DaBaby: Suge (Live) – SNL

DaBaby: Suge (Live) – SNL

100 thoughts on “DaBaby: Suge (Live) – SNL

  1. Yea this song definitely wining the Gramny this year, it's way deep in the mainstream right now and Da Baby is one of the biggest new talents out

  2. this had jabawakees and a lady clapping her ass in a suspended handstand its still one of the worst things ive seen. id rather listen to dababy then watch him do anything, hes not much of a performer. but of course thats my opinion, what do i know?

  3. ‪Can You Please Drop A Comment For Ya Boy On This Video 🙏🏿🤞🏾 ‬


  4. SMH, if you think this is any kind of music you really need to expand your horizons. This is straight up doggy doo. The music is not even music, it's just three annoying sounds on an infinite loop. And he never actually sings anything. The twirking girl needs to stop. This is not a talent, this is what college girls do when they have had too much to drink. She looks like she is 5 min away from needing somebody to hold her hair.

  5. Am I the only one who is absolutely astonished at how bad this was? I'm not trying to hate on this guy at all. Hes handsome, he seems like he was having fun, and he looked really happy to be there…but wtf was that? This is music? I just dont understand how some of these people make actual legit money and fame based on this garbage music they put out. I could create a semi cool beat using fruity loops at home and I could literally rap about cereal and make sure words rhyme and I could get a record deal and become a millionaire.. I mean that's exactly what most of todays artist are doing isnt it? I just…I have no more words. Smh..

  6. This young man done made it🤩🥳 he’s 1 of a few recent rappers I like. But the performances of this night is exactly why he will last in this industry!

  7. DaBaby is a star. He’s also a brilliant artist. He brought his visual style from his videos and translated them into a live SNL performance. He even understood the gravity of this opportunity and did a radio version of the song changing words instead of having them drop out the audio on the original. Which made for a way more enjoyable experience. Killed that!

  8. Imagine getting paid millions to spit random words that probably aren’t even your own….It doesn’t even sound like music

  9. He reminds me of a new skool Busta Rhymes!! He makes HipHop Fun and Entertaining!! I fux with Youngin Heavy!!!

  10. So I listened to both this and Spotify through my phone to see what everyone was talking about with the trash audio.

    I’m guessing (based on the Spotify version) that if I were to play it in my car, the doors would rattle. If I were to do the same with the SNL version, it probably would be less so.

    I get that a lot of new school is 808-heavy and if people wanna shit-out their speakers, go off…but it seems that most traditional sound engineers aren’t about it…most people doing it for SNL are used to just mic-ing up bands…they don’t think to add shit to enhance hip hop. I’m sure part of it is the mentality that “I shouldn’t have to fix your orchestration and songwriting; I’m giving you just what’s in the room”. Shitty sound? I don’t know about that…stylistic ignorance? Yup.

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  12. I like that Dababy got a sense of humor plus instead of walking around with a mic on stage gave you a video on stage . Dope presentation

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