Disney’s Toy Story 4 Nail Art!

Disney’s Toy Story 4 Nail Art!

Hey guys, it’s Sandi! Welcome back to
CutePolish. Both Erin and I are huge Disney fans and with the upcoming
release of the new Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 movie, we thought it would be
fun to show you guys a cute manicure inspired by this fantastic movie series!
Hey guys, it’s Erin. So I’m starting off with a base coat on all of my nails. The
first character I’m gonna do is Forky, who’s the new character in Toy Story. So
I’m gonna be painting this nail white. Then I’m taking a dotting tool and a grey
nail polish and adding two different sized dots for the base of his eyes. Now
with a small brush and some red acrylic paint, I’m painting a curved line
above those two dots. I’m going back in with another dotting tool and a white
nail polish and adding a white dot over the grey dots I did before, and then
adding black dots on top of that. They should be two different sizes because
his eyes are two different sizes. Now I’m taking a small brush and a blue
nail polish and I’m painting his mouth. The next character I’m going to be doing
is Bo Peep. So I’m starting off by painting my nail this light blue
periwinkle color. Then with a light pink nail polish I’m creating a line along
the bottom of my nail. Now I’m taking a thin brush and a white nail polish and
painting two lines coming together at the bottom in a v-shape. Then in between
those two lines I’m painting small, curved C shapes to create a scalloped
pattern like the one on her blouse. And with a dotting tool, I’m adding
details to the lace along the side by creating a row of dots up each side of
the white lines. The next nail is for Buzz Lightyear, so
I’m starting off with a white base. Then I’m taking a mint green nail polish
and painting about the top one-third of my nail with that green and I’m kind of
creating two rounded trapezoid shapes here to match the shape of the top of
his outfit. [Music]
Then I’m taking this dark purple and painting a line coming down from each
side of the green. Now to add the details to Buzz’s outfit
I’m putting a red dot on the right side and then three lines on the left side
they should be a blue, green, and red. And the last little detail on his spacesuit
is a yellow line above the red dot. For my next nail I’m going to be doing
it inspired by Jessie. So again I’m starting with a white base. Then I’m
taking a yellow nail polish and again painting about the top third of my nail
with that yellow. Once I have a big enough block of yellow, I’m using my
brush to create two pointed edges coming down from that big rectangle, just to
kind of create the details of the top of her blouse. Now I’m going in with a thin
brush and red acrylic paint to outline that yellow shape. And Jessie kind of has
this curvy line on the yellow part of her shirt, so I’m trying to recreate that
here with the red acrylic paint. Now with a dotting tool and a light grey
nail polish, I’m putting two dots down the white part of my nail for the
buttons of her shirt. Then once those are dry I’m going in with a white dot on
top of that. And the last nail is of course inspired
by Woody, so I’m starting off with a yellow base on this nail. Then I’m
taking my thin brush and red acrylic paint to create the stripes on his shirt.
One great thing about using acrylic paint for this is that if you mess up
your lines at all you can just scrape off any mistakes with a toothpick. Now I’m taking a white nail polish and
creating the vest that woody wears. So for this shape I’m really just creating
a white block on each side of my nail and then towards the bottom I’m rounding
it off as if it’s the bottom of the vest. Now I’m going in with that light grey
nail polish again to create the base of his buttons. And while those are drying
I’m going back in with a black acrylic paint and outlining that white shape from
before. And again any mistakes with acrylic paint you can just scrape off of
the toothpick. Now I’m adding a smaller white dot on top of each of those grey
dots, and with another dotting tool I’m creating the cow print on Woody’s vest. Finally, apply a topcoat to all your
nails to seal in your design and add a beautiful shine! Now for the Woody nail you can stop
here if you’d like, but I had a little star stud that I thought would be
perfect for his sheriff’s badge! So I’m applying a dot of nail glue here, and
then applying that stud right on top. And that’s the finished design! Be sure
to let us know in the comments below if you liked this nail art and who your
favorite toy story character is. You can click the boxes here to check out more
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47 thoughts on “Disney’s Toy Story 4 Nail Art!

  1. Very cute and creative, I love Forky. Took my son to see the movie and it was awesome. Maybe do some nostalgia nails like…My Little Pony, Care Bears, Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake..etc

  2. I love that you added a stick on Star ⭐️ to Woody’s design to be his Sherrif’s badge. If only they made small fingernail lace or tulle then you could’ve added that to Bo Peep’s design. But don’t get me wrong it looks great like it is already too 👍.

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