Earthgang | Before They Were Famous | Dreamville Artist

Earthgang | Before They Were Famous | Dreamville Artist

Before Earthgang would sign to Dreamville
Records Before Twitter would compare Earthgang to
Outkast, which lead to a cosign of the group from Big Boi himself And I have to say, the comparisons really
need to stop. Outkast is legendary and EarthGang is building themselves into an incredible
new group in the game. But let them grow and let them all co-exist! Before they would have standout performances
on Dreamville’s “Revenge of the Dreamers 3” Album Before Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot would drop
their Dreamville debut album “Mirrorland” with features from Young Thug, T-Pain, Kehlani
and more. Before Earthgang would have over 100k followers
on Twitter, and close to 400k followers on Instagram at the time of this recording In a world full of industry plants, Earthgang
has had an organic rise from seeds that were planted years ago! Johnny Venus and Doctor
Dot formed Earthgang in high school but it wasn’t until recently that their music would
make it into the ears of the mainstream. Earthgang is an example of working hard and working
consistently over the course of a decade. Because over the past 10 years, the duo has
dropped 3 albums, 4 EPS, 3 mixtapes, 4 compilation projects and countless singles. But before
they signed to J.Cole’s Dreamville Records, the two were just a couple kids attending
open mic nights and paying $35 dollars a night to perform. But we’ll walk you through their
entire story in this video. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day. My name is Jeremy Hecht and I’ll
be your host today helping out Michael with weekly content, as we take you through the
life and career of Earthgang prior to fame, here for you of course on Before They Were
Famous. We’ve covered other artists for the channel like J.I.D. and 6lack so be sure
to check those out later. But before we start, I’ve got a trivia question for you: “What is the first tour EarthGang went on
where they got paid?” Alright, let’s get into the show! Johnny Venus was born Olu O. Fann on October
9, 1989, and Doctor Dot was born Eian Undrai Parker on October 25, 1990. The two grew up
on the southside of Atlanta, which is also home to Outkast and Future. But Dot says that
he has always had problems following the pack and always wanted to be his own individual. In 2008, Johnny and Dot formed what would
later become a legendary rap group. While the two were both attending high school, they
first connected on a school field trip in the 9th grade at Mays High School in southwest
Atlanta. The two formed an instant bond after joking around and talking all day. Apparently
the school was even set on fire during that day and the two took it as a sign that something
special was going on there. Okay so maybe it wasn’t as magical as it
sounded. But over the course of the next few years, the two would hang out, share music
and became really good friends. At first, Dot didn’t even know Johnny was also creating
music, but once they found out about their mutual passion, everything changed. One night, the two even snuck into a school
to play instruments in the music room. And it didn’t take long before they started
to throw around the idea of starting a rap group together. At first, there were other
people in the group too: They were trying to get beats from local Atlanta
producers but no one wanted to work with them. So the two ended up sneaking into an Atlanta
Guitar Center and stealing Reason so that they could produce their own beats. The two
were camp counselors at a camp called “camp best friends” which sounds like a name you
would make up for a camp if you were creating a fake one. But it was real! And they had a lot of jobs
before music: After work, they would head straight to a
local open mic night to practice their skills. They even had to pay $35 dollars to perform.
And they would pass out mixtapes after the show! In terms of their other rap names: That’s a lot of names. But while Atlanta
had a lot of successful artists to look up to while the two were growing up, they actually
have influences that range from painters to poets to comedians. They’ve stated The Ohio
Players, Lauryn Hill, T-Pain, Basquiat, Jay Z, Wu-Tang, Nat Turner, Prince, The Beatles,
Jimi Hendrix, Richard Pryor, Madonna and more on different occasions when listing off their
inspirations. On their name, Johnny told Vibe magazine: “It encompasses the connectivity and relativeness
of life. Everything is related; everything is intertwined. It’s kind of like when people
say they’re cool with God, but it’s like you can be right with God but if you’re
not right with the people around you then it’s still a disconnect. So it’s acknowledging
the symbiosis of life.” I definitely want to sit down and talk to
these guys because they seem really spiritually aware and self-aware. The two both attended
Hampton University in Virginia together on scholarships. The craziest part is that the
two didn’t even know they were both applying to Hampton. It was at Hampton that they met fellow ATL
native J.I.D. Earthgang needed a place to record their music at and found out a guy
named Pat had a dorm room studio. Pat played them one of JID’s songs and Earthgang recorded
verses over the same beat! So when JID came back, he was like, wait who are these random
dudes who just hopped on my song? But once he realized how dope it sounded,
they connected in person. Dot also realized that he had a class with JID, but they were
sitting on separate sides of the room at first. By the end of the semester, the two were sitting
next to each other and cracking jokes in class. Along with JID and a bunch of other creatives,
they formed the creative collective called Spillage Village. The group of friends all
loved to experiment with sounds, instrumentation and wanted to try to push each other to make
the best music possible. They told Consequence of sound: That’s where we just started seriously pursuing
the craft and putting things in our lives into the music — getting high, getting by,
whatever. All that stuff. Earthgang began recording in studios all over
Atlanta. Well, by studios, I mean dorm rooms at Hampton University, crowded Atlanta closets
and occasionally in Hampton University’s music studio. But, they were able to finish
a full length project. The two mixed and mastered their own vocals with the help of Jack Swain
and they released their first project on January 26, 2010. The mixtape was called The Better
Party. Later that year they began to do performances around the US including the A3C Festival in
Atlanta. Over the course of the year they also released some loosies. In 2011, the group
released a few music videos and released 2 separate albums “Mad Men” and “Good
News.” In 2013, they got a beat from 808 Mafia for
their single “Machete” and they dropped their self-titled release later that year.
Their song “UFO” released later that year and began to make some waves as the 9-minute-long
song lives up to its name, with an otherworldly sound. They also dropped their “Shallow
Graves for Toys” album under their Spillage Village Imprint. The album reached number
11 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart. Noisy said of the album: “an engaging, clever rap duo… One of the
most well thought-out releases of the year.” Earthgang followed the album up with “Strays
With Rabies” and kept putting out music and let loose album after single after video
after compilation project. Hoping that their talent would be able to reach the masses.
But their biggest opportunity would come as the opening act on a tour. While in LA opening
for Audio Push, Punch from TDE saw their performance and after Atlanta legend Coach K put in a
good word for the duo, Punch asked them if they would open for one of TDE’s artists
on tour. In 2014, Earthgang was one of two opening
acts for Ab-Soul’s “These Days” tour. They performed alongside Dreamville artist
Bas. But this may come as a surprise to some of the up and coming artists watching out
there, opportunity doesn’t always come with a pay-check. Earthgang wasn’t paid at all
for their opening slot and they even had to borrow money from people in order to throw
the show. It was 50 dates and 2 months of traveling, that’s a long time with no money. It all paid off thought. Because there WAS a
special member in the audience during the New York show on that tour named Jermaine
Cole. The group didn’t even know Cole was in attendance but I guess that’s why you
have to perform every show like it’s your last. Cole was so impressed with their act
that he asked to meet them backstage after the show. Cole had come across their music
before online, but this was his first time seeing them perform live, and he left an open
invitation for them to come to his North Carolina abode and record some music if they wanted.
And you know Cole only works with true lyricists, so any time you get that invite, it’s a
stamp of approval from Carolina’s finest. So the group obviously accepted that offer.
They drove from Atlanta to North Carolina where they got to know Cole on a personal
level and also made some music. They went back on the road in 2015 as an opener
for Mac Miller on his GO:OD AM tour. It’s crazy how far Mac’s influence reaches in
hip hop. Miss you Man. In summer of 2016, the duo would join Dreamville artist Bas on
his “Too High To Riot Tour.” Also, I feel like we need a before they were famous on
Bas, so let me know in the comments if you want me to get on that! On August 31, 2017, Earthgang signed with
J.Cole’s Dreamville Records. The duo headed out on tour with their man J.I.D. and also
got to open up for Cole on the European leg of his 4 Your Eyez Only Tour and his North
American K.O.D. tour. They began to build up their fanbase from all of the shows and
the music they were releasing. But after years of grinding, 2019 finally
became the year that Earthgang would blow up. They released the song “Proud of U”
with Young Thug and featured on 5 separate songs for the label’s Revenge of the Dreamers
3 project. The album proved to be an introduction to an entire group of new fans. On individuality, Dot has this to say: “I think that’s important for life. We
all born on this Earth alone, and we’re going to die alone… So it’s important
for you to be able to express yourself completely and thoroughly through anything that you do.
Whether it be rap, whether it’s being the most unique, influencing CEO possible — a
writer or mailman. You ought to be able to do it to the fullest of your ability as a
complete expression. I think that’s important in music, specifically, because it’s one
of the greatest forms of expression throughout the world.” So to a group that has individuatlity at their
forefront, I think lazy fans need to stop comparing them to Outkast. I get it, Atlanta,
different, but let them grow as artists and be individuals. There’s room for everybody
to be the first them, not everything has to be the next something. But as for the first tour they got paid for
was opening up for Mac Miller. But the group apparently only broke even. But as for the rest of the story, we’ll
have to wait and see because this is Before They Were Famous.

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