an multi-site international artist-share incorporating a series of contemporary video and new media art screenings and artist-orientated workshops

Wave after wave the ocean reveals itself through both flow and time. Describing video we often turn to terms which reflect the forms and motions that occur within water; depth, purity, distortion, modulation, tearing, streaming, and snow. Similarly the collection and screening of video art and digital media is measured, streamed, blocked, and pooled. In this series 6 curators in 5 different locations select from a shared artist pool revealing the varying ways in which the moving digital image permeates our daily experience in a diverse series of screenings.

WADE IN bridges physical geographies with the flow of the digital image. Participating curators included Eva Isleifsdottir (Reykjavik), Chris Clarke (Cork), Michelle Jacques (Victoria), Zach Pearl (Toronto), and Mary MacDonald/Jason Penney (St. John’s). The WADE IN artist-share screening series was accompanied by 6 professional development workshops in November 2014 at Eastern Edge Gallery for emerging artists or those looking to connect with national and international opportunities, improving their entrepreneurial and business marketing skills in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Wade In
Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s NL
Wade In Publication PDF

Artists works:
Benjy Kean Orbits 1 Through 4 (JM) 4:50
Peter Wilkins Clarke’s Beach (JM) 2:39
Graham Kennedy On Examining Overlapping Truths 1920 (JM) 4:35
Kristin Thornhill Glitch (JM) 1:23
Adrienne Crossman Heartbreak (ZP) 1:00
Josh Studham Wrecking Miley (ZP) 2:09
Tresa O’Brien Mosquito Bites (CC) 11:28
Mark Adams In the Artist Studio with GL Mackey (JM) 7:49
Wednesday Lupypciw Weave Chat ‘75  (MJ) 3:59
Marisa Hoicka Still Life (ZP) 5:55
Jordan Bennett Basket Ladies (JM) 5:26
Chris Bose Jesus Coyte TeeVee (MJ) 10:35
Mark Adams The World of Television (JM) 3:34
Alan Butler The Conversation (CC) 11:17
Paul Wong Disoriental (MJ) 4:00
Peter Rahul Modem Mantra (ZP) 4:55
Megan Dickie Collision Course (MJ) 6:56
Hannah Epstein Piss Paint (JM) 0:56
Hannah Epstein The Immoral Ms. Conduct (JM) 10:00
Brianna Lowe Pre Teen Dreams (ZP) 15:00
Peter Wilkins Whale (JM) 2:39
Marlene Creates & Elizabeth Zetlin River of Rain (JM) 6:43
Jenny Brady Wow and Flutter (CC) 13:03
Bridget O’Gorma Sometimes the House of the Future is Better Built (CC) 6:45
Farheen HaQ Adrift (MJ) 4:08
Matthew Hollett Do you see? (JM) 0:27
Monika Fryčová  Shark (EI) 5:30
Michelle Hannah SONNE (EI) 8:08
Max Le Cain Monologue (CC) 2:25
Bryan Crotty Wham (CC) 17:50
Katrín Inga J. H. H Columbus (EI) 2:47
Joe Fowler & Kathy Oke George (JM) 4:15
Logi Bjarnason Protein 5:02
Una Margrét Árnadóttir I Hate Goodbyes (EI) 2:07
William Andrew Finlay Stewart Memorial (ZP) 12:00
Petter Solberg TIMER (EI) 6:07
Conor McGarrigle Breaking Bad – The Bittorrent Edition  (CC) 5:30
Allison Harbluik This Is The Way They Make Us Bend (MJ) 3:23
Benjamin Edelberg Magnificent Obsessions (ZP) 4:25
Will Gill Firefly (JM) 1:08
Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir Alphabet (EI) 2:33
Kailey Bryan Rug Hooker (JM) 3:00
Stephanie Mann Still Life on a Face 4:14 (EI)
Calvin Laing Calvin and Carmel (EI) 8:37

Wade In Program:

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 13 –  Surface Tension –
a part of the Art Marathon Festival
Eastern Edge Gallery, 9pm

THURSDAY – OCTOBER 16 – Tell-a-Vision
Eastern Edge Gallery, 8pm
Tell-A-Vision PDF Program

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 8 – Lost in the Signals
Eastern Edge Gallery, 8pm
Lost in the Signals PDF Program

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 15 – Sound, Spells, and Song
Eastern Edge Gallery, 8pm
Sounds, Spells, and Song PDF Program

FRIDAY DECEMBER 5 – Theatre of the Absurd
Eastern Edge Gallery, 8pm

FRIDAY DECEMBER 5 – That Teenage Feeling
Videofag, 187 Augusta, Toronto, 8-10pm
FB event link

Lewis Glucksmann Gallery, Cork, Ireland, 6pm
in collaboration with the participants of Glucksman futures
(Dervla Baker, Clara Butler, Jenn Hastings, Sarah McAuliffe, Ken McDonagh, Emily O’Flynn, Sara Lee O’Shea, Anna Piergentili, Leah Reynolds, Meera Sankar, Kristina Thomas, Gillian Walsh with Chris Clarke and Tadhg Crowley)

Mjódd, 109 Reykjavík, Iceland
FB event here

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 18 –  Formalism Refreshed
The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, 7pm


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