Drawing New Pokemon Types w/Jaiden Animations

Drawing New Pokemon Types w/Jaiden Animations

[James] I guess we’re starting [James] Hello everyone [James] We’re here to play a little drawing game [James] And I’m here with JaidenAnimations [Jaiden] Hello [James] Hello, so what we’re doing is we each chose a Pokémon we’re changing the type. [Jaiden] Yeah! [James] …of the Pokémon Let’s get started! [Jaiden] You have to change Beedrill into a Fighting Type [James] Beedrill is a pretty dope Pokémon, I think. [Jaiden] Mmhmm [James] You have Farfetch’d and you have to change him into a Psychic Type. [Jaiden] Psychic. (deep breath) oooo00ooooh. [James] Beedrill was on my team. [Jaiden] Did you enjoy him? [James] He has this move called pineneedle? [Jaiden] I think its pin missile. [James] But he hit it more than once, he hit the thing more than once [Jaiden] Yeah that’s pin missle. [James] No I think it’s pin needle, or twineedle or something. [Jaiden] What was your original team? [James] I do not remember. I chose Squirtle because I had Pokémon Blue… …and I thought since it was blue I should get…I was a little kid, all right? Squirtle was gonna be the best because this was Pokémon Blue and I wanna say a Parasect was on my team. [Jaiden] Really?! [James] Yeah 🙁 [Jaiden] He was like one of the weakest Pokémon. [James and Jaiden] (pure weirdness) [James] Yeah but when they’re level 100 though, (cute giggles) [Jaiden] Beaks from the front are weird! [James] If this was an actual Pokémon would it be terrifying? [Jaiden] Mmmhmmm. Its cuz he’s like really big. [James] Its kind of weird that he was on my team because as a kid I was terrified of bees. [Jaiden] Really? Yeah I’m scared of bees too actually. [James] Yeah I got stung, maybe this could be a video, but I got stung twice from bees. and so I’ve just never been able to forgive them for that. I don’t know how you’re drawing. I don’t know how you’re taking the rules. I just… Drew him with boxing gloves on. [Jaiden] (short laughter) [James] I heard a story about Farfetch’d, I heard it on the internet. Apparently there’s a saying in Japan where a duck holding a leek is abnormal out of this world and so having a duck carrying a leek is “Farfetched”. [Jaiden] Aaaaaaaah. [James] I can’t really put shorts on a bee though… That’d be… Weird. (Laughter) I tried, I’m taking creative liberty with what I’m doing right now. [Jaiden] People in your last video, I read some comments and they thought I was cheating. But you know what, I wasn’t cheating and I’m taking that is a compliment! (Laughter) Hate all ya’ want!>:3 [James] I couldn’t help myself… OK, here’s Beedrill as a Fighting Type. [Jaiden] And Farfetch’d as a Psychic. Oh my gosh! [James] Aaaaa. [Jaiden] That’s aw- “Ya like jazz?” (Laugh) oh it’s such a meme. [James] It has a third eye, aww that’s cute. [Jaiden] Alright, next one? [James] The one you have to draw is.. Stantler? Sta- St-.. [Jaiden] Yours is.. Meganium but you have to change him into a Ghost Type. [James] Oooooooh, You have to change him into a Poison Type. Like “Zzoink Scoobs!”. What am I gonna do differently then just making it transparent? Have a sheet over it’s head? Trying to use all my creative juices right now. So i went to umm, PAX and I met up with one other Youtuber. He does Pokémon videos so [Jaiden] Oh really? [James] So this is, this is a relevant story his name is ‘MandJTV Pokevids’. He met up with me at PAX and was like “Oh hey how’s it going?” Then I followed him on Twitter.. I sent him a DM, I sent him a picture of my Breloom plush and I said “It’s the best Pokémon in the world!”, so I also sent him a picture of my dog so I said “And my dog”. And then he sends a picture of a figurine of a Sceptile [Jaiden] Aww [James] Which is his favorite Pokémon and then he sent a picture of his girlfriend, and he goes “And that’s MY dog”. But then he said oh my girlfriend approved of that joke. So like, this flower right here I was thinking of like “Oh make it a ghost sheet!” But that just ended up looking like the Breloom tuft. [Jaiden] There’s not too many like, defining features of Poison Types.. [James] I was thinking you’d give him vampire teeth [Jaiden] Ah deer anatomy is weird! *A silence of focused drawing* [James] Tell me about it I have a word document and I made notes for each one I only wrote one note for this one, and it’s just “Bubble butt”. [James] Do you believe in ghosts? *Aggressive sigh* This topic. Yeahhhhhhh, i mean i could cut it out i dont have to what about you? [james] uhh no is it good? is it bad? Yeah put a happy little dead tree over here [Jaiden] Happy little dead tree… This is my poison Stantler [James] This is my ghost…uh…what’s the…what’s it called? Bayleef? [Jaiden] Oooh, spooky. [James] Ok, that, I like that. [Jaiden] I made it like poison barbs… I didn’t give him ears! [James] Can I fix it? *silence* Okay, there, I fixed it. [Jaiden] Okay, I fixed it, too. This is the real one. [James] The one you have to do is Wailord… [Jaiden] Ugh! [James] And it’s new type is Flying. [Jaiden] You have to do Cacturne but he’s Fairy. [James] Ugh. This is the same one that the Team Rocket people had, right? [Jaiden] They had the baby one. Did you know that Wailord can actually fly? [James] It can?! [Jaiden] In the Pokédex entry it says, like, his weight, is lighter then air, so he can technically fly. [James] Aren’t a lot of the Pokédex entries messed up? The balloon pokémon… [Jaiden] Where he drags children… [James] That murders kids. [Jaiden] I wonder if I should give him a little beak. [James] Remember when they had a new Eeveelution announced but they didn’t know what type it was? Some people where guessing “Oh it’s a new type, it’s Fairy Type!” I remember thinking, like, “No that’s not right, they’re not just gonna make a new type.” We gave drawing tips in your video, we’re not going to do any drawing tips here. [Jaiden] Should we? [James] No. Okay, well your going to have a lot of…of free time. [Jaiden] Oh, are you not done? [James] *laughs awkwardly* Am I not done?! So, I replaced those circles WITH HEARTS! If I was coloring this, I’d color it pink. [Jaiden] But like a dark pink? [James] No. [Jaiden] Because it’s still a bit evil? Oh, are you taking out ALL the evil? [James] How evil is he? Are any Pokémon really evil? [Jaiden] The balloon Pokémon seems pretty evil. [James] They can understand people, though, because they…because we tell them what to do. And they listen to…wait we don’t tell them what to do, they’re not real. [Jaiden] In the Pokédex entry for Latios, it says that it’s one of the few Pokémon that can understand human speech. And everyone’s like “Umm…Excuse me?!” [James] Valentine’s day is coming up! [Jaiden] Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s a Cacturne! *laughs* [James] You’re the one I prick. [Jaiden] Sounds like an insult *laughs*! [James] It’s kind giving you the “Oooh” eyes. I like how it turned out. I’ll write my name next to it. *laughs* Oh, actually, I CAN change the color, because this is a computer! Look at that. I like it! [Jaiden] Are you sending it? [James] Yeah! I mean…uhh…I was just staring at it. So this is…uhhh….what the crap I keep forgetting the names…what was the cactus’s name again? [Jaiden] Cacturne? *laughs* [James] Yeah, this is Cacturne as a Fairy. [Jaiden] …Wailord as a Flying Type. [James] Awww. [Jaiden] Awww, he’s got bows! *Laughs* [James] Mmm-hmm. Aww, you drew little…baby Wailords! [Jaiden] Yeah. Yours is adorable. He’s like…”Mmmm…” *laughs* *Lots of laughing from James and Jaiden* [James] Alright, that was fun. This is fun. I’m having fun. So, it’s your turn to do a Fairy, and its Gabite….Gabit?Gabite? [Jaiden] Gabite! [James] Gabite! [Jaiden] Oooooh..! You have to do Shaymin Land as a Fire Type. *silence* [James] Okay! I think it’s pretty obvious what I’m going to do… [Jaiden] Set him on fire?? *laughs* [James] *laughs* What’s the fire version of a flower?? I don’t even know what this part is, but it’s in it. It’s in my drawing now. Wait, never mind, I just erased it. Uhhh…yeah…this looks pretty dumb. I’m not proud of what I just did, but I think I’m done, it’s… whatever [Jaiden] Really? Oh no, I’m almost done. I’m getting there. Fairy types, am I right? [James] I kinda made it go Super Saiyan… [Jaiden] Airplane… [James] Are you, like by and airport? [Jaiden] And they were like “Hey, Jaiden’s house is over here, how ’bout we fly an airplane around it?” [James] I’ve just drawn one of the best Pokémons in the world. So, here he is as a Fire type and a Breloom is watching! [Jaiden] Here’s…my Gabite, who’s Fairy now. Awww *laughs* Oh, you added a Mario thing! [James] Yeah, a fire flower! Awwww [Jaiden] Derpy thing. [James] Awww he’s pretty cute, awww! [Jaiden] Thanks. [James] Awww! [James] The one I chose is Swoobat, and you’re going to have to turn him into an Electric Swoobat. [Jaiden] So you have Emolga and you have to change him into a Dragon. [James] Ugh! A lot of the “Dragon Pokémon” aren’t dragons. That one fluffy cloud bird is a dragon, too? [Jaiden] Yeah. How do its ears even work, they’re like together but not together. [James] What if we were bad at drawing? Do you think people would still watch us if we were bad at drawing? I mean obviously YEAH! [Jaiden] I have no idea for this one. [James] Same. [Jaiden] Ugh, he’s so ugly. Let me just fix you up, pal. His eyes, that’s the problem. His eyes and – no it’s his whole face. [James] Should we…uhh….talk about the YouTube glitch? Or do you think that’s gonna be old news by the time this comes out? [Jaiden] I feel like there’s enough people already making a ruckus and YouTube’s probably freaking out. [James] I’ve created a masterpiece. [Jaiden] OoooooOooooh [James] What tool do you use to sketch? [Jaiden] The pen. [James] I use the marker. Yeah…This is so smarter. [James] *Whispers* Amazing. Yeah cause this is a dragon [Jaiden] I’m really close. Ok, yeah. Take your time, I guess. Actually no hurry up. I’m going so fast right now. You- like if you’re on my screen. You’ll be like: “Whoaa Jaiden! Slow downnnn!”AHHHHHH Think I should color all of my things now(yea probably) More airplanes! Waaaaaaoooowwwwwww This is one of the proudest things I’ve ever made REALLY! Awwww! I like this one a lot! I like the little magnet electric thing I was kind of expecting you to do the fluff more jaggedy like a Jolteon you know if I was making some edits to your drawing [James] Not saying your drawing’s not good. [Jaiden] Oh, excuse me.>/////

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  1. You only got stung by a bee twice? I used pick them up (cuz they swarmed in my backyard) and then they stung me like every time :’) and i got stung like 12 times R.I.P.

  2. Jadien I was watching one of James videos then I accidentally clicked on this one and It said "were going to be drawing fairy type

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    Me- well in Florida I got stung 7 times in the foot by a wasp.. yeahh nothing special

  4. I played along for this but i was rushing because i wanted to watch this video.
    my best was the Emolga as a dragon (it kinda looked that theodd1sout's but it looks different.(i was going for a otter kinda look))

  5. I love the fact that the YouTuber that got me into Pokemon is in this video. I'm not really into Pokemon anymore, but before I loved it. I seen you're in an episode of his series "Pokemon Talk" and you were TheOddish1sOut. By the way the way to prenounce his name is M-and-JTV, no hate.

  6. James: are there any psychic bird Pokémon
    Jaiden: says a Pokémon that I don’t know about
    Me: what about Psyduck I don’t know if I spelled it correctly.

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