DISNEY PRINCESS BABIES? Ariel, Rapunzel Belle, Jasmine, Elsa and Anna Get their Fortunes. Totally TV

DISNEY PRINCESS BABIES? Ariel, Rapunzel Belle, Jasmine, Elsa and Anna Get their Fortunes. Totally TV

Later, in this video. Oh, this one makes me
look like a baby! Wow! It turned me blue! Elsa! Elsa! Come quick! Oh, you’re here already.
Okay, good. Okay Anna, what is it? Is Kristoff okay? Is there something wrong with the Olaf?
Is Hans here? No, silly, everyone’s fine and luckily, Hans is still on vacation. Good.
Phew, okay. What is it? The Arendelle Fair is in town. You know, like corn dogs, Ferris
wheels, face painting. Oh! That’s great! I love the fair. I was thinking we should
call the girls and we should all go together. Oh Jack, you should have never let go, you should never let go. Time’s up, okay. I should be as young as a spring chicken and well, spring. You get it.
Let’s see if it worked. Huuuh! It’s not working. I’ve tried every Beauty mask and wrinkle cream
and nothing works. Did you get into a fight with father time or what? Hey, I bet you have
wrinkles under those feathers too. Listen, why don’t you take some of your daughter’s Rumpelstiltskin hair? Is it magic or something? You mean Rapunzel? And yes, I tried already.
I called her earlier and she didn’t pick up. Why don’t you try calling from a new number
or something? That’s it! I’ll try calling from a blocked number. I’m a genius Diablo.
Hello, oh not again. Rapunzel darling, don’t hang up. It’s me your mother. What are you
on Gothel? And for the millionth time, you’re not my mother! Right. I’m more like a big
sister. Anywho, I was just calling to see how the weather was wherever you are. Where
was that again? The weather is fine Gothel. Oh, that’s good. Yeah, the weather is super
pleasant here too. Okay. Well, what do you want? To spit it out already Gothel? I’m turning
old. Can i please please please borrow some of your magic hair? Uh, what’s that? You’re
cutting out. Gotta go, bye. Hello hello, Rapunzel, helloo.. I’m thinking, that’ she hang up on you, OMG.
Hello Rap darling, are you there? Who are you calling darling? Oh, how’s my Raven Diablo?
Are you being nice to him? He’s right here. Hold on, let me Face Time you. Oh, hey Maleficent, how are you, how is the new life coming along? Oh, just living the dream out here in Hollywood land.
Filming Maleficent 2, that is. It comes out this far you know. Oh, how’s Gothel? Is
she being obnoxious per usual? Hello? You do realize you called my phone and I’m right
here! Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with all those wrinkles. Yes I know, I know I look
old! What do I do Maleficent? Help me. Oh, did you hear that? I think I’m needed on set.
Yeap yeap. I am sorry, gotta go. Helloo, helloo? Listen lady, why don’t you just borrow someone
else’s magic hair? It’s gotta be more than one princess with that magic hair thing going
on. Oh, and how do you suppose I get the princesses to come over and just give me their hair?
Are you looking for heath? Are you looking for wealth or Uros so that people to flock
to you? Uh-huh.. Hello little visionaries, it’s me, your mistress of fortune, Miss Leo.
If you want to change your past or see your future, you give me Miss Leo a call. If you
want to know your future or to change your past, you give Miss Leo, me, a call. That’s it
Diablo! I know just the thing to bring the princesses to me. Oh no, I’ve seen that look before. Something tells me that the future is dark and gloomy. Snow my gosh you guys, so far I’m having the
absolute best time at the fair. I know, same here. I cannot believe you knocked down all
those pins so easily. Plus look at how cute her prize is. Oh, I think we should name her pinky the narwhal.
Totally! Okay. So what do we do next? Do we do the corn husking competition
or the pie-eating contest? I’m looking at you Anna. Uh..Both. Hey girls. Hey Ariel.
Hey Jasmine. Hey, wow! This place is awesome. Thanks for inviting us guys. Of course! This
place is a true fairy tale, get it? We’re at the fair. Yeah, ever since Elsa unfroze Arendelle, things
have been so much lively around here. Oh! Is that fun house with all the crazy mirrors?
Can we please please please go there later? Yeah, and can we get a photo cake? Oh yeah.
I heard this year they have deep-fried sandwiches. Can we get one of those too? Sounds weird
but good. Ah yes. This should do the trick. I’ll set up a booth right about here, they’ll
come in for a read and I’ll steal that magic hair. Hahahaha. Oh, a fortune teller, I always
wanted to have my fortune told. Gaston, listen it’s me. Oh! You know my name? You really
are a real fortune teller. Can you tell me what my future would be? Am I going to marry… Let
me guess, Will you marry Belle? What in the What? How did you know that? Can you tell
me more? Uh uh uh. I’ll tell you more but first, you have to do something for me. I’ll
do anything just as long as you tell me I’m going to marry Belle. I want you to offer
these free fortune telling tickets to the princesses and in turn I’ll tell you who you’ll
marry. Okay. Now can you tell me my future? I see your future… Wow! It looks very bright
and… a and… And you’ll marry Belle. The end. Wow! Wow! Wow! Oh, you’re amazing.
I have to tell Leou, I have to tell her. Oh.. But not so fast. If you tell anyone
your future, it will not come true. Oh no! How am I supposed to win her over now? Well,
bring me those princesses, so I can read their fortune and maybe suggest to her, who she
should marry. Uh, you bet magic lady. Whoa! You guys look at all these crazy mirrors!
Oh my gosh! This is crazy! So fun! Yeah, I guess that’s why they call it the
funhouse. Wow! Still going, so many mirrors! You guys! I look like a cartoon! Wow! This
is crazy! Fine. Wow, I look like a million years old! Is that how I really look like?
Oh, I look so stretched! Like like a million feet tall! Oh this one makes me look like
a baby! Wow! it turned me blue! That Ferris wheel was so much fun. Yeah, it was amazing!
I could see everything. I felt like I was back on my magic carpet. Okay, what do we
want to do next? Do we want to go to the petting zoo. Or the monster jerks. Or we could look
for….Oh Belle… I have a little gift for you. Gaston! What are you doing here? Did
you follow us? Again? Maybe, but that’s beside the point. I brought you and your friends
a little giftie poo. A giftie poo? Oh no. It’s not another spell or something, is it?
I know you are but what am? Right Belle? What! That doesn’t even make any sense. Listen girls
and pals, I have tickets for you Belle and your little friends to go see the fortune-teller
lady. Hmm. A fortune teller? Like to find out our future? Yeah, and I already saw her
and I have to say she was a hundred percent accurate about my fortune Belle if you’re
interested to know. Do you want to know what she said? Well Gaston, that’s actually
really nice of you. Thank you for thinking of us. Thank you Ice witch, but I’m already
spoken for. Don’t you want to know my future Belle? Sure, I’ll play along. What happens
in your future Gaston? I can’t tell you or else it won’t come true but you’re just
going to love the future Belle. Anyway, can I see those tickets Gaston? Sure. Miss Leo’s
fortune telling. Good for one future reading. Bring this card and one lock of hair. PS,
this is absolutely 100% definitely not a trick. Believe me, I can read the future. A lock
of hair? Does that seem weird to everyone else? Nah, it’s probably just so she can
connect with our aura or something. I saw her one time on a TV commercial. Well, what
do you say, should we go girls? Yes! This is a girl’s only situation okay? Okay Belle.
I will leave you alone but I will see you in a bit or shall I say the future? I don’t..
I don’t think so. Okay, see you later girl. Hello… anyone here? Just a second. Oh, fortune-telling has so many layers. Hello.. Anyone in here? I’m sorry, did you say come in? I couldn’t quite
hear you. Ah yes, welcome Anna of Arendelle. Wow! How did you know my name? I am a fortune-teller.
I know all. Um, okay, neato. So, what do you see in my future? Do you have the lock
of hair? Yeah, hair you go. Get it. Cute. Let’s see, flowers gleam and glow. Sorry,
what was that? I said flowers and no snow, Oh jungle yes. Jungle. I see you traveling
great distances. Yes, you are searching, searching through Africa, searching for years and years
far and wide. Searching for family, yes, family. Searching for your family, your brother. Whoa!
Are you my brother? Yes, I am your brother. Tart! Simba! My name is Simba. Simba? As in
the Lion King? Never marry. Give up being a princess and search your whole life for
your brother Simba. Never ever get married and I give up being a princess? Wait, that
doesn’t seem right. Nope, definitely what happens? No Kristoff? The troll man? Oh, no.
He falls for that other girl. What’s her name? But not to worry, you’ll find your brother Simba.
Next. Oh but wait, I have more questions. Sorry, no time. Next. Oh, and don’t tell anyone
or your future won’t come true. Thank you and leave a good yelp review. Next. Is it
my turn? Uh yeah, I guess so. Good luck Belle. Yes have a seat dearie. Did you bring a lock
of hair? Yep I shear did. Get it cuz it’s a hair pun. Oh yes, it’s happening, it’s
happening! Ouch! Sorry, my hair has been a little staticky lately. Sorry. Oh no. It’s
not working. What’s not working? Do you need to hold something else of mine? Um I have
some house keys or, or maybe a book. No, this hair will do just fine. Oh yes. You certainly
do marry a real hunk, what’s his name? Prince Adam. You marry a gassy muscle man. Gaston!
I get married to you in my future? Oh no. You sure do mind my little belly welly? Aren’t
we just the cutest couple together? And besides, I already bought this suit. No returns. Don’t
I look great Belle? Villagers, there is an impostor in our midst. And his name is that crazy old
Maurice. He’s saying he’s the father of my love Belle, but that’s not true. So we
need to kick him out of town so I could marry Belle. Gaston, I told you, I’m not crazy.
Just ask Belle. You’re French toast Maurice. After he convinced the whole town that your
dad was crazy and they locked him up, he could no longer object to you two getting married
and having lots of babies. This can’t be right. Oh, oh stop, shh shh. And what about Prince Adam? Oh, don’t worry about him. He joined the circus after the enchantress got an anonymous tip that he was
being mean. So she magically turned him into the Beast for ever! Wait, this does not
feel like the right future. And now we’re free to grow old together and be happily married
forever and ever and ever and ever and ever Belle. And ever? See Belle, your future looks
bright. Well, I’m trying to look on the bright side but you’re telling me that I’m
going to marry Gaston? Yep, bright and Merry or in your case married. Time’s up, next princess.
My turn. I’m ready to see what my future has in store for me. Here is a lock of my hair.
Does this make me Mrs. Gassy muscle man? Oh yes, your future Ariel. I see lots of… fun?
Adventures? Gadgets and gizmos? No, babies. In fact I see a school of mermaid fish babies. What! Mama, mama. Somebody help I have too many babies! Don’t worry, we’ll help you Ariel. Yeah, we can help. It’s okay. This is a lot of babies. Stop crying. Oh man, I’ll be in some serious hot water if I have that many babies. Are you sure that’s my future? Well, you know what they say, seize
the day Ariel. To to. Next! That doesn’t even make sense! Hi, I’d like for you to read
my fortune. I brought a little lock of my hair. Great, let me see. Yes, yes your future
is very bright. Yes very bright. Oh! I hate to tell you, but I see you locked up in jail.
Jail! What! This can’t be! You must be reading someone else’s fortune because I can’t possibly
go to jail. Sorry, it’s just what the crystal ball shows me. Next! This is crazy. Hello Miss
Leo. I have to tell you, I’ve been binging a lot of your YouTube… wait a minute,
you look really different. Ah, yes I am.. been taking lots of vitamins and drinking
milk, you know it does the body good. Anyway, did you bring the goods? The goods? Your hair.
All right, hair we are! Oh yes, another hair pun, great. It’s becoming clear now. You’ll
have a long and successful queenship with your husband, the king by your side. Well,
do you see who my king will be? Maybe it’s, Jack Frost? Oh no, Jack Frost is Jack lost,
see what I’m saying. You’ll marry Flynn Rider. Oh no! What about…. Hey beautiful?
Hey beautiful? Hey Flynn. Yay! We made it! A little late but I don’t think the girls
will mind. Yeah. Oh, Belle just texted me. She said they’re at the fortune teller’s booth.
Cool, and why don’t you go meet up with them and I’ll go grab us a cotton candy and I’ll meet
you over there. Oh Eugene, you just made my day so much sweeter. See you soon. Rapunzel,
it’s Flynn… if anyone asks. Yeah so I know we’re not supposed to really say anything but she
told me I was gonna marry Gaston. So I think it doesn’t matter if I tell you because I
don’t really want it to happen anyway. What! You marry Gaston! Unlikely story. She told
me a really crazy story too about how I’d meet my family member. Well, that seems promising.
Yeah except for I think she got me confused with The Lion King. Well, listen to this,
she said that I was going to jail. What! No! You’re kidding! You have got to be kidding
me. Hey girls! Oh what did I miss? Oh well, just this wackadoodle fortune-teller lady,
she tried to tell me that I was going to marry Flynn Rider. What! You wanna marry Flynn? Elsa,
I thought we were friends! No no no no no no no, I definitely do not want to marry Flynn,
no offence. It’s just this crazy lady, she told us all these wild fortunes. It all started
when Gaston gave us these tickets and it said bring a lock of hair for a free reading.
Lock of hair! Wait… what did she look like? Finally, they’re all gone. Flower gleam and
glow, let your power shine, make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine! Did
it work? Do I look younger? Nothing! Uh worthless. All this time wasted. Now I had to find Rapunzel.
Hello, am I too late? Just a second. Hello, I’d like to get my fortune read. Oh, my lucky
stars, their hair was magic. Excuse me? I mean sit back, relax, let me tell you your fortune.
Listen Gothel, the jig is up. I know it’s you. What! How dare you! How dare you speak
to your mother that way? For the 1 million and one time, you are not my mother. Well,
I may not be your mother but I definitely know what’s best. You’re coming with me.
No way! You don’t have an option. Hit it Diablo! Don’t you even try dearie. Your friends can’t
hear you in that sound booth. Now give me a lock of hair and I will let you out, it’s
just that simple. How do you think it’s going in there? Hey Elsa, hey girls, what’s shaking?
Want some cotton candy or I could go get us some snow cones. Uh me? What makes you think
I like umm.. Cotton candy? No, I’m cool, I’m like really cool, I’m really full, thanks,
really full. Geez! Everything all right? You seem kinda…Hey, before you go any further,
I just have to say Flynn that I – I can’t marry you. I am Rapunzel’s really good friend.
Speaking of Rapunzel, she’s been in there like a really long time. You don’t think
she’s in trouble do you? Rapunzel is in trouble? I’m on my way. No, you can’t just go in there
I mean, what if Gothel has her trapped? Wait, I know, the funhouse. Huh, this is no time
for fun and games Ariel. No, I have an idea. Now, for a bit of that magical hair and I’ll
finally be young again. What’s that dearie? We can’t hear you. Rapunzel, there you are.
Rapunzel, who’s your young and pretty friend? What! Are you from a nearby
kingdom? Hi, I’m Flynn. Listen, I’m flattered really, but don’t you recognize me? I mean
I look a hundred years old. What do you mean? You don’t look a day over high school, see
for yourself. Wow! I do look young. Maybe the other princesses’ hair worked after
all. Oh my goodness! Diablo let her go. I’ve got big plans now that I’m young and beautiful.
Child wrap darling, no hard feelings. What just happened Flynn? Just a little mirror
from the funhouse. Gothel only thinks she looks pretty, in reality, nothing’s changed.
Oh, that’s perfect. Let’s go. Coming through, coming through, supermodel coming through.
Um lady, the clown tent is over there. Hahahaha. It’s snow cute that Flynn is throwing Rapunzel a surprise anniversary party. I know
right, they are the cutest couple ever, #couplegoals. And Flynn said he had a big announcement to
make. You don’t think he’s- Proposing. Maybe, let’s go inside and find out. Okay, she should
be here any minute. She thinks I’m taking her to the Snuggly Duckling, she has no idea
that you guys are here. Uuh, I love surprises. Okay, I think I hear her now. Get ready to
yell ‘surprise’, everyone. Lights off. One, two surprise! Happy anniversary! What! Oh
my gosh, a surprise anniversary party! Happy Anniversary Rapunzel I know this day is about
us but who better to celebrate with than all of our friends? Oh Flynn, you’re the sweetest.
Thanks for coming guys. Of course! We wouldn’t miss it. Happy anniversary. And there’s just
one more little surprise. Another surprise! What is it? As of this morning, you are now
the proud owner of the Tangled No More Hair Salon. I just signed the paperwork this morning.
Now you can pursue your dream of being a hair stylist. What! Flynn, you’re amazing. Thank
you. This is so great. Wait, can I go ahead and set up an appointment with you? Oh yeah,
me too! Me, three. Me, four. Of course. New business, hair I come. Rapunzel is opening
up a salon, oh great news! I could use a little bit of her hair magic. But who am I kidding?
She’ll never help me after what I did in her movie! If only everyone had Rapunzel’s hair,
I’d have so many options to go to, to be young again. Wait, that’s it! Shu, shu I’m having
epiphany. Light bulb. I just need to talk to Maleficent, get a spell and trick Rapunzel
into turning everyone’s hair into hers. Yes, ha ha ha uh huh. You guys, I can’t decide which
hairstyle I want to go with. I mean, I’ve had my long braids for so long but I kind
of just want to cut it all off and go with a cute bob, you know. Let it go, let it go.
I totally think you could rock a bob, but your long hair is so pretty. I kind of thought
I’d get highlights but I mean, I already kind of have this one. Oh, I like it. You know
I was thinking about getting extensions. So many options. Maybe we should just go and
whatever Rapunzel thinks. That’s true she is a hair artiste. Perfect. No one is here
yet. Got the spell book from Maleficent. She said I just need to find an object Rapunzel
will touch and wallah. hmm hair dryer? No. Shampoo. Uh, her hair brush. Perfect! Oh,
ha ha this one. Magic powers of sun in day, enchant this object to do as I say, when Rapunzel
takes a hold all hair will change to the color gold. Perfect. By the end of the day I’ll
have an army of golden hair the youth bringers. Flynn, I’m a little nervous for my first day.
Oh, no she’s coming. Better go out the back. Rapunzel you’re going to be great and it’s
all your friends coming in. I know that makes me even more nervous. Rapunzel you’re an artist.
Now I’ve got all you need brushes, hair dryers, shampoos, conditioners, frying pan. Frying
pan? Hey you never know what could happen. It’s always good to keep it handy. Thanks
Flynn. You got it. Now I got to get back to Corona castle with Maximus. In all my days
of thieving, I never thought I would become a guard, let alone a guard instructor. But,
hey I’ve still got my smoulder, right? Yes, Eugene you still got it. Rapunzel, it’s Flynn
remember. Hey looks like Moana is on her way in, I guess I should be going. He is so crazy!
Okay, Rapunzel time to get your bearings. You’ve got your hair dryer and your brush.
Must make everyone’s hair like mine. Can’t wait to get started! Hey Rapunzel, I love
your new salon. Thanks, Moana. Are you here for your appointment? Yeah, I’m here for my
blow-out. Well, come on over. So are you gonna work some of your Rapunzel magic on my hair?
I think that can be arranged. “Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine, see how far
you’ll go, when your hair is just like mine.” So? I love it! Maui is not even gonna recognize
me. You’re welcome. Can’t wait to come back for a touch-up. Tell your princess friends.
Bye. I kind of look like her. Let’s see who’s next. Oh, it’s Ariel. Hi Ariel. Hi Rapunzel,
am I too early? No, you’re right on time sit down, sit down. So, I’m thinking about doing
maybe a deep conditioning, nothing too drastic. Sshhh! I’ve got this you just sit back and
relax. Okay cool, sorry you’re the expert. “Flower, gleam and glow. Let your power shine.
You’ll be part of my world, when I give your hair a twurl.” Okay, all done. So how do I
look? See for yourself. Oh my gosh, I’m, I’m- Beautiful? Blonde! I look like you. Oh, thank
you. I’m glad you like it. Thanks. Yeah, oh this is gonna take some getting used to. Oh,
I wonder what that is. Hopefully my next appointment. Okay, okay let me get this straight, Belle
comes here to get her hair done and then you’re gonna propose? No, no, no Lefou, I’m going
to get my hair done and be a new man, Belle will hardly recognize me and then I’ll propose.
Um, okay Gaston; A, she’s probably still gonna recognize you and B, even if she didn’t she’s
not gonna say yes to a total stranger. They should call you Lepou because all you do is
poo poo all over my ideas. Hey, what did I just kick? It looks like Maleficent spellbook.
Give me that Lefou. I wonder if there’s anything in here that will make Belle fall in love
with me. Uh, I don’t know what this is. Gaston give that back. Everyone knows that love spells
don’t work. Aghh! Aggh! Aggh! Give me that. Oh, oh look what you’ve done now Lefou. What
I’ve done? Oh my gosh your hair! What do you mean? Oh, quick we gotta get out of here.
Yes, Hans I can totally work you in. No, it’s fine you’re a villain I don’t judge. No, you
can’t get a discount for being a Westergaard. Okay, okay bye-bye. Hey cus, I’m ready to
get my hair done. Uh, come have a seat, we can get to work. Sounds good! I’ve decided
to let it go. You basically have free rein but don’t go too crazy. Okay? You got it girl.
“Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine, lets mix it up, fix it up your hair will be
divine.” So? Um, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I um, kind of look exactly
like Belle. You’re welcome. Um okay, I gotta go. Be my guest, whatever you think Rapunzel.
“Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine, let’s mix it up, fix it up your hair will
be divine.” Oh, it’s um, something. Oh, it’s uh, a whole new world, for my hair. It’s always
been my dream to get my hair done by you Rapunzel. Dream! More like nightmare. I mean, thanks
girl. Just a little trim of the sideburns, if you don’t mind. Just a trim. Have a seat.
Uh, Uuh, I look like Jafar but more importantly where are my sideburns? You know how long
it took me to grow them? Mummy. Wow, this is going so great! You guys, um, I don’t mean
to be rude but did anybody else have a weird experience at Rapunzel salon? I mean look.
Oh, hey Jasmine. I’m not Jasmine. Oh my gosh, Anna! Wait, let me guess, you went to Rapunzel
salon. You guessed it and you look like Belle. I know. Don’t get me wrong, I love her hair.
Just not on me. You know. Oh, come in. You guys, we have a serious problem. Oh my gosh,
not you too! What’s going on with Rapunzel? Yeah, she’s usually so good with hair. Seriously,
what happened? We should call Flynn, he’ll know what to do, right? Maybe that’s him now,
I’ll go check. LeFou! Gaston! LeFou what happened to your hair? Tell her Gaston. No you tell
her. I’m not gonna tell her, you tell her. Well, I’m definitely not gonna tell her. All
right let’s meet the middle and you tell her. That makes no sense there is no middle, you
tell her LeFou, now. Let’s pretend I tell her but then you actually tell her. Okay go.
Ready? Go. Tell her. Wait, what am I telling her? Will somebody tell me? Okay, okay fine.
Gaston, had a brilliant idea to get his hair dyed at Rapunzel salon, in order to trick
Belle into marrying him. Classic. Genius. Ge-ni-us you mean. Smartest person ever. He
meant ge-ni-us. Okay that would have never worked but go ahead. Anna, your words hurt.
Exactly. And then we kind of found Maleficent spellbook. And then we ended up kind of sort
of maybe fighting over it. And then everything went haywire. But we just found it there.
Unlikely story. No, honest. I mean, I know it’s hard to believe because I mean it’s us,
but it’s true I promise. You want it? Just take it, just help me get my hair back. Ah,
hey Anna, ah, is Belle in there? Ah, Gaston not the time. Okay, so you’re telling me that
somebody else left this behind, so somebody else is behind this whole thing and not you
guys. Okay, I’ll go tell the girls. Thank you. Wow, feels weird saying that to you guys,
huh! So that’s what they said and honestly I, I think they’re telling the truth. This
is crazy, I gotta get to that salon ASAP! Don’t worry girls, I’ll be there and we’ll
get your hair back to normal in no time. Meet me there and bring that spell book. Hey Rapunzel,
you feeling okay? Yes. Actually it’s been a really great day. Do you want me to do your
hair? You know what, I think I’m good thanks. Are you sure? I’m getting pretty good. Have
you been using that brush all day? Yeah, why? Oh, hello Rapunzel. Loved the new salon. Thank
you. What did you do to her Gothel? Maleficent spellbook may have been found around here
but something tells me it was you. Oh, fine you caught me. But sorry, it’s too late. Rapunzel
has made it so all the princesses have her magical golden locks and now I can use any
one of them to keep me young forever ha ha ha Sorry Gothel, hate to be the bearer of
bad news but your hair brained scheme didn’t work out. You wanted an army of golden haired
angels and instead you’ve got these girls. What happened? We happened. You two? How did
you get into all of this? That’s a great question. It all started when I had this brilliant proposal
idea. It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is that this hairy situation is about to be
cut short. And you’ve reached your split end. That was a good one. Thanks. Okay LeFou, she
gets the point. Magic glow and magic star reverse things back the way they were. Whoa,
what just happened? Last thing I remember, I was getting ready for my first appointment.
What happened to everyone’s hair? Oh, oh yikes! Sorry, gotta go! And where are you going Gothel?
I think it’s your turn. You’re right Fynn. This thing come in handy. And I would have
gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids and Gaston and LeFou. Yeah,
yeah come on. Keep it moving lady. Ha ha ha I know I’m so glad we have our normal hair
again. I know, I love everyone’s hair but I like having my own. You know, I’m really
surprised at Gaston and Lefou. They actually did something good for once. Do you think
they’re actually starting to become good? Oh, Belle, I’m a different person you’ve never
met. Will you marry me? California girls, undeniable. You know blondes really do have
a lot more fun. I mean, I have fun no matter what color my hair is. Look at me having fun
Belle. You having so much fun. Look at this funny guy. Look at me me floss, I’m the best
fosser there never was! Yikes. Do you see? Ah Gaston cut it out! Yeah shave it for another
day okay.

100 thoughts on “DISNEY PRINCESS BABIES? Ariel, Rapunzel Belle, Jasmine, Elsa and Anna Get their Fortunes. Totally TV

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  3. Justin is crazy that he loves Belle and it's so annoying she hates him and he like that she's trying to get out of his way by she won't get out of her way so annoying I hate this gun to use in our country oh my goodness I'm a look at about I am cooking Bell and if so scary he loved him and my mom was shot of him he had to go to the the jail

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