Deadpool 3 Teaser Trailer Marvel Robot Chicken and Green Lantern Easter Eggs Breakdown

Deadpool 3 Teaser Trailer Marvel Robot Chicken and Green Lantern Easter Eggs Breakdown

Deadpool last week you had a pretty
advanced case of being charming self-aware a depressingly fitting
spokesman for 7-eleven an soft dream breaking the fourth wall it’s
getting really bad the first draft of Deadpool 3 is 6 hours long this is how I
remind you what I really am Nickelback 2001 deposed your Underwood any falling
off the wagon this week no no no the State of the Union is strong
Chloe means well but her credentials are underwhelming son of a I gotta run
mr. robots she doesn’t even know my name can you blame her names are a
construe there’s a fourth wall on the ceiling there’s a fifth wall gym who can
you trust this therapist who’s Google Drive is nothing but note drafts
and hence I do you trust the workplace bully who will one day cause an autistic
beat farmer to move out of state no trust no one society I had a nice week
Chloe I don’t even know what is so um Jim truth is if you break the
fourth wall long enough eventually the fourth wall breaks you promised to
donate my brain for research dibs on Pam oh hello I know right this genre is
super exciting to me can absolute dream honey I love working with Shawn
obviously I’ve worked with him stranger things and he’s just amazing
I’m really mostly here for taiko that I’ve been a huge fan of his for a long
time and it’s super cool to finally meet him yeah
yeah I mean do that for me as well I’ve known about Ryan for a long time and you
know that we’ve covered we’ve always been trying to like meet up or connect
or work together at somewhere and to finally get that chance to actually be
in the same thing together for the first time ever there’s actually more did you
guys talking about I don’t think so not from my mother this is the first time
we’ve met best cool thing about the industry it brings people together
we’ve been mutual admirers of each other for a long time from afar and now to
finally have a chance to work together for the first time ever and both of our
lives is super stoked about that and be in the same room Green Lantern yeah yeah
Green Lantern Tom you understand what we could learn for Kent State pilot he wore
uniform and thinking is a soldier give me this riposte I think so that you’re
thinking of Jessica Tandy Kathy Bates fried fried green tomatoes that I
remember you guys Seth Rogen Green Hornet Fitz this is where you’ll get
inclusion amazing in that but neither of us will see us right welcome back
everyone it’s Charlie we have a Deadpool three Robot Chicken trailer to break
down nice parody and Ryan Reynolds and Ty Cobb itd making so much fun of Green
Lantern I always love Ryan Reynolds making fun of Green Lantern and his
other own movies there’s a whole bunch of Easter eggs will do an update on
what’s going on with Deadpool 3 under Marvel Studios now that all the Fox
character at Marvel there’s some changes made to
what the original plans for Deadpool 3 in the next couple of Deadpool movies
were going to be Fox did have a whole big plan because Deadpool was their big
a-list characters so of course there were gonna be a whole bunch of Deadpool
sequels Marvel isn’t completely wiping the slate clean but it’s gonna be a
little bit different now that they’re with Disney we’re doing a giveaway for
the new spider-man far from home blu-ray all you have to do to enter is be a
subscriber and leave your best theory about spider-man crossing over with
Deadpool in the MCU now if you guys don’t remember a little while ago when
Spiderman got into trouble between Marvel and Disney Ryan Reynolds himself
even started chiming in joking because he’s sort of in a holding pattern right
now they’re gonna make Deadpool 3 but they’re not gonna make it right away so
he’s free to make as many jokes about Marvel and spider-man stuff that he
wants people ask him are you ever going to be in a movie with spider-man but now
apparently largely thanks to Tom Hollands efforts based on what
everyone’s reporting spider-man back in the MCU for another couple of movies
they’ll obviously renegotiate for more after that just making it way easier for
Deadpool to actually crossover with spider-man in a legit MCU movie but in
the Deadpool trailer they have Deadpool in fourth-wall rehab with a whole bunch
of other characters from pop culture that break the fourth wall on their own
shows Jim Halpert from the office Kevin Spacey’s character Francis Underwood
from house of cards the ankle bracelet is just a joke about all the legal
problems he’s having in real life right now
then Rami Malik’s mr. robot character I don’t even know what is they joke
about him trying to finish the Deadpool 3 script it’s 6 hours long and in trying
to get that movie going at Disney just making it sound like yeah obviously
Disney’s gonna take their time getting mutants into the MCU so that means it’s
gonna take a little bit longer to get Deadpool 3 they make another Nickelback
joke nice double tap to the Nickelback jokes during Once Upon a Deadpool we are
Marvel yeah you know Marvel license by Fox it’s like if the Beatles were
produced by Nickelback it’s music but it sucks then Ryan Reynolds and Tyco YTD
taking a whole bunch of rips on Green Lantern so if you guys didn’t remember
obviously everybody knows Ryan Reynolds was in Green Lantern because everybody
always makes fun of Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern but tyga YTD was also featured
pretty heavily during that movie a lot of people forget that he’s been an actor
for a while now just that he blew up so big with thor ragnarok that
people have been thinking mostly about that stuff yes he plays chord but that’s
motion capture so you don’t really see his face like he was seated a lot of his
other big movies that he’s done fun fact side note too when there was
talk about crossing Deadpool over before the Fox Disney deal Tyga even said that
he’d love to do a crossover movie with Thor and Deadpool but big status update
on what’s going on with Deadpool 3 at Disney and Marvel Studios so there is
still a Deadpool 3 it’s still happening the Disney CEO and Kevin Feige have said
many times through this whole process so they’re not gonna mess with Ryan
Reynolds version of the character he’s gonna be one of the few things to
survive intact the transition between universes a little while ago when Kevin
Feige released his statement about them signing the deal to bring spider-man
back into the MCU he talked about spider-man being one of the few
characters that can jump between cinematic universes referring to him
jumping between the venom versus Sony because he’d be crossing over with those
movies in the MCU movies Deadpool is also going to be one of those characters
so a lot of the x-men characters will just be straight-up reboots and because
of the way the characters written and his ability to be so meta and break the
fourth wall he’s the way that you bring all that pre-existing x-men Fox Canon
like Hugh Jackman Wolverine into the MCU without actually having to have Hugh
Jackman himself on screen but a lot of people point out the fact that Disney is
not gonna release a rated R movie under the Disney label that’s why Kevin Feige
will most likely wind up releasing Deadpool 3 through Fox before the big
Fox Disney buyout the original plan because Deadpool was such a big money
earner for them was to do a legit Deadpool x-force movie next after
Deadpool – then do Deadpool 3 is a completely separate movie Drew Goddard
who’s the person responsible for daredevil on Netflix he was originally
gonna do Sony’s sinister six franchise during the Andrew Garfield era he was
going to be Fox’s architect of the bigger Deadpool x-force team-up
franchise movies they were supposed to be the r-rated hardcore versions of your
traditional x-men classic character team ups in fact a lot of it would have felt
similar to the first part of Deadpool 2 where he actually assembles the team but
then you have to imagine that they actually treat the team-up seriously
instead of killing off the whole team after five minutes a year – after that
movie they would have released Deadpool three and that would have been
him returning to a much smaller film with the lower budget fewer characters
and that’s probably what the new Marvel Studios Deadpool three will be like the
Joker movie very small exists in its own little bubble outside the regular DC
movie continuity Justice League Wonder Woman 1984 Deadpool solo movies are
going to be a little bit like that where they’re kind of connected to the MCU
it’ll enable them to do it rated R release it through Fox and then when
they want to actually have Deadpool interacting with the other big Avengers
characters in Avengers 5 that’ll be pg-13 Deadpool and there just
be references to the timeline to give it a loose continuity between the Deadpool
solo films and the Deadpool MCU films that’s actually kind of the way that
Sony and Marvel are gonna handle spider-man jumping between the venom
movies and the MCU movies without necessarily having to canonize
everything in terms of actual release date just look at the Marvel phase 4
schedule right now the timing looks like they’ll drop Deadpool 3 after their
Fantastic Four reboot which right now early prediction based on the way Kevin
Feige is talking about it might drop in 2023 at some point but just don’t be
surprised if you see Deadpool popping up doing Deadpool things in other people’s
movies before he actually gets Deadpool 3 so everybody post all your Deadpool 3
theories in the comments below where do you think the Deadpool is gonna show up
first inside the MCU we got a whole bunch of
new stuff coming up I’ll name a new giveaway winner the next time I post a
Marvel video everybody click here for the brand new Rick and Morty’s season 4
trailer and click here for my video on the Joker movie ending scene thank you
so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight

100 thoughts on “Deadpool 3 Teaser Trailer Marvel Robot Chicken and Green Lantern Easter Eggs Breakdown

  1. Here's my Deadpool 3 Robot Chicken Trailer, a whole lot of Deadpool Green Lantern jokes. And an update on Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 movie at Marvel Studios! I'll do more DP videos when we get more details. New Rick and Morty coming soon too

  2. I can see him in a few post-credits scenes and maybe a random photobomb/background cameo before any kind of real integration or presence down the road.

  3. In Deadpool 3, Wade gets depressed and asks Spider-Man to impersonate him in public and fight some crimes in the guise of Deadpool. Wade criticizes Spidey's quips as too family friendly, "You can fuckin' decapitate a guy with your webbing, but can't throw in an F-Bomb here and there?!"

  4. A slow and subtle entry, spread out over several movies would be best I'd say.
    Could start with a scene where in the background you can see a man in red talking to the air, facing away from the screen. Then in in the next film, have another scene with a man in red, frantically looking for someone. At the end of the scene, the man in red turns and looks at the screen/audience. Revealing the man in red to be Deadpool.
    This would portray that Deadpool finally learned how to hop audiences/universes.
    Then in some other film, that I'm sure would have already introduced or hinted other characters joining the MCU. Could also introduce Deadpool, with him introducing himself, in an after credits scene.

  5. You know what i think its about time to bring in deadpool in to these movies i mean in the comics deadpool is everywhere y not in the movies

  6. Maybe they just reveal what Deadpool's true power could be. That he at any moment can separate his being from that reality and into another. Thus him, in a way, he is immortal, and able to cross audiences.
    That said, I honestly don't ever expect an explanation of how Deadpool does what he does.

  7. How funny would it be if his first official appearance in canon MCU is a post-credit scene where he appears through, like, a mickey mouse shaped portal, he talks about being at, for example, the 21st Century FOX statue (with the spotlights and all that) when he suddenly fell through a portal, taking him there, before he ultimately notices an MCU character and goes "What the fu-" before it continues playing the credits, like the spider-man movies

  8. Nice! It's been a long time. And.. you've improved. You stayed on point through to the end instead of deviating into other franchises. Good for you!

  9. If Deadpool doesn’t have a cameo scene with Taskmaster in the Black Widow film I will send a e-mail to Disney every day until the day Taskmaster and Deadpool share a scene simply asking them “WTF?” and if Taskmaster dies in that movie I am going to send drunk e-mails while questioning my life choices.

  10. black widow – it is before civil war, soooo maybe? but let's give black widow her first solo film

    eternals and shang-chi – deadpool might steal their spotlight…

    doctor strange – it is a horror genre, so it might be hard inserting deadpool there…(then again, it might show a universe of "fox" / deadpool – in line with the whole "multiverse"

    So I think deadpool could show up in the thor movie, since thor is the "light-tess" movie in phase 4 line up…. maybe after doing some cosmic adventure with the guardians, thor returns to earth and bumps into deadpool…. lol

  11. Better movie? Spider man call on Falcon and Winter Soldier and Deadpool,who has been a PITA to Falcon and WS , shows up and actually helps!

  12. I hope deadpool 3 will take place during Infinity War and Endgame. Like as if deadpool had his own story entwined in those stories so we could see him interact with as many other characters as possible. He would get his own plot of couse, it would just take place during that time. And we should get a bonus where he gets dusted and spend 5 years as sentient dust.

  13. I think it would be amazing to have Spider-Man and Deadpool having to team up but Spider-Man always trying to stop him from killing folks, the wisecracking between both of them need to be on point.

  14. Also I liked Green Lantern, no it wasn’t perfect but it was better than iron man 3, Thor ragnorok and captain marvel

  15. Opening scene in next Spiderman movie: Spiderman talking to news reporter of recent heroics, Deadpool in the background waving like an idiot, Colossus walks up behind Deadpool and whacks the back of his head.

  16. Spider-man 3 – Home Run
    While Spidey is a globally-known murderer, Vulture and Deadpool side with him, since Vulture owes Spidey his life, and Deadpool wants to teach Spidey about the ways of known murder, hoping to get a sidekick or something, constantly mentioning their visual similarities. At the end, Spidey and D.P. part ways as they have opposite views on murder.

  17. I feel like Tom Holland, not Peter Parker or Spiderman, is Marvel's out for a PG-13 Deadpool. Any time they want DP on screen with too much violence or language, have Spiderman appear. Have DP acknowledge him with something like "Oh you are just too pure. I can't risk losing you again. For now, I'll keep it PG….(kills someone)….13." It references both "the snap" and the Marvel/Sony "divorce," events that Deadpool only knows about via breaking the fourth wall (confusing everyone on-screen), and it gives us an excuse to have more Deadpool/Spidey moments, which vaguely references their connections in the comics. I can see scenes where Deadpool goes to yell "Mother fucker!" but as the shot pans over showing Spiderman, you get "Mother-….fighter? Geez, PG just feels weird."

  18. I think he should first pop up in The Multiverse Of Madness & make a reference to Disney taking their time to do Deadpool 3. After that he should show up in every Marvel movie till Deadpool 3. Maybe say something like “Come on Disney. Times wasting. Or just show him in the background tapping his watch. Deadpool cameos could replace Stan Lee cameos.

  19. Deadpool should start doing what Stan Lee did and make a bunch of cameos. Obviously he can never replace Stan, but still it'd be cool to see him appear in other movies, like in guardians of the galaxy just see him floating in space 😂😂.

  20. I just want to see mr sinister kick some ass and wreak havoc and maybe he will finally… maybe we will see omega red as well as gambit at some point…

  21. Deadpool's gotta pop out in the next Spider-Man movie. It'll be hilarious to see how they interact with each other. Sort of like a teaser of what's to come later on when they meet.

  22. Dead pool will likely be in the other movies probably insult or make jokes about the main characters of each movie at there darkest times for example when a characters wife is killed by the villain. Or when the main character losses a battle. You can see this right.

  23. I think Deadpool might show up in the next X-men show or movie next, but I wouldn't be surprised if they throw him around the whole arena and used for one liners in everything…

  24. Deadpool: I break the 4th Wall in Every Movie, From Comicbooks to video games ! To announcing the Credits !

    Mr.Robot: Season 2 Finale Season 4 Episode 1 Hold my Laptop

    Spiderman needs to get into that Black Symbiote Costume , than passing back to Venom accidentally
    so that way Venom possesses all of Spiderman's traits, creating the white symbiote spider logo circulating around his rib cage just like I have on my t-shirt! And that will be the Iconic Venom we all know.
    Hugh Jackman states he's "Retired" for Good as Wolverine, but he keeps teasing us with popping up with Deadpool
    every now and then. He needs to make a Big Comeback! One Last time !
    Wolverine and Deadpool Make it Happen !
    Deadpool and Spiderman, DEFINITELY MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    The Biggest Fucking Awesome thing that will make the MCU one step beyond. Involving "The Spider-verse"
    besides "Spider-Gwen" ?! The Fuck is she doing here ? They really planning to go shoehorn this Shit with turning Spiderman's deceased ex into a Fucking Superhero. Anyways
    Bringing all the Original Cast including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield would be Fucking SICK!
    This needs to HAPPEN!
    But I think that there is hope with Venom and JK Simmons reprising his role as the Iconic Jameson !

  26. Oh my God….he was in Green Lantern. 😮 That makes so much sense….

    I know y'all like him, but I hate Taika Waititi's work. He is dumb and bad, and this makes way too much sense.

    Thank you for sharing this clip.

  27. I know it’s a long shot… but as a fan it would be cool to have a cameo of Deadpool and the Punisher as hired mercenaries try to bring in spriderman since he would be considered a “criminal” by society. It could like the restaurant scen in FFH where he makes quick work of them, funny wise cracks between each other in order to prepare him for the real hunter… kraven. It would be cool to see John Bernthal on the big screen as punisher and he could definitely do a pg version of him. And a short 5 minute scene with Deadpool and spidey would get so much hype and could lead to a bigger box office intake than FFH

  28. maRvel studios. To keep Sony happy, loan Deadpool and Shield characters to them in exchange for Spiderman and Spiderverse characters as needed.

  29. Spiderman briefly notices his old mask or costume is missing in the next movie he is in (Asks his Aunt or something). Deadpools next movie his mask gets ripped off and he has has spideys on.
    Cringe 4th wall break "haven't we done this before"

  30. He will probably first be referenced in the MCU with smart ass sticky note, IOU for something missing and no one will get it. When he hows up later he can say. I left a note!

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