Colette Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

Colette Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

May I introduce to you my new wife… Colette. The wild days are done, eh? On the contrary, the wild days have just begun. You’ve married a literary entrepreneur. You’ve married a country girl without a penny to her name. We’re doomed, aren’t we? Willy is a brand. I take all the risk and there’s still no money! We need more output. You… You could write. My school stories? Yes! That could be Willy’s next novel. Are you writing for him, too? Yes. He’s made you one of his ghosts already. My name is Claudine. I live in Montagny. I shall probably not die there. It’s beautiful. We’ve never had one fly off the shelves like this before. And do you know who’s buying it? Young women. Really? Claudine! Willy… Your book will change the world! Claudine! Subtle as ever. I have a little plan to turn Claudine into the most popular girl in the entire world. I believe Willy based “Claudine” on your school days. Yes, I think I had a little something to contribute. Finally we have a success and then you imply that I’m not the true author of it. People love to talk. I understand the mentality here. You don’t. I understand it well enough to write a book that’s the toast of Paris. You’ve done something important. All those young girls… You’ve given them a voice. You should own up to it. He was after you. Your jealousy is misplaced. How so? It was the wife I found interesting. We’re holding dynamite here. It could blow our bloody heads off. Since when have you considered scandal to be a bad thing? Oh, how interesting. Your loveline splits into three. I must get used to marriage. Better to make marriage get used to you. People are begging for more. I don’t want to write another “Claudine”. Are you out of your mind? Write! Willy, you bastard! No one can take away who you are. Destroy these. Incinerate them. You found me when I knew nothing. You molded me to your own desires. And you thought that I could never break free. But you’re wrong. The hand that holds the pen writes history.

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  1. This reminds me of the film Big Eyes – looks like it might be a similar concept? Anyway, I think I’d like to watch this 😊

  2. now i want to read a book, sadly I'cant find it in my language, (I'm lithuanian), so I think I will do it in english, but maybe someone could tell me, if it is really worth reading?

  3. I just saw the movie. Being a lesbian woman myself I can easily say how happy I am to know that there have been women ,also in the early times, who have loved women and have had the courage to show it. Colette was actually for me a woman who wanted not to live anymore under her husband's name and shadow…and she made it! Keira was a miracle, perfectly suited for the role!

  4. Love Keira and love the movie. Finally is not all about etherosexual love story in movies. I’d love to see more of this.

  5. Keira Knightley + Period drama = perfection ❤️. Keira is one of the finest actresses. I can’t wait to watch this ❤️

  6. Completely (and probably unjustly) prejudiced and contrary to popular opinion, but I can't stand Keira… but this film looks so incredibly interesting and well made, that I'll probably watch it anyway

  7. Also, this looks like a very good movie, can't wait to go see it! I love the theme, I love movies settled in that period and Keira knightleylooks gorgeous in this

  8. When you know who God is, you'll know who you trugly are and won't have to seek to prove anything or have Hollywood play with your emotions. Secure ppl are busy helping others as sacrificial love does that, not self serving love which is all ego/Satan. Money and fame are not excuses to not help others, poor ppl understand this most and are very giving ppl. Jesus taught this and He alone is truth. Truth is strong all on its own. Love and truth are one

  9. wow this movies is so amazing, the cinematography is really fantastic and i can't get enough of it, i got to watch it again, thank you for this movie, oh wait….I commented on a wrong video 🙁

  10. Watching this now… Just can't take it seriously… Tired of these English speaking foreign based films… So 90s…Schindlers List was a one off… No authenticity…. Keira step your game up b….

  11. Keira deserves an Oscar for this movie. I reccomend it to anyone. Its really interesting and the story is soo powerful. I adore Kiera but i was shocked from the acting in this movie. It's a true masterpiece.

  12. An exquisite example of the empowerment of women beautifully translated by Keira Knightley. The first time I saw Keira Knightley act I was mesmerised by her capacity to translate her character's emotions to perfection. In this role she has excelled herself yet again, showing several different sides and evolvements of her character. The audience is swept off their feet and sucked into the life and head of Claudine/Colette. Although the story leaves room for interpretation depending on your own character, whether you see it as a reflection of a marriage in that period or the development of an emancipated and independent woman, you will not be disappointed. Keira shows the audience the character's view and emotions of being manipulated and exploited by her husband and and you can see the conflict of her loyalty to her husband with the drive to be an independent woman. Dominic West rose up to the bate and played the manipulative husband with addictive habits with ease especially on his use of language and the humor applied to the role. The humor in the film is truly British and you need to be British to understand this kind of humor. It was excellent.

  13. I adore Colette but Keira is a crappy actress. And looks nothing like the real Colette. Back in the day Helena Bonham Carter would have been good. And Willi was VERY fat and VERY ugly.

  14. As a French person who has read some books of hers, I was a bit disappointed to see the movie wasn't French. However it seems to follow the original story and I'm sure I'll like it (the cast is amazing too) ! Good job, I'm looking forward to seeing it 👍😊

  15. this might seem silly and a small detail, but every time I see a period piece with womens armpits displayed perfectly waxed, I hate it, because it was used but not that common.
    Every single person in this film that happens to show their armpits, has HAIR.
    and I love it.

  16. Colette seduced her 16 year old stepson.Personally I don't think it's such a big deal, but would a man be celebrated in a movie in the same way if he'd seduced his 16 year old step daughter?

  17. i like keira [duchess ,atonement ,imitation games ]but she is the only thing here ,the production is average and direction is ho hum ,the rest of cast is mediocre ,colette was quite a creature but the movie is disappointing ,its half baked and left me yearning, really!

  18. Just come back from seeing it and oh my it’s just pure brilliance! I want to watch it again already and it’s only been an hour, and the next free moment I have I’m going to a book store to find Colette books! What a wonderful woman as well as the woman playing her! Keira so deserves an Oscar for this performance! ❤️

  19. UK BBC: Americans Ruined brilliant ENGLISH.
    It doesn't make a sense to invite American actors for British films, because Brits and well speaking English Europe will not watch such films, let alone American Mockery of English.
    BBC: That's why British cinemas emptied ( We are very concerned and disappointed! ). Nobody is going to listen to RUBBISH American accent and slang– wanna, gonna, which HAS NOTHING to DO with BRILLIANT ENGLISH.

  20. Why is this so similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, I mean the guy is absolutely Arthur morgan, and the girl writing then ovel is Mery beth look alike and the same era wow

  21. Impressive how many comments are from women portraying men as job thieves (although they can name a handful of cases at best), while a third of women today studies humanities and self-commiserates about women not getting paid enough. Go study science or take proper jobs.

  22. I read a lot by Colette, she is my favorite author and I am so happy there's a Hollywood movie about her. She was such an amazing and smart woman!!!💛🌻

  23. She is indeed very, what´s the word I am looking for. Her face is captivating. She should put on more weight though.

  24. every movie goer thought process watching this , is that hugh jackman ? oh , no its just the guy that looks like hugh jackman

  25. All movies what I saw in role with Keira was amazed especially from historical times 🙂 these role are made for her

  26. Ugh. Was a very interesting movie until I began to see that this was just another UNNATURAL push and shove down the throat illuminatti piece. Then I STOPPED WATCHING…. too bad……missed the ending. But I AM NOT A PUPPET FOR THE ILLUMINATTI. Keep your STUPID gender nonsense.

  27. I actually wanted to watch it right now, but after watching the trailer, I just won't. Another period piece with an interesting story that sadly wants to rewrite history by being all "woke". I skip that one.

  28. Keira Knightley is very skilled at playing unconventional women who were ahead of their time. She is a very good actress, portraying the free spirit of Colette brilliantly. Dominic Westbrook is brilliant too as her manipulative older husband and publisher Willy who breaks her heart. A fine film.

  29. I watched this movie the momment it got published , i gotta say, its a beautiful story based on how life, how relatipnships and work can make you realize who you actually are, its blowing my mind how good this is written , about women and their own desiers, its extraordinary.

  30. Nothing changes,
    Ruling elites.. persist in their monopolies.
    Anything new is beaten down,
    ‘till what remains is more of what was already known.

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