14. Wasn't there a bug in bug city saying his wings got pulled off by a kid? And how would that blue light bug zapper still be powered without humans?

  15. Me doing my homework and listen to that theory:
    Me looking at my screen: Wait.what… stop.Are you serious?

  16. They are cars they have organs so they can be sentient why do you think they have toughs and teeth and bugs do not have wheels THEY ARE CARS yunno you can make good theories but they can also be debunkable LIKE THIS ONE.

  17. Wait, your theory doesn’t work. Because of that one scene where McQueen meets those rusty cars and is afraid to rust. Chitin can’t rust…

  18. Yea but what about that car with the eyes on his headlights not on the windows, I think it was Celine in cars 2 or 1. His windshield is empty and transparent. There is no brain there? EXPLAIN THIS PLEASE MAN

  19. Next theory the Pixar lamp is a masked Bunsent burner by dory teaming up with lion King making zootopia versions of every Disney character which actually exists who were created by the stay puffed marshmallow man from Ghostbusters stopped by the doctor teaming up with sherlock

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