8 thoughts on “Description Explained.

  1. What a great description, it almost like read books, also thanks for captioning for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. Excellent job!

  2. @vikingscool yes i do agree. i have a vision impairment so it would help me with the fine detail! we need this to become a standard accross the world just like closed captioning has become.

  3. @jzambelli I don't have vision impairment, but my left eye is not really far away, I use my glasses to see that things in the far like 4-6 feet and up to a mile. Without my glasses so I can't read word within 4-6 feet.

  4. @vikingscool oh ok then, cool. well regardless, id still like audio description to become a standard around the world just like closed captions!

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