Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound

Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound

Hi Kim here with and today I want
to share with you about Crayola Model Magic. Now I use this with a family on a huge Thanks
Giving a project that we did as a whole entire family and we had such a blast. Now this is
a 2 pound container so inside is 8 ounce little packages there is four of them and they come
in variety of different sizes. Now if you are in a classroom or if you are in a Sunday
school, an art room and you want smaller individually wrapped little packages they do have a 75
ounce box that comes with 1 ounce individually wrapped Model Magic. Now we use the white
for our projects that we did but this comes in a variety of colours including black, blue,
and yellow and even neon colours which makes it really, really fun. As you can see this
is super, super, super easy to manipulate. The one thing that you will notice right away
is it is very, very light weight, it’s like marshmallow fluffed nothing which makes it
really nice for things like jewellery or ornaments and very easy for small hands, arthritic hands
to manipulate. We had ages from 6 all the way up to 70 nobody had a problem manipulating
this Model Magic into the shapes and sizes and designs that they wanted. Now we also
did some fun things with some jars at that little Ochimp chimp here. It takes about 24
hours for this to dry to the touch, about 72 hours for it to dry completely. Now as
you can see we did some painting which you don’t have to do that like I said it comes
in a variety of colours. We also use the white just for little snow people, use some fun
things like buttons, beeves and little wires just to add a little funky fun to them. Now
if you have questions on the Crayola Model Magic or anything else, please feel free to
give our awesome team a call here. We know, buying office supplies or classroom supplies
may not be the highlight of your day but we certainly hope the talking to us is. We will
make it fast and easy and a little chimpy fun.

20 thoughts on “Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound

  1. Thanks for the concept of it. I have the exact amount for a cosplay I'm doing for bird skulls of Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon [2] and this helped me realize what I was getting. 

  2. I'm considering trying to use it to make home made Star Wars helmets.  I saw another costume maker use it to make the base head piece for a Twilek.  I'm considering making a Nien Nunb mask with it..  I will let you guys know how it turns out !!!

  3. All your creations are super cute! I'm not sure if maybe I missed it, but what type of paint did you use? Did you use varnish? then acrylic paint? I saw another video with someone talking about using washable markers but their paint job was super light.

  4. I want to make necklaces for mother's day! Would a 1oz packet be enough for one student or could two students use one packet?

  5. Hi, i am making horns for cosplay reasons out of model magic,
    And im having trouble with the drying process, It dries and cracks,
    I have no idea how to stop it from cracking while drying, Please help!

  6. I just tried it I made fairy houses not sure how they will dry but o really did like working with it

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