artbyinstruction2Following a long tradition of artists such as Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Lawrence Weiner, Yoko Ono and curatorial practices from the likes of Hans Ulrich Obrist, Art by Instruction encouraged students, faculty and staff at Grenfell Campus to submit instructions on how to make art to Eastern Edge Gallery, Newfoundland and Labrador’s artist-run centre.

These artworks were available for completion by EE members and gallery visitors from March 16 to April 6 in the Rogue Gallery. All levels of experience were welcome and multiple artists could complete the same set of instructions. In the final week artists brought back the completed art works to take a look at the results.

Art by Instruction
Eastern Edge Gallery, Rogue Gallery
March 16 – April 6 2013

Instructions by:

John Curtis Joe Fowler John Graham Jonathan Green Barb Hunt Charlotte Jones Shaylyn King Gerard Kelly Virginia Mitford Kathy Oke Ingrid Mary Percy

Instructions completed by:

Pepa Chan Lianne Campbell Graham Kennedy Mary MacDonald Zack Moores June Walker Wilson April White Trevor White

This project stems from multiple generations of artists who were interested in creating both visual and conceptual experiences of art. Embracing chance, these instructions may be script-like, a series of directives, loose or specific, simple or complex, how to create an object, an idea, or a simple action.

We at Eastern Edge are interested in connecting artists between the East and West coast of Newfoundland, the transmission of ideas across this distance and exchanging ideas. Eastern Edge also seeks to provide a meaningful experience to those who may be new to artist-run culture.


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