Facilitate an Encounter / Encuentro | Dignicraft | The Art Assignment

Facilitate an Encounter / Encuentro | Dignicraft | The Art Assignment

15 thoughts on “Facilitate an Encounter / Encuentro | Dignicraft | The Art Assignment

  1. The Art Assignment: also known as forcing me to have a social life.  Even with my social anxiety, I love all of this just the same. The ability to create even something as abstract as encouraging others to create is life.

  2. The first thought that popped into my head was "so we are setting people up on blind dates where they create art." Thinking about it more seriously, I like that it say collaboration and not a particular end goal. I like that the process can be the art instead of the result. Maybe they will collab and plant a garden, start a book club, or build a robot. 

  3. Hi everyone! I think it would be fun to do this will fellow online art assignmenters (do we have a name for ourselves yet? We should come up with a name for ourselves…) 

    What if anyone who wants to participate posts a link to somewhere online that people can view their art and maybe just a little bit about their art style/ what they like to draw or don't and then people in the comments can pick two people who they would like to see collaborate. We'd have to look to try and not post someone who has already been suggested in a collab so everyone can get a chance. And of coarse anyone could say no if asked to collab 

    For Example:
    Hi I'd like to collab with somone! My art tumblr is here http://zoosemiotics.tumblr.com/ and my work is generally nature/ animal or internet pop culture inspired. My mediums of choice are pixels or watercolors. I don't really draw people, and am not the best with landscapes.

    I'd like to see @Xenolilly  and @Chandler Mingo collaborate ! (to tag people type @ and their name) 

    Or maybe we could somehow set something similar up on tumblr? Maybe via a particular tag like #EncountersEncuentros  posting the same information as above. Then you could search the tag to find two people to ask to collaborate, and send them both messages asking if they's like to collab with the other person you have chosen and vice versa. Once someone has been linked with a collab partner they could delete their tumblr post until they finish the first collab.

    just throwing out ideas if anyone is up for it since some people want to participate but can't think of people to link up 

  4. speaking of subtitles: how can one help to translate the episodes (esp the ones that already have english captions) to their language? i'd love to do that

  5. Today in class we had to write a prompt titled "what is art?" and I was hugely inspired by the Art Assignment in my response. I actually wrote about how art is also an experience/creation of an experience because art is a form of emotional expression, and experiences involve emotions (well, normally). I also wrote about how collaborating with someone in art! Okay this is just crazy because I wrote about something related to this video without even watching yet today. Also I think its cool that the assignment is to create art without creating like, conventional art. Its kind of meta because you are creating art about creating art. 

  6. Sarah, rest of the crew, have you guts ever heard of the Buddy Project on Twitter? That's basically this entire assignment. And it's a great project in and of itself.

  7. This channel is a subjectivity factory. Unfortunately it is inaccessible to those who aren't already part of the club because of unnecessary use of jargon.

  8. Sarah, could you comment on the distinction between "artist" and "artisan"? Both you and Dignicraft here used "artisan" to refer to the native art creators in Mexico but "artist" to refer to what is going on in the United States. It seems to me that the art creators working in Mexican pottery are artists as well; is there any additional meaning to the word "artisan" that makes it more appropriate, or is that just an example of high art/traditional craft prejudice?

  9. I like the animated graphics in this episode (and other AA episodes). Why don't you do an episode about this creative production work and how it is put together?

  10. So I'm all up for being one of the two persons to do an assignment. If anyone needs a 2nd person for their assignment, leave me a message!

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