{   }Placement presents 22 emerging artists who investigate, synthesize and locate shifting terrains of physical and intangible identity. Moving outside boundaries of traditional media, each artist invites us to join them on their travels through innovative techniques and critical thinking.

This exhibition features students from the Interdisciplinary Art Media & Design Graduate Program at OCAD U that combines visual and social research to create new connections about culture and communication.

 {   } Placement
14 October  – 17 October  2010
OCAD U Graduate Gallery, 205 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Artists | Rebecca Baird, Lisa Binnie, Susan Campbell, Pedro Castro, Fareena Chanda, Keith Cole, Philip Cote, Gloria Caballero, David Clarkson, Ben Eldenburg, Brian Hladin, Julian Higuerey Nunez, Rita Kamacho, Po Chun Lao, Nermin Moufti, Rachel Pulfer, Frank Tsonis, Christine Walker, Marian Wihak, Britt Wray,

Curators | Kim Armstrong, Katherine Dennis, Laura Dimarco, Javier Espino, Beverly Kelly, Christine Kim, Jaimie Isaac, Mary MacDonald, Josh Morden, Zach Pearl


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