– Hi guys, how’s it going? So in today’s video I’m
wearing my turtleneck so that way I can feel like a
serious artist, just kidding. So today we are going to be painting and I’ve been very much inspired, or my whole life I’ve
been very much inspired, by impressionist art and also pop art so today’s video I’m going to show you how I make a pop art with a
impressionist inspiration. I really want it to open you guys up to a new way of DIYing. Every now and then I get comments where you guys say that you can’t do it and you wish you can do it. The whole reason why I make videos is so that way I can inspire you guys to open up a whole new
world to create, to imagine, and bring all that possibility to life. So in today’s video I
want you guys to do that. If you’ve never picked
up a paintbrush before, I want you guys to pick
up a paintbrush today and try something new. You should be proud of yourself for trying something new. Not because of how well you do it, or how not well you do
it, it should be about you opening your mind, opening your heart to different possibilities. You may surprise yourself, if not now then you will
surprise yourself later on. So don’t worry, because with art there are not boundaries,
there are no rules, it’s everything based on personal style based on what’s inside, and you’re bringing it out and
putting it onto your canvas. Let’s pick up a paintbrush
and let’s get started. Alright, so I’m going to
start by telling you guys what I used for my painting. I will be using acrylic
paint in crimson red, ultramarine blue, white, and black. The black and the white are used for lightening and darkening my colors. For my paintbrushes, I have one that looked like a foundation brush, where it’s flat with a
curve going across the top they also call this a cat tongue. I will also be using a sword
striper brush and a round brush Lastly I have a pre-stretched canvas this canvas has already been primed, so there is no need for me to do so. You can get all of these supplies from your local craft store. If you like, you can
practice on a scrap paper or a sketchbook to warm
yourself up a little bit before painting directly onto the canvas. Okay, so let’s start with
red and the blue roses after. You will need a mixing surface. Here I’m repurposing a frisbee. So, let’s start with red and squeeze out three small dabs of paint. So if you want, you can also
create your blue shades, but this is optional, you could work on the blue roses afterward. So next I am going to take my white paint and add a little dab of that
next to a red dab of paint. And then I’m going to do the
same thing with my black paint, I’m going to add a little dab of black next to my red and my blue. Make sure to have a paper towel nearby so you can clean or wipe
off any extra water. I’m going to create pink by mixing my red and my white paint together. Add a little water to loosen
the paint if you need to and dab the brush in the paper towl if you feel like you
picked up too much water. So with my bigger brush,
I’m going to create half circles in a form of a rose. Imagine or have a rose nearby to help you visualize the details on a rose. Try to not worry about
the exact, exact details as we’re not going for perfect. If you pay too much
attention to the details, you may tend to overpaint
and stress yourself out. Just go with the flow and enjoy this. All you need to do here
is shape out the rose. Once you achieve that, stop,
and try not to overpaint it’s really hard to, but
try not to overpaint. Next pick up the middle red and make smaller random curves
within the inside, like so. I find it to be the messier,
the better it looks. If your paint feels too thick, soak in a little bit more
water to thin it out. And if you feel like you
pick up too much water, then dab your brush into
the paper towel once more. Lastly, mix the darker red,
and make little tiny lines or half curves within the center. That is where the light hits less. For some finishing touches, add some white highlights on the outer edges. Every now and then I suggest for you to stop, take a few steps back, and take a look at your art work. (tranquil piano music) For my Chanel logo, I used a pot lid as a circular tracing object. This step is totally optional, you don’t have to do this
if you don’t like it. With a pencil, I simply
traced my Chanel logo as I remembered it to look like. But if you need to, you
can put a print out nearby or open up your phone to find a picture that you can use. For my inside curve, I used a ruler to make sure my inside
measurements are all even. I measure about one and
a quarter inches in, and then I marked my lines. Then I perfect my inner
curve with a curve ruler. (piano music) Now it’s time to darken the
logo with some black paint. (piano music) Here I decided last minute that I wanted to paint some roses over the Chanel logo. (piano music) If you want to add some sprinkle on top of the Chanel logo, then what I would suggest for you to do is paint over some découpage, and then sprinkle over the glitter. (piano music) To avoid the glitter from
getting all over the place I would suggest for you to do this once you are complete and
done with your painting but I was a little impatient, and I really wanted to see how this would turn out so I went ahead and do the glitter part and then finish up with my flowers. Paint the flowers wherever you
like it to go on your canvas this should all be based
on your imagination and what you would like to create. Something I usually do
to save some glitter is just pour all the glitter into a paper and then I would just fold the paper and pour it back into my bottle. To prevent the glitter from falling out and to protect the painting, I will be spraying this with
some clear acrylic coating. (piano music) Alrighty guys, I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching,
don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to support this channel. Other than that, let me
know what other videos you guys would like to see. This will make me want to try new things as well, by your request. So I will talk to you guys next time. Love you, bye!

100 thoughts on “DIY CHANEL Floral Art | WALL ART | ANN LE

  1. I watch this again in preparation for our painting class today and yes it helped me a lot :))) Thanks Ann! You save my day 😉 xoxo

  2. This video has been extremely inspiring to me. About to paint for the first time as an adult. For real… My hugs and my love… Thank you, Anne…xo

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  4. Ok so i just liked ur FB page, i stagram and twitter… not a stalker i swear but seriously where have u been all my life!! Affordable ways to recycle, reuse and revamp a room/living space… so into ur vids right now

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  8. TIP: instead of darkening a colour with black, which can make a colour muddy rather than dark, use that colours complimentary colour. For example if you want to darken red you will add a touch of green. For blue you will use orange and for yellow you will use purple. Because they are complimentary and are opposites on the colour wheel it will darken it and not make it muddy.

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    When painting, don't fill up your container with more water than needed. This way you don't waste so much water and you can get the right amount of water, reducing your chances of smudging the painting.

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