Creating Eyebrows in Blender 2.80

Creating Eyebrows in Blender 2.80

Hey there, my name is Nazar. In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how i make eyebrows in Blender 2.80. You can also check out my pack of 10 already premade eyebrows, done with the same technique. Available on blendermarket and artstation. My method takes a huge advantage of grease pencil, so in order to save some time I’m gonna start by opening 2d animation template. For this tutorial you’ll also need some sort of graphic tablet, because having the ability to control the thickness of the stroke with pressure is essential. In the scene we have a stroke object which is empty by default and set to draw mode. Let’s change it to object mode. Now you’re gonna need an eyebrow reference. i’m gonna go to the front view and drag the image into our scene. Let’s enable use alpha and increase the transperency of the image. Now let me break down the general direction of the hair growth that I’m gonna follow when drawing. Now let’s select the stoke object and go back to the draw mode. When drawing its extremely important to start at the root of the strand, so keep that in mind. In order to make it easier to see what I’m actually drawing I’m gonna change the color of the stroke to a more distinct one and also create a new window and in the object types visibility turn off the visibility of an empty. At this point I recommend to start with thinner hairs that are clearly visible, this will help you better understand the overall flow. I’m gradually building up the base, also keeping the same thickness of the strokes When the base is done it’s time to start filling in the shape of the eyebrows. Here is the simplification of the hair growth density that I’m gonna follow when drawing. As you can see the hair is the densest at the center. If your eyebrows have the same density they’ll start to look fake
At this point you can press harder and increase the radius of the stroke. I’m also zooming in and out to better see the overall shape. If you feel happy with the strokes the hard part is done, it’s time to convert them into geometry. Let’s go to edit mode. As you can see the number of points here is pretty high, which during the next steps can slow down your computer. To fix that let’s go to strokes, simplify and press fixed. Now come back to the object mode, go to object, convert to path and voila, Now your eyebrows are curves which means you can do basically anything with them Obviously the eyebrows now are flat, but we need them to grow out of something, right? For the next step i’m gonna make a new object, this object will serve as the plane from which the hair will grow. By extruding the vertex create a surface that will over all strands of the eyebrows. Oh and don’t be like me and name your objects. This one is the controller. Now let’s get back to the eyebrows. I’m gonna go to the edit mode and hide the normals so that we could better see the curves. Next, go to the right view and move the eyebrows a bit further from the
newly created surface. Then go to select and choose first, which will select all the root vertexes of the hair. Now we’re gonna snap them all to the controller. For this you need to enable Snap, choose face snapping and make sure to check project individual elements. Snap the vertexes by pressing G, without moving them. Keep the roots selected and by pressing Ctrl + select more vertexes. Press W and choose smooth. You might wanna do it a few times. Next, I’m gonna select the last vertexes, move them a bit closer to the controller and smooth them out as well. it’s also a good way to reveal some
lonely vertexes which need to be deleted the next logical step is to add
thickness to the curves. Go to bevel and set the depth to your liking. Now decrease the resolution to 1 or 2. the cool thing is that all the thickness
from when we were drawing has been saved also for further optimization I’m going
to decrease the surface resolution. Now let’s create a new material and change the viewport color to something darker to see what’s going on. What I usually do next is some cleanup. I’m manually correcting the curves to make them more natural, let some of the hairs stick out more, randomize them a little. I’m also looking for intersections and try to fix them. Also a really powerful tool is the ability to Individually scale the radius of the strands. Just enable proportional editing and choose projected from view. Here are the same eyebrows but with differently adjusted radiuses. Now that the shape is done we need to deform the eyebrows in order to fit the face of our character. Duplicate the controller. Change the name to Cage. go to edit mode, extrude the surface and move it so that the cage covered all of eyebrows. In the viewport settings choose display as wire. Next, let’s select the eyebrows and add a new mesh deform modifier. Under The object choose cage and press Bind. As you can see the cage now controls the curves, and you still have the ability to edit them however you want. Next, we need something Just select the cage and add a surface deform modifier choose the controller as target and press bind.To make things even more easier to control I’m going to quickly add an
empty and parent all the elements to it It’s time to finally apply the eyebrows to our character. Using empty, locate and scale the eyebrows to best fit your model Now select the controller and add a shrinkwrap modifier. Choose your
characters target The cool thing is that you can still move and edit the eyebrows in real time. Now I usually add a mirror modifier to the eyebrows to
check out how they look. But the shape still doesn’t fit the character
perfectly. In order to adjust it I’m going to duplicate the controller’s
shrink-wrap modifier and apply it as the shape key. Set the value of the shapekey to 1 and in either sculpt mode or edit mode fix the shape to your liking. Now what if you wanted to animate you character, how to make the eyebrows follow the expression? First, you need to add a mirror modifier to all the elements and make sure that it’s above other modifiers. now mute the controller shrinkwrap
modifier and the shape key. Because the number of vertexs has changed, you’re
gonna have to unbind some of the modifiers and bind them again Now you can unmute the controller’s
shrink-wrap on the shape key. Then select the controller, add a surface deform
modifier and choose the character as the target Now you сan give your character whatever expressions you want and the eyebrows will follow. And that’s it. My process of making eyebrows in Blender 2.80. I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you have any
questions or suggestions let me know in the comments

71 thoughts on “Creating Eyebrows in Blender 2.80

  1. Was waiting for this one. Thank you for making those awesome hair related videos, among other awesome things of course.

  2. This is brilliant and looks so good man. Great even for realistic characters! Can you show some tips how you are making that gorgeous eyelashes too?

  3. Дякую, Назаре, за гарний урок. Будьте ласкаві, продовжуйте! 😉 Натхнення!

  4. I really love this technique, and see much potential with using it.. Would there be any way to convert it to particle system so you can give it more depth ,shade it with the principled hair and/or interpolate as needed? It would be extremely useful to be able to convert grease pencil strokes to hair guides.

  5. Вау такие брови реалистичные, спасибо за урок! И у вас прекрасный английский

  6. Okay I couldn't finish it so far hmmm I have a few questions :
    – at 5:30 : "snap the vertices by pressing G without moving them", that part is a total mystery for me. Of course if I don't move them nothing happens…? The snapping doesn't seem to work at all; maybe I misunderstood what you've said or something. So as a workaround I made sure the "plane" and the lines are on the same plane, then I select all but the roots and move then away
    – at 8:25, the first binding : I'm stuck to that point. The binding doesn't work at all :/ In Edit mode I try to move the plane's points, the eyebrows lines doesn't follow. What did I miss ? I'm almost there !! 😮

  7. Nazar, at 6:25 my head blew. WHAT? Thickness info surviving after a conversion?! Deng! you read a lot or really know your way into the software. Amazing video!

  8. great job. I did not know your work, but now you have become a reference. If you create a course in character modeling, I will certainly buy it.

  9. Very nice technique! I do feel that the realistic style clashes with the cartoon style of the character but awesome share thanks!

  10. No cheap stuff like putting jpeg textures on it. That's the real thing! That high class thing! Didn't expect anything less from you.
    What an absolutely phantastic tutorial!

    There's just one tiny thing that's not completely amazing about your stuff: there isn't enough of it! 😉
    So, how about a tutorial on the way you texture your skin?

  11. So far we got a dislike vs 500 smells fishy….

    Nazar please give it a try on the blender add on Hair tool it’s way too powerfull to develop hair i guess it’s the next thing after hair net was leave behind on 2.79

  12. Hello, great technique, I'm stuck on the very last click, bind the crontroller with a surface modifier to the character, when i click bind nothing happen, I retry 2 time, the full process, searching a missing input, but did'nt find anything. there is no error message, just bind do nothing with the last surface modifier, an idea ?

  13. Forgot to mention that when extruding the cage 8:00 make sure that the normals are correct, otherwise the binding in the last step won’t happen. Cheers!

  14. Love it. Absolutely very helpful tutorial. Subscribed n liked & saved it to my playlist for watching it time & again. Lots of love and respect from West Bengal , India.

  15. Nice tips man, are you perhaps planning an eye-leashes as well 🙂 Also curious for those curly braids like hairs

  16. Funny how many girls make there eyebrows like the "fake" one @ 2:44 it looks hilarious man. really dont get it why they want such darker weird looking brows

  17. PS this really shows why your characters look so realistic sometimes. The amount of detail you put into them is mindblowing. Great tut man and sharing your knowledge with others!!!

  18. Hey I noticed you made your hair tutorial available for download on your Artstation. I was wondering if you have a gumroad instead for those of us who don't have Arstation accounts?

  19. Hi Nazar, is there any reason you don't use hair particles?
    Also, in GPencil mode it seems Alt + C brings up a menu where you can convert to paths directly, it's operator gpencil.convert().

  20. Please… please…. please…. do a tut on how to create realistic human head hairs in eevee in blender 2.8 (including shading). Please, I request. Loving your explaining style.

  21. Hello Nazar, i've found a strange bug, If I use a character with bones, the eyebrow follow perfectly my character in the viewport, I can add new shape key on the character everything work great, but when i push the button render, (cycle & Eevee) with a different pose than the default pose, the eyebrow disapear, of course, I've check rendering parameter for the eyebrow, and all works great in the viewport or if keep my default pose the eyebrow is perfectly render, but if i rotate my head bone just a little, the eyebrow don't follow my character ONLY in the render, in the viewport everything is fine.

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