The representation of Nature has been a primary subject of visual artists since the beginning of recorded history. From symbolic and spiritual representations evidenced by the world’s aboriginal cultures to colonial expansion and the building of nations, images of Nature serve as social, political, and spiritual mirrors to their complementing cultures.

Today, reflections of the natural world by contemporary artists represent layers of embodied experience, local knowledge, historical attachments, future desires, and imaginative possibilities. These perspectives or rather “views” are up to us to decipher, to consider, or to reject. How far are we willing to go to sustain a comfortable view of Nature – safe and sellable – or might we also include alternative views that cause us to pause, reflect, and consider the future of our oldest subject? This exhibition explores multiple Newfoundland and Labrador artists whose work presents a perspective of nature now.

Nature Present
Rotary Arts Centre, Corner Brook, NL
September 11-16 2015

Artists featured in Nature Present were:
Marlene Creates, Will Gill, Pam Hall, Matthew Hollett, Philippa Jones, Ingrid Mary Percy, Gerald Squires, and Peter Wilkins.

This exhibition was a part of The Future of Nature conference happening simultaneously on the west coast of NL. For more information please visit

Nature Present Essay

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