D&D – Why you should play Plant – How to be Groot in Dungeons & Dragons – Rookzer0 Character Art

D&D – Why you should play Plant – How to be Groot in Dungeons & Dragons – Rookzer0 Character Art

Wood Woad, hangman tree Milodne
shambling mounds shrubbery Shreekers assassin vines man traps let’s talk
about plants there are numerous homebrew plant races for D and E 5 e as well as
Pathfinder beyond this there are a handful of accepted races inside the
Pathfinder universe and a plethora of inner world races that aren’t set up for
both player characters or NPC creation with the release of ultimate wilderness
for the Pathfinder role-playing game I figured it was about time to sit down
and talk about some of the specifically the Quran and the vine leashes the Quran
as well as many other plant-like creatures in the D&D and Pathfinder
universes are created by insane mages with way too much time in their hands
and zero foresight and what’s gonna happen with that shrubbery if you don’t
tend to it at least once a year Leisha on the other head are pretty much
just summoned by any drunk druid who gets only what they need by hugging a
tree mmm when going nutty enough mmm-hmm and we’ve seen that kind of
gross oversight before with races like the weirwoods or the wharf Forge both
constructs derived by magic from somewhat of a good reason but without
proper protocols for summoning said creatures into the world you might as
well just rename the spell Skynet and start stockpiling magical ammo there
have always been the super crunchy druids who want to empower the forest or
at least kill anyone who steps on the grass wrong but what takes this a step
further is that once you blur the lines between people and trees well I don’t
see the people doing so well think about tree beard from Lord of the Rings that’s
definitely not a tree that you want to be shaking but sure enough you start
burning down the forest and bring in dwarfs and axes around and let’s just
put it this way if orcs and fires and white wizards I can’t stop these tree
people then humanity’s not looking too good so let’s take a look and talk about
what makes these sexy flowers shield are so powerful and inviting to play is a
playable race a lot of the home brews as well as the graham the corm göran göran
alright there we go what we’re looking at is just how naturally tough they are
like they don’t have squishy meat sacks to slow these guys down everything is
covered in hard by knee bark or fiber of some kind so regardless of what stat you
want to prioritize for your bill to your character these are living wooden bow
boys and girls and as such they should get a pretty nice buff to their defenses
I mean trees are tough there are a few other races that get natural armor and
resistances I like how variable they are and how
they can be and so this is a good way to look at if you want to build in D&D to
start with the war forged and just basically swap out anything that says
metal or hardness to plant ‘no sand cellulose and depending on what you’re
looking at you can pick your different plant types you can have charismatic
flowers dexterous vines strength trees whatever you really want to choose from
it’s pretty much just pick a stand as long as it’s not intelligence you’ll be
good cuz let’s be fair you can have a wise old tree but they’re not the
brightest log in the pile fireplace that got really dark where was I going with
that regardless we all know the only reason you’re watching this video is
because you really want to Groot it up and go ahead I was gonna tell you about
the sweet druid spells you can get your hands on literally because you have
druid spell hands but there are fun things like swamp walking and eating
spells but go ahead and look up the leaf shifter archetype or the homebrew your
bear totem into an avocado with toothpicks or a Christmas tree or
something and start vine slapping your way across the galaxy there’s a guardian
of trees whole galaxy of trees volume two in all actuality there are a lot of
builds out there to build Groot or a group like character with a simple
google search you can probably find a dozen of them the basic root kit gives
you a lot of versatility when it comes to be shape so from there you could just
limit yourself to plants and then I’m just kind of constrain yourself with
whatever else druid magic you want to just be a plant the entire time there
are a lot of fun things you can do in that regard
like turning yourself into a vine grown seedling and taking control of a corpse
of your fallen enemies or your fallen companions just saying I mean it’s not
like they’re using it anymore right there are a lot of fun things you can do
with plants did I mention that you can feed your party with good berries you
grow yourself on your Tumtum or your rump depending on how much you like the
Paladin how about deez nutz no seriously they heal you and keep you from starving
in the wilderness eat them some of the interesting things the gore and have in
the Pathfinder books are seeds which basically as a full round action you can
lay a seed and then respawn with that and it’s kind of a cool little
phylactery type respawn mechanism if you have a whole group of gowron’s then that
could be a really cool mechanic just to play it based the the character on you
know defending the wilderness of waves and waves of guys with having the
ability to try again or try on the next wave did you have some downsides which
would be like light dependency where they start taking damage if they don’t
spend active time every day in the sunlight and just like many other
mindless things they get a handful of immunity to mind-altering effects
paralysis poison polymorph sleep stunning effects just like that because
they are plants and I think that is a really cool addition for that carrot it
can also be really powerful especially for a team who’s not ready for it I
think if you’re willing to take those good and bad sides of that I mean you’re
a plant probably catch fire pretty easily think about that there’s a lot of
really cool freedom you have for making a character based on any of these plans
like a dark tree or an assassin vine give them somewhat of an intelligence
and see where you can take it it’s really easy to get distracted by all –
smash this and fireball that but there’s a lot of really cool nature based spells
and abilities that get overlooked quite often natural armor bonuses and
resistances from bark skin are amazing especially for low-level parties and if
anyone gives you a lip for being a crunchy tree druid just to see how well
they deal with spike growths and hallucinate arraign death walls of thorn
mazes and so on and so forth I mean just get out there get thorny find yourself a
raccoon buddy start barking up those trees raccoon
buddy that might have to be another video just wanted to thank everybody
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remember to keep your dice on the table everybody and we’ll see you next time you

19 thoughts on “D&D – Why you should play Plant – How to be Groot in Dungeons & Dragons – Rookzer0 Character Art

  1. The plant race I asked of you was actually something I made myself! Lotus is a Necro-Botanists masterpiece. After making questionable potions, and growing the right plants, they assembled a humanoid plant, and brought it to life! I'm not sure if you care, but I would so I figured I'd tell.

  2. Ain't played a plant before unfortunately. Don't the Ghorans also have a thing where they take a penalty to CMD vs. being swallowed because they were originally engineered as a food source, and as such taste really good?

  3. Hell yeah ! Love it. I have a homebrew of my own called " Fon " but I went with " a chwinga gets stucs in a plant of some sort then goes into hibernation for a long times and it grows into a small humanoid (about Dwarf size) that has features of the plant they went into " Tho I havent written much on them I had plans on MANY different kinds like "blooming fon" that can kinda choose colors of the flowers which I got inspired from dragonborn and the pollen would have different effects like charm/poison ect , Vine fon that have racial ability to leap a certian distiance per lvl , Evergreen that have resistiance to cold and stuff like that there would be bigger ones of like maybe eaven goliath size if the went into a tree…

  4. Wow, this plant is alive! Ha ha. Okay, bad joke. You inspired me. How long did it take you to draw like this?

    I'm sorry… My bad English.

  5. Great Video! I'm glad to see this one come out. I've played a few really fun Gathlain (a PF plant race) and had a lot of fun with them. Keep up the good work.

  6. When you said Groot, I was thinking the Guardians of the Galaxy but always happy to be educated about a Dungeons and Dragons version
    Artwork and commentary looks fanastic mate, top job

  7. You have a great talent, I wish I had talent on your level at anything, lol! I hope to see you getting a job doing this stuff for a living!

  8. How do you not have WAY more subscribers yet because you deserve it! I just found your stuff today and I can't stop watching. You're amazing!

  9. Love your videos! I'd just like to point out that a living tree would contain quite a bit of water and so wouldn't burn as easily as say, wood seasoned to be burnt lol

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