100 thoughts on “Costume College 2019 || The Annual Costumer’s Conference

  1. And with this, my friends, the weekly schedule is briefly coming to a pause as I recover from the last three months of marathon-sewing-filming-costume-college-prep and amass new video stock. Weekly things to return anon!

  2. Beautiful. I have been obsessed with Victorian wear & the Little Bo Peep look, all of my life. At 10 I sketched ladies in ankle length dresses. At 12 I sewed my first velvet skirt. I adopted this way of sewing and dressing into my regular life. Lace, ribbons, details, puffed sleeves, all of it is so exciting. Thank you for the beautiful camera work. I’m glad to see a passion of mine continues.

  3. I wear that same bathing costume when I swim!! Mine is in blue. Love it. Wash and wear. Sewed it a few years ago.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you had fun. But it is always good to get back to NYC. It is always culture shock to leave and return to good old NYC.

  5. I absolutely love the aesthetic that you portray! It is stunning and I can’t wait to watch more of your videos!! 💖💖💖💖

  6. OK, so have been away on holidays for a few weeks and just now catching up with all my YouTubers. OMG, I've got a big smile on my face and tears in my eyes, beautiful costumes and fabulous people everywhere.

  7. Oh, my gosh! This was so fascinating to watch. So much talent and imagination in one place! So beautiful. I'm going to have dreams about this tonight, I just know it. OH! MY! GOSH!!! Thank you.

  8. I'm commenting before I finish the video because I wanna say I love all three of the Sherlock inspired outfits. Watson, Moriarty, and Sherlock. All beautiful.

  9. Hi Bernadette,

    I recently found your Channel and I really enjoy your videos! You have such a heartwarming personality and so much passion and dedication for what your doing and I absolutely adore your way of speaking btw!

    But there is this one thing that haunts me since I dicovered that you have cute little guinea pig Cesario at home: They shouldn't life alone. I had 7 guinea pigs myself and they are HIGHLY social creatures and get sick mentally and physically when left alone for to long. Even if they are your companion and you love them to bits ( which I see you really do) and do everything right: They need others at least one to communicate with in there own ways to live a fullfilled life.
    I really don't want to give you any advice ( who am I to do so anyway?) or act like I really now your circumstances at all but maybe you will consider giving him a friend?

  10. I think there is serious money to be made by making a hotel conference center with some spaces that look like something other than generic hotel spaces. What a wonderful event. What a sad looking hotel.

  11. If you're looking for McVities' Digestives in NYC, there's a store called The Butcher Block in Sunnyside, Queens that sells them!

  12. So intriguing, I’ve always wanted to draw. My art teacher told me I did not have the gift. I shall practice and practice now. 😘

  13. This was quite enjoyable. I loved watching everyone’s gorgeous costumes. I imagine it was even more dazzling in person. Now to watch the other vlogs because this one is over. 😭❤️

  14. Sooo kind of silly question: are anime costumes okay for Costume College? I’m making an Edward Elric costume wholly unrelated to my desire to go to CoCo, but if I get it finished before I’m able to attend I’d like to bring the costume with me.

  15. Cathy should investigate Dick Taylor Chocolates! Dick Taylor is a chocolate-making company in my city that makes some very delicious, high quality, and reasonably priced chocolates. My favourite flavour is the pistachio one they occasionally have in stock.

  16. Woah, peep the Lore Olympus cosplayers at 9:04 😄 cute.
    Always great to see you having fun with friends, Bernadette! Love your work as always.

  17. sylvester sta•bone

    anyways. how can there be a video full of approx. 300 GLOWING people?! on multiple occasions i ended up choking back tears of empathetic joy seeing all of you loving your craft, each other and having he best time! thanks for sharing and thanks for being you, guys.

  18. OMG, I am that 0.3% of the audience. I recognized the Ace costume as soon as Constance picked up the bomber jacket. No explanation needed. Long live fashion and Doctor Who!

  19. Bernadette you and Cathy are injecting some much needed creativity in the atmosphere. I am so in love with your skirt, vest oops, waistcoat, and blouse, and Cathy is working that ensemble with the ascot??? Jabot???? You ladies look good.

  20. So joyful. I failed in my costume shop endeavor in mid-90s — but happened upon your channel this week and sooooo enjoyed all the young women taking costume as serious endeavor. The internet is wonderful for having connecting you all! I am only envious of your comraderies. But did notice — almost exclusive female attendance at Costume College?? Joy to you all.

  21. Oh lawd… I was overseas when you posted this and I am just now catching up with a few weeks worth of content. AND the idea of a 42 minute video from Bernadette Banner fills me with joy. And tea. I'm gonna need lots of tea.

  22. That empty lobby full of muggles is the same feeling I get at the end of every convention I attend.

    This was awesome to watch! Loved the stripes for Meme Mom!

    Of course Cathy was moriarty! And Gentleman Jack!! 🔥🥰😆

    Loved this! Thanks for posting darling! ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Your outfits were awesome. I loved the extra footage from the Sherlock and Watson and Moriarty balcony walkway. That was so cool 😎

  24. Огромное спасибо за это видео:)
    Бывали моменты при просмотре, когда хотелось крикнуть: Стой, покажи пожалуйста воооон ту девушку! А некоторые до одури удивляли в плохом смысле…

  25. Am I sorta part of the 0.3% because tho I didn’t get the 40s bit at first, when Constance started putting on the jacket I went “wait, is that Ace’s jacket?”

  26. Wow, so many things to comment on…
    Caramel digestives are the best biscuit!
    Marvel characters in Victorian (?) inspired dress!! Squee
    Lovely to see all those costumes, Lady Sherlock was amazing. 👏👏👏👏👏
    Fun to watch, thanks for sharing.

  27. I can't sew a straight line for my life, but seeing all these amazing costumes is making me wish I could (but trust me, my brain doesn't work like that)!!! This is like magic to this muggle.

  28. I am from Texas and I can get that chocolate bar in my little middle of nowhere City. To me it just proves New York City is overrated.

  29. So interesting! I love costumes but unfortunately other than a few doll items I have done only read the subject! This video was treat! Thank you!

  30. I love how you said you went to your room partially to collect yourself. As a fellow extreme introvert i feel this on a spiritual level. While it looks like a ton of fun i am getting second hand energy loss from just watching it. haha! My threshold for interaction is about 4 hours max and i need a quiet space. Not a lot of people that surround me understand this so just know if you are like me, find yourself a quiet place even if people constantly ask you if you are 'okay' when you return.

  31. Costume College is so unique in that it hundreds of introverts who hate being the center of attention, dressing in costume and mingling with each other

  32. I'm so happy I found your channel, and now I get to explore other amazing period-related channels too?? Ugh <3

  33. It's so nice to see people with all kinds of bodies and at every age enjoying historical dress! I'm only 22, but sometimes it feels like I've waited forever to get into it… IF I ever actually finish a project, of course.

  34. This video was like… half an hour of me squeaking incoherently.
    I NEED to go to a con like this.
    Any commenters out there know if there's something like this in Canada or the Northeast US…?

  35. I am of the 0.3% and I approve Constance's Ace costume so very very much. Seven's seasons were both the best and absolute worst for costuming on Doctor Who.

  36. So cool!! I’d love to go with my best friend someday but we’re both poor. I also love those overall things that Cathy was wearing. I want so bad!!
    (Also Not to sound rude or mean but why is Cathy’s voice raspy and whispery?)

  37. I want to be friends with Constance!! I love classic Doctor Who and I love the Suffragettes and I live in England!!! I loved this video as I had friends at Costume College and this has given me such a taste of what they experienced – it was also wonderful to see so many people whose YouTube channels I follow and the variety and quality of people's costumes!! Thank you so much for sharing so much of your weekend!

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  39. Interesting to see that the costumery community displayed here is primarily female. Makes me wonder, as in other female dominated careers like teaching, nursing. etc, if the professional participants are significantly underpaid than their male counterparts.

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