Chor Bazar

Chor Bazar

Will you give it to me
or shall l thrash you? Shall l shred you to pieces
or shall l tear you like an old rag? Give me alms and get
Mastkalander’s good wishes. Be quiet. Be quiet. Hey, beggar who buys a cure
for hunger in lieu of wishes… you wretched rascal, come
here and attend to this lord. lf you want to speak,
say it like this. Not one or two, oh God,
throw me just a quarter of a million. Oh God, if you want to give,
give me the uncountable. Give me chicken biryani
and shami-kebabs. Bravo, boss. Hunger drips form
every word of your couplet. My stomach is empty. – Boss, look there, who’s coming.
– Who is it? Give in Allah’s name.
Give in God’s name. One who picks up a penny lying
in a drain with his teeth. Miserly, greedy, inauspicious
rat of the worst kind. He hasn’t given me a single
Dinar as alms in 12 years. l wished him well
in old and new ways. Getting Dinars is a long shot.
He never even let me see one. But, today, l won’t let
him go beyond this line. l’ll hold him like a leech. Whether
red or black, l’ll suck his blood. Oh Lord. May, one who gives,
be hailed by all. lf l lie, blacken my face. l’ll give meat for a piece of bread
and a goat for a piece of meat. l’m squandering it.
Take it, l say take it. Oh, no. Why do l have to face this
inauspicious man in the morning? l don’t mind being called
inauspicious, my lord. This sage is in a good mood.
Take this charm, this amulet. Everywhere you’ll win. lf you use a sword, only the
handle would be left in hand. Keep this and your
treasure would vanish. lf you look at a pretty
beloved, she’ll become ugly. What rubbish. Are you
begging or cursing me? Sir, the image of the
dream at midnight… Words of an intoxicated sage… A shadow on water always
appears to be inverted. Tie this amulet at once
and then see, sire. lf the kite doesn’t snap, leaving
the string in your hand, curse me. Hey, why do you keep
thrusting yourself at me? You stink of sweat. Fraud, beggar, scum of the road. “Son of the scum of road.” We might
be the scum of the road for you. As far as this dust is concerned,
l’m the emperor of my destiny. An emperor wears one crown.
l wear two. The crown of the day is the sun,
and at night it’s the moon. Come my people. See, l have got the
fire out of the heart of the stone. l’ve lifted this bag
from that miser’s pocket. There’s no limit to your honesty.
You’ll go miles ahead of heaven. Name it and you’ll get it today. What do you have that you can give
to me. Take your share, all. l hunted for ducks
and killed the rat. Stones in place of Dinars.
What a deceitful scoundrel. Boss. Even death has it’s day.
l mean, thieves have been duped. Go return this purse to him. This is the voice of my conscience. l’m a thief,
but l’m not without honor. What does conscience
have to do with theft? – Lord. Lord.
– He’s a scoundrel. You dropped your purse.
l’ve brought it for you. When l pass through this
stolen-goods-market… l keep two of my eyes
ahead and two behind. My boy, never be deceived
by what things appear to be. l keep the fake stuff here
and the real here. See. Thief, scoundrel, rogue. This is the limit. Hey, don’t you
want to show your face to God. Aren’t you ashamed of
deceiving the innocent? l could see from your behavior,
that you aren’t what you appear. – lnsolent crook.
– Who are you abusing? Sir, l was wishing well
for your children. How come you are here? – Arrest him. – Got rid of the demon
and the devil appears. – What did you say? – l was going
to say that l’m a beggar. l know who you are. You beg
during the day and steal at night. – Where’s your boss?
– l’m my own boss. We have a job, that
only your boss can do. – What’s will we get?
– Reward, a huge reward. lt’s the limit of decency.
Come with me. – What is it?
– lnspector is coming with his men. l say let’s run. Why get scared,
when your king is here? Let him come to my court.
Rich, poor and the rest come here. Come sir. Here is our lord,
our saviour, l mean leader. Really? Arrest him.
Adorn him with the royal jewel. What are you doing, sir? You had
said it’s a big job, big reward. ls this your word? This is
the limit of decency. l’ll be back soon after the royal feast.
Keep up the good work. – Sir, tell me something.
– What is it? ls the bride fair complexioned or dark? – Bring him after me. – Why do you
push? Take me with respect. l may be a beggar but l’m
the king of my own time. – Take him away.
– Don’t push me. Leave him. Sir, here is the man you wanted,
one whom we can trust blindly. Beggar in the day and a king during
the night, known as Yusuf Master. – l’ve heard a lot about you.
– lt’s your kindness, sir. Else l’m worthless. l want to see the
magic of your art. l want you to do something
only you can do. lt’s a big job. Sir, if it’s a big job, then the
reward, too, should be big. The reward will be very big.
10,000 Dinars in copper. 10,000 Dinars in copper.
May God always keep you happy. For such a big reward l can
turn the sky upside down. – Come near. – Yes sir.
– Closer. Sir, it’s a very big job.
lf l could get some advance… Take these 5000 Dinars in copper. You’ll get this much more
after the job is finished. Sir, may your lady luck shine.
The job will surely be done. Slave of money, Yusuf.
What are you doing? Murder of an innocent child? Quiet little angel. lf anyone hears,
you and l will be in danger. – The job is done, my lord.
– Well done. lt was God’s wish, because
no one dies before his time. Death finds an excuse. Perhaps
the prince was to die this way. Right, your honor. Six months ago, the king of Sherkand,
my elder brother Arsalah, died. All of you appointed me Prince
Murad’s custodian and the Governor. At that time
only one thing bothered me. – And l…
– And you asked my assistance. You understood me
and gave me useful advice. That l should pull out and throw
away this small knot in my heart. And l offered my service.
The thorn is taken care off. Tomorrow morning, l’ll have tears
of regret and sadness in my eyes. And, l’ll declare the
infant prince, dead. And l will propose, that the untimely
death of the prince has forced me… to ascend the throne
of Sherkand to serve the country. What a splendid situation, my lord.
l offer you my congratulations. As a consequence, you will
be declared the prime minister. Thank you, your honor. But, what will happen
to the murderer of the prince? lt has been arranged. He will
also be with the prince by morning. Excellent. At this opportune time,
l wear the royal ring and feel… that l’m the emperor of Sherkand. – He’s pretty like a flower.
– A thousand flowers are born every day. But, not 10,000 coins. l feel like strangling his neck. What? Father, such an adorable
child and you want to kill him? No, father, no. A problem has befallen me.
l don’t know what to do. See, how he looks. His eyes,
his nose are all like our Jamila. You’re right, Shakila.
He looks just like our Jamila. lf l tell everyone he’s my son,
they’ll believe me. Prince, you’re no longer a prince.
Now, you are my son, Salim. l’ll call him Chimu.
Jamila and my brother, Chimu. – But this mark…
– What does this mark mean? lt’s the official
emblem of Sherkand. The prince of Sherkand will grow up
to be the prince of thieves. His eyes will be sharp as a hawk’s.
His arms will be strong as a lion’s. But if someone see this emblem,
both he and l will be in danger. Hide this emblem with Jamila’s bracelet. You’re very smart. – Now, no one will see it.
– Right, but this place isn’t safe. We should leave the city before dawn. Let’s start preparing for the journey.
Come on Jamila. Let the caravan travel The caravan of the
journey of life We travel in the evening,
travel in the morning We travel unaware of our destination We’ve traveled like this
all of our lives We couldn’t stop here or there Let the caravan travel The caravan of the
journey of life May you blossom, my little bud.
May the sorrows never touch you May life be a Spring joy to you.
May Autumn never come Let this caravan travel The caravan of
the journey of life May you be loved by the world.
May you reach your destination May your future be bright.
May you be protected by God Let this caravan travel,
the caravan of the journey of life The caravan of time traveled for
minutes, through months and days… to reach the destination of 18th year. Little Murad grew up to be a young
man under the shadow of Yusuf. And Yusuf came back with Murad
to Sherkand, once again. – Aadil.
– Yes, brother, Hatim. Look, Chimu. Yusuf’s son. l hope he swims a long way and
we can run away with his clothes. But friend,
is this the hour to bathe? Something is fishy. l think he
wants to enter the royal treasury. To swim thrice under the water
to reach the treasure… and then come back alive
won’t be easy. Then, we’ll see his corpse floating
on the water instead of him. Let’s see what happens. What’s this nuisance.
Be quiet you sons of a rotten egg. What’s come over you?
What ‘s your problem? Will you keep quiet or shall
l give you a whack with my hand? l said keep quiet. Guard. Why are the ducks making noise? lt’s nothing, sir. lt seems they’re
moaning an out of tune song. They’re not keeping quiet. Be careful.
A thief may have entered. ln this bag there is one less than
100, and in this one more than 100. Put one Dinar from this bag
into the other. So there’s no problem in
accounting. Understood? You dumb men. lf l die
who’ll take care of you all? Did you see?
His hands are empty like our fate. Forget going inside it. l feel he’ll
never reach the treasure room. lt’s not easy
to reach the treasure. But we can get his help. lf he makes us a partner,
we can empty the treasure easily. – May God give you a long life.
– Who are you? We’re one of your clan.
He’s a goat thief, Janab Qabi. And l ransack the houses.
My name is Hadim. Take off your shoes.
We’ll guard them until you return. Thank you for the mercy. You look like rogues but from
your speech you seem to be decent. Friends, when the time comes,
l’ll repay you with Dinars. Soldiers are coming. Run. Who are you? Follow them. Princess, today your beauty is at
its height. Your charm is amazing. The spring is blooming. The stars shine on you and
the moon has come down on earth. Liar. You’re flattering me.
l’m not beautiful like the moon. Seeing the princess of beauty
dress up, the moon is feeling shy. The light of the moon
doesn’t have a beauty like this. These golden hairs, cheeks
like flowers, intoxicating eyes… and this wonderful style.
The moon doesn’t have all this. You flatterer, from where did
you learn to praise me like this? – From the merchant of beauty.
– Who is this merchant? This mirror, my princess.
ln this mirror your beauty… seems like a golden flower
flowing in a sliver stream. This mirror is also
a flatterer like you. Tell me, what jewel should l
wear tomorrow for my engagement? – Diamond, my princess.
– Yes, l’ll choose a diamond. Because, its rays have the fire… which symbolizes my husband
to be in this age. There he is. Catch him. Who is that? You. Zubeida, l’ll meet you later. – Greetings.
– Greetings, sir. Even after getting so much,
l’m not satisfied. l feel like collecting more wealth. Wealth is the biggest
aim of my life. l don’t care whether l get it
by robbing, or honestly. Whatever the means, l must
get wealth. Take this. But father, when God has given
us so much, why do we need to rob? You know Jamila, this wealth
is not for us but for Chimu. So that we can get Prince Chimu
his crown back. For this we need an army. The army
needs a salary… and wealth is needed for the salary. May God help you
in this good work. – Father. – Yes?
– Soldiers are after me. Girls, start dancing. ln this fair of the world, l’m alone l wish someone would take me along These are the days of hope These are the nights of ecstasy May someone be romantic with me lf someone wants,
they can play with gestures l wish someone would take me along ln this fair of the world, l’m alone l wish someone would take me along ln this fair of the world, l’m alone l wish someone would take me along Please come quietly
into my world Else the world
might hear my heart beat The world has many problems.
l wish someone would take me along ln this fair of the world, l’m alone l wish someone would take me along Sir, did the thief come here? Are you blind? Where there is light
how can there be darkness? Can a thief come where
a young man like Kha Khan is? Maybe, sir. Maybe, your head. You stink
of the dungeon. Get out of here. You sing well and dance gracefully. – What’s your name?
– Musibat Jaan. – Your sister’s name?
– Afat Jaan. – Mother’s name?
– Qayamat Jaan. Great. The whole house is superb.
One is better than the other. Come, entice me with your beauty. Okay then, l’ll entice you… – What happened?
– l sprained my foot. Your delicate feet must be aching
standing for so long. Come, sit near me. No… no. – Now what happened?
– The second foot got sprained. You’re so delicate. l feel like
making you the apple of my eye. – Sir. – Again this useless man
has come. What do you want to say? The minister is calling you. May you be damned. l couldn’t even smell
before the flower blew away. The branch is in my hand
and the nightingale flew away. Before l could make the house
the storm has come. Forgive me.
My duty takes me away. But l’ll come tomorrow evening.
You get out. Goodbye. – Goodbye?
– Leave my ear. What happened? You did this dance
to entice the inspector? l was just fooling him,
so he wouldn’t catch you. But he got a bit too excited. lt makes sense. That’s why l was playing
the harp. The snake may be poisonous
but dances to the tune of the harp. Sir, did you see this orphanage,
l mean this poor house? l heard and saw so well
that l enjoyed myself. This isn’t a poor house.
This is a house of wealth. Of poor and decent people, sir. Of decent, wonderful,
charming, alluring people. What did you say? lt’s great, l don’t have any words
to praise. You’re very decent. l wish the thieves would come here
every day and… l’d search for them every day. What? l came to find the thief.
Now l’ll come here to find myself. So, are you lost? – Yes.
– Where? ln the sighs of the beloved,
in the eyes of the beauty… in the path of love,
in the shadow of attraction… in the affection of my beloved. Damn you, fool. From an inspector,
he’s become a poet. Love takes effect
on the heart slowly. The heart realizes
the heart beats slowly. Lucky is that woman,
whose beauty will entice you. The happiness of those flowers
can’t be expressed… if you come near them like a butterfly. Chimu. Yes son, now tell me, did you
succeed in climbing the fort wall? l climbed the wall and
reached inside the fort. But… You didn’t reach
the treasure room. Why not? First is the ducks
were making a noise… and the ventilator of the
treasure room had such iron bars… that it was impossible for me to enter. What was the space
between the iron bars? So narrow that, with difficulty,
only my head can go in. That is very narrow.
l don’t know what to do. There’s no army without the
treasure, no war without an army… and without a war,
it’s impossible to get your crown. – That’s right, father.
– But why are you so worried? Did you get hurt while jumping
from the fort wall? Let me see. Not on my body. Someone’s eyes
have caused my heart to flutter. Father, are we permitted
to marry our cousin sister? Cousin sister? Oh God,
did you see princess Gulnar? Don’t be a fool.
She’s the daughter of your enemy. What can l do, father?
l’m helpless. You left laughing
and came back sad. Youth has arrived
in a chariot of stars Youth has arrived
and the world has gone crazy With kohl in the eyes
and clouds in the hair Lost in merriment
like a drunk person… she stretches herself Youth has arrived
and the world has gone crazy Youth has arrived
in a chariot of stars The flowers kiss her veil Her eyes make the heart flutter When she speaks, a charm spreads When she speaks, a charm spreads
and a shehnai plays in the heart Youth has arrived
and the world has gone crazy Youth has arrived
in a chariot of stars Oh God. A scent is in the air. The beauty
is amazing, like morning light. She’s the apple of my eye,
and your maid. Maid? No, she’s the
queen of beauty. Delicate like a branch of flowers. A beauty carved from a marble stone. Please come in, Your Highness. My dear, the Prince is entranced. Greetings. May you have a long life, oh queen
of beauty and most charming. lt’s the way of the world. When a man
chooses his life partner… he gives her a precious gift to honor her. My country, Maracus,
also has the same tradition. l present the most stunning gift
in the world to the queen of beauty. A pearl as big as a pigeon’s egg.
The most priceless pearl. A pearl? This really
is the wish of my heart. By Gods grace, please accept it. For 1200 years this pearl has been
an esteemed possession of our family. lt’s our family tradition,
that this pearl be presented only… to the one who is chosen
by the prince to be his life partner. l’ll treasure this pearl
more than my life. l count on this, as there’s
one more tradition of our family. That is, the queen presents
this pearl to the one… who is dear to her father. That is the first son of the queen. The shyness has made your beauty
glow even more. You’re very beautiful, my queen. l’m sure you’ll value this
precious pearl like your beauty. By God’s grace. May l leave? Goodbye. Goodbye. Salma. Alija.
Soldier. Guard. – What happened?
– Someone stole the pearl. Pearl? lt’s not a small incident
of the pearl being stolen. You don’t know how valuable
the pearl is. lt’s the glory of our nation.
lt’s the icon of our reign. The one who has the pearl will be
called the real emperor of Maracus. Your negligence proves, you want a
thief to be the emperor of Maracus. No, Your Highness, that’s impossible. ln fact, it’s possible the thief
must have known it… and followed you from Maracus. By saying this you want to be
careless in finding the pearl. Else remember,
this matter between us… can be dragged to the battlefield. No, Your Highness.
Please don’t be so angry. Give me some time.
l swear on the princess… l promise to search for the pearl.
l’ll comb heaven and earth. l won’t be at peace until then. l’ll come on the
next new moon again. At that time l’ll come
with my army and the cannons. lf you’re still unsuccessful
in finding the pearl… l swear on God, l’ll destroy Sherkand. l’ll ravage your glory to dust and
make you a wanderer on the streets. Father, it’s no use being lenient now. Put your anger and wrath into action. lt’ll be done, my dear. To get back the pearl, l won’t
spare any torture or affliction. lf the pearl is not found,
before Prince Hyder can attack… l myself will raze Sherkand
to ashes with the fire of my anger. Go back to your palace. – Yusuf awaits to meet you.
– Let him in. So, you’re the head of the thieves? l was at one time.
But l quit a long time ago. Do you know why
you’ve been called here? There’s a rumor in the market… that a precious pearl has been
robbed from the royal palace. But my master, l swear on my life
that l’ve never seen that pearl… or any pearl of that type in my life. We aren’t blaming you. But it’s said, you need
a thief to catch a thief. lf you find that pearl, you’ll get
a reward of 5000 gold Dinars. And with the pearl,
if you bring the pearl thief… you’ll get another 5000 Dinars. 10 thousand Dinars.
Oh God, l swear on my youth… to get such a big reward,
l’ll even risk my life. Your life is in danger even now. lf you don’t find the pearl
before the next new moon… remember one thing, your head
will be the first to be hacked. My head, Your Highness? You can go now. Oh l’m dead.
My head is gone. My family, call all the thieves
and their aides to dig my grave. – Father?
– Yes? What are you saying?
What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see l’ve lost my head.
l’m dead. l’m finished, like the spring. – May your enemies die.
– My enemy doesn’t die. He’s born with the age of the devil. Oh my useless children.
My funeral is before you and… you’re all standing quietly. l was your father at one time.
At least cry over my dead body. What’s the matter? Please tell us.
Weren’t you called by the king? Not the king, death had called me.
That’s why l’ve not returned alive. – Father.
– Yes? You went to the royal palace.
Did you see Princess Gulnar? You’re thinking of Princess Gulnar.
Here death is behind my neck. – Death?
– Yes, death. A pearl is robbed from the royal
palace. The king has ordered… that if the pearl isn’t found
before the new moon… he’ll chop my head from this neck. – For God’s sake stop crying.
– Your head is at its place now. But for how long? Soon it’ll be cut from the branch
of life like a ripe melon. Shakila, get me some tea. Let me
become warm before l’m buried. – Father. – Yes?
– l’ve an idea to catch the thief. Very good. You suggest something.
My mind has stopped working. Listen. lnstead of us
looking for the thief… what if the thief himself
comes here looking for us? How is that possible? Great, my dear disciple. You’ve not thought of an idea.
You’ve changed my destiny. What a web. Not only the thief,
even his father will be trapped. Very good. Come on. Look brothers. This is not an egg
of the black hen, it’s a diamond. This diamond is related
to the Kohinoor diamond. His sister’s name is Noori
and this diamond’s name is Nulu. But how will we know
this is a real diamond? First buy it, weigh it
and take it to the jeweler. Hammer it. lf you don’t believe,
put it in the hot water and drink. You’ll be in heaven
when it reaches your stomach. You’ll get your youth back.
Even l’m something. l know what you are. Listen to me, friend. On Friday night
without waiting for anyone… this diamond will be auctioned. You had a deal with us. We told you about the pearl and
you took the pearl for yourself. You didn’t care for our relation
or our share. l didn’t take any pearl.
Go from here. No problem. But remember you won’t
be able to get away with this. – You’ll repent. You’ll need us
one day. – Yes. Run away. Only the one who has Dinars
in his pocket can own this diamond. The one whose heart beats,
can buy this on Friday night. Let me go. Leave. She bit my hand. – What’s your name?
– Chiku. – Where are you from?
– Chiku won’t tell. Won’t say. Tell me where’s the
pearl you robbed from the palace? Chiku didn’t rob any pearl. – No? Then what’s this?
– That’s Chiku’s. Give it to me. The pearl. This is that pearl. This is that pearl. The dear one,
the precious one, the rare one. What will you do with me? – As per the law your hands
will be cut. – Both the hands? Yes, both hands and my hands
will be full of money. Cook a feast. Put rose in the dough
saffron in place of turmeric. Spend the money.
Put a special scent in the drink. After all, even l’m something. – Father.
– Yes? l’ll present this pearl
to Princess Gulnar. Why will you?
l’ll present this to the king. 5000 Dinars are more beautiful
than the smile of a young woman. Father, we’ll also get 5000 dinars
for catching the thief. Leave. Leave Chiku. Leave. Leave Chiku. l say, send her to the prison. She
was going like a snake in the hole. What? – She can go through the iron bars…
– Even l’m thinking the same. She’s of great use.
We must pamper her. She might catch cold.
Bring a nice blanket and a sheet. What are you staring at?
Go and bring warm clothes for her. – Father.
– Yes? Look at these soft hands.
How sad if they’re cut off. May lightning strike me
if l even think of that. – l won’t be able to see that.
– But that reward? l’ll forgo 5000 Dinars for Chiku. Don’t you know,
God gives double in return. l’m feeling bad.
l tried to steal your diamond. That was a piece of glass.
lt was a trick to nab the thief. A trick? A piece of glass? What’s your name? Chimu. l like your name. Take, have tea. Drink. Now think that our hands
are on the loot. Chiku has come in our house
as God’s blessing. l feel this is not a woman
but the key to our dreams. lt’s your duty to make her work. lt’s not difficult. She’s a naive kid.
l can make her do anything. Which fool has raised you? You must never underestimate
a spark or an illness. Yes… Chiku slept really well
on a full stomach. – Jamila, give her new clothes.
– She’s a pain, not a girl. She gave many clothes, but wanted me
to take a bath. ls it necessary? l haven’t let a drop of water fall
on my body for the last six months… and l never will. So she took back
the clothes and l said go ahead. We’re fed up.
She’s nothing but trouble. We can’t handle her.
You take care of her. Okay, you go. – Come here, Chiku. Chimu and l want
to speak to you. – About the bath? Not the bath. About earning money.
Other things are important, too. This is a map of the place. Map of…? Of your fate and our destiny. This is the door that is locked
from the inside. And this is the ventilator, through
which you have to go inside. Oh. So you’re planning
to loot the treasure. Speak softly.
Even the air has ears. l’ll tell everyone. Go and tell. Go. lf you buy some things for me,
l won’t tell anyone. – What things? – Whatever l like
and you’ll pay for it. You rogue. She’ll make us die
where we won’t even get water. Don’t be afraid. You said
she’s like an innocent child. The desires of children aren’t many,
compared to the wishes of a woman. Take her to the market, buy her
some toys and make her understand. l swear on youth,
even l’m something. Enough Chiku. Don’t buy
anything else. l’m very tired. You’re tired? But Chiku isn’t. Tell me what things you’ll buy me
from this shop? Nothing. – See this. – Chiku doesn’t
want this. She wants shoes. She wants jewelry, clothes. See this. This very expensive
material. lt’s called Zardo. – Kardo?
– No, Zardo. lf Princess Gulnar should see this,
she would pay any price to have it. Damn Gulnar.
ls Chiku less than anyone? Chimu, l’ll buy this cloth. – What’s the price?
– 5 Dinars. 5 dinars. l don’t want it.
Who will buy such a costly thing? – Let’s go. – l won’t go.
– You’re coming or else… Buy me everything,
else l’ll pluck your ears out. Clothes, jewelry and lots of
things. Will you buy or not? Yes, but spare my ears. Chiku will take many things. Kohl for the eyes, bangles for the
hands, a necklace, hair oil… scent for the clothes, silver
pillows, pillow covers and… Are you buying gifts or your dowry?
Now l won’t buy anything else. Won’t buy? Then l’ll scream and
tell everyone that you plan to… Wait. Keep quiet, you pain.
l’ll buy everything for you. You’re back on track. We’ll patch up. Buy what you want.
l’ll get you a gift of my choice. Really?
Then Chiku will like your gift. Come, see this. This velvet dress,
this embroidered veil. What are you doing? l’ll show it to
you. You’ve made my shop a shed. This is not for you.
lt’s very expensive. Keep quiet. l’ll choose for myself.
You stand outside the shop. Please leave. Oh God, whose
face did l see in the morning. l said go outside. So that you can destroy my things?
Why are you ruining my business? For God’s sake stop it.
l’ve had enough. Please leave it. l’ve heard you’ve found the pearl. Sir, why did you take the trouble?
You should have sent a message. This slave would come himself
with the gift. l swear on youth, even l’m
something. Please come in. Sit. We sat down, sir. – Where’s that pearl?
– The pearl, sir? Come pearl, come.
Sir, here the pearl has come. My hand is magical. lf l touch
the mud it turns to gold. lf l place it on a camel,
it’ll disappear. l swear on my youth. What’s this nonsense? Not nonsense, sir. l just want a
receipt for it to claim my reward. Don’t you trust me? A thief doesn’t trust another thief.
And then big men are big men. l’ve done my duty. Take, sir. Okay. Now tell me where
is the thief who stole this pearl? The thief had applied oil on his body.
He slipped from our hands. Lie. How can any thief escape
from thieves like you? Sir, he wasn’t a thief. He was
a Satan, a nightmare from the sky. He was equal to 18 elephants.
His eyes were like fire… with breath like flames. But your slave risked his life and
fought with him the whole night. You fought so much and you didn’t
even get a scratch on your body. See, sir, the injury is internal. He’s poor, and during the fight
he lost some ribs. The spine was saved
with only a sprain. lt’s a convincing story
but only God knows if it’s true. Drink the soup of a pigeon,
you’ll be fine. Please tell me, sir, when should
l come to take the reward? Be thankful, your head is saved.
This is your greatest reward. What? Chimu, what did this fool say?
Did he betray us? Why are you scared?
We have the receipt. l’ll plead before the king
for our right. Now what will happen?
l swear on youth, l’m nothing. Chiku, you’re looking very nice.
Who will you entrance today? Entrance? l won’t leave my decency.
lf l hadn’t seen Princess Gulnar… l’d think you’re not from the
earth but a fairy from heaven. Damn Gulnar. Damn your eyes.
Chiku will kill you. lf you kill me,
where will you find Chimu? May Your Highness have a long life.
May your wealth abound. May God’s mercy always be on you. Even on you. The happiness on your
face, the shine in your eyes… your manner tell me that
you have returned successful. To get the precious pearl
l had to strive so much that… l didn’t care for the heat of the summer. l took eagles eyes
to look for it everywhere. At last you got the pearl. Where could it go? Your command
and your minister are the same. Could the pearl go anywhere? lf l
couldn’t get it, l’d slay everyone. That’s fine, but show me the pearl. Yes. Your Highness.
The pearl is in my pocket. l’ll present it before you.
May God give you unbounded wealth… defeat your enemies
and endow your friends. What’s this? The pearl isn’t here.
Curse the devil who cut my pocket. l’m doomed. l’m ashamed before you.
The pearl is not here. The pearl’s not there? You say
someone picked your pocket. You liar. Betrayer. lf the pearl
isn’t found you’ll lose your head. God is my witness that l didn’t lie.
l’m really embarrassed. l swear on you this is all because
of the negligence of my guards. You blind man. What mist was there
before your eyes? You were with me and someone robbed
the pearl. You couldn’t catch him. l’ll torture them for the truth.
Go. Get out. Stop this nonsense. Prince Hyder
is planning to attack Sherkand… and you’re still catching
thieves and thugs. No Your Highness. l think the
real thieves of the pearl… Yusuf and Chimu, with the fear
of arrest may try to run with it. My spies are all over the city. They will arrest them
and bring the pearl. Your Highness, Yusuf’s son Chimu
seeks to meet you. Yusuf’s son? There may be a secret behind
his visit. Let him come. May the glory of Your Highness
abound. May you have a long life. l want to know the reason
for your visit. l’ve come as a petitioner.
l seek justice from Your Highness. Our justice is fair and right. l’ll
consider your complaint. Tell me. As per your command, l acquired
the pearl and gave it to Abu Khan. But l haven’t received the reward. Have a look. The minister’s
signature is on this receipt. lt seems the entire beauty of the
world is in this young man. My eyes are shining
just looking at him. The one who took the pearl from you
will give you the reward. ls this your justice? Mind your tongue. You should know
that the pearl was stolen again. The pearl was stolen again?
Now the air has begun stealing, too? This is impossible, l’m sure. Yes! Repeat your complaint. – Nothing, Your Highness.
– You may go now. Remember one thing. The reward
is still there for the return of the pearl. ls this young man
that thief Yusuf’s son? Maybe he looks like his mother. l’ve come to your door
with a plea l’ve come to express
the pain of my heart l’ve come to your door My heart is disturbed,
please come for a moment Listen to me and say something
about yourself Where should l go
in this ruined condition? l’ve come to your door
with a plea l’ve come to express
the pain of my heart l’ve come to your door
with a plea You aren’t ignorant
of the pain in my heart My destiny will be made
if you consider A shadow of doom is over my love Even the flowers of hope
have faded l may die, taking your memory
with me l’ve come to your door
with a plea l’ve come to express
the pain of my heart l’ve come to your door Alija… bring that young man before me.
l want to ask him something. As you wish. Hey. The Princess has asked
you to meet her. – Me?
– Yes, you. Come with me. l’ve heard, you have a complaint
with my father and the minister. Not only a complaint,
l’m also upset with them. But, oh queen of beauty,
l have no complaint with you. lf my instincts are right,
you have the makings of a prince. What’s this? Your reward, which you deserve. Oh queen of beauty, to look at your
beauty and moon-like face… is a greater reward for me. But this ill-fated beauty has been
traded to the Prince of Maracus… who at his age has already
seen almost everything in life. Chimu… for the nation and royal honor,
we have to restrain our emotions. l can’t even choose who to love. This is injustice. Oh queen of beauty,
the emotion of love is not only… beautiful and delicate,
but also faces many storms. The emotion of love is beautiful. And when you praise it,
it seems even more beautiful. That pearl gifted by the arrogant
owner of immense wealth… and blind power is the symbol
of my engagement. Then you should be happy, the pearl
is lost. Why are you worried? l’m not worried for myself,
but for my subjects. lf the pearl isn’t found
before the new moon… Prince Hyder will break
his wrath on our nation. l swear on God and my sword
in which l have confidence… as long as there is even a drop
of blood in my body… l won’t let anything
happen to Sherkand. l and my aides will bury
that brute with his desire. l adore your courage.
You have the blood of a brave man. But there can be no contest… between a blade of grass and a storm,
between a glass and a mountain. Father is helpless, powerless. He knows Sherkand’s small army is
no match for Prince Hyder’s power. Then we must return
the pearl to him. Do you know where the pearl is? l swear on your beauty,
l don’t know. Time is passing quickly.
Please find that pearl soon. Do everything you can. Search
every nook and corner of the city. For the sake of the nation,
our clan, for me, Chimu. l’ll sacrifice my life for you. Chimu, didn’t you forget something? l mean… this money. Please forgive me for my misdeed. When you bring the pearl, my heart
will look forward to your misdeed. Thank God, you’ve returned safely. As long as fate doesn’t betray us,
no one can harm anyone. Father. Shakila, Jamila, Chiku.
Do you see what l can see? Look with your young eyes.
Are my old eyes deceiving me? Great, my tiger. You indeed brought
5000 Dinars from the king. l swear on youth, even l…
l mean even you’re something. – King? – Yes. – He didn’t even
give 5000 pieces of stones. This mercy is from Princess Gulnar. She looks like a dream,
sounds like a shehnai. Princess Gulnar? Yes. Oh beautiful Jamila,
l’m telling the truth. Her lips are like petals,
her eyes shine, a caring heart… love in her eyes,
a beautiful moon-like face. When she moves,
she makes the world go crazy and… Enough. Shut your mouth now. Her gestures are magic, her eyes
cast a spell, her moves entrance. She’s the most beautiful,
the most magnificent picture. You’ve gone crazy. Come to your senses. A hen seen
in a dream doesn’t lay eggs. Whatever you may say,
but that moment was beautiful. l’m telling the truth,
l’ll be meeting her very soon. – ln your dreams.
– No, l’ve promised her… that l’ll find the pearl
and present it to her. Pearl? Which pearl? Oh, yes, l forgot to mention it.
The pearl has been stolen again. The pearl stolen again? Sherkand should be renamed as
Chorkand (nation of thieves). – Father.
– Yes? – l know who has the pearl.
– Who? Our minister, Abu Khan, has it.
He’s lying about the pearl being stolen. You’ll see, with what ease
l’ll get the pearl back. You’ll give it to the Princess… and she’ll give you her heart
in return. She’ll fall in love with a thief
like you. You’re a fool. You rogue. Take these eggs. You
want to fall in love. Take this. – Please forgive us, sir.
– Who threw this egg? lt hit you by mistake. l’m asking who did this mischief?
Who threw the egg? God knows. l’m asking who threw this egg?
Tell me or else… – l committed this crime.
– You did it. Great. Chimu is being beaten so
badly but he doesn’t utter a cry. Very good, brave Chimu. l’ll break his bravery.
Nothing will happen with this stick. – For him, a strong rod is needed.
– You lizard. Keep your mouth shut. You’ll get tired hitting but Chimu
won’t get tired taking it. lf you don’t believe,
hit even harder and check. Now l’ll see whether
he screams or not. Thank God we’re here. l’ll
close this devil’s mouth right now. Go away. Did you notice what happens
when you upset me? A wise enemy is better than a
foolish friend. Get out of my way. You really seem to be upset.
Okay, Chiku forgives you. What? You’ll forgive me? Okay, then you forgive me.
You know that l love you. You love me, don’t you? – No. Never.
– So you love Princess Gulnar? Yes. l love Princess Gulnar. lf this is it then l’ll not stay
with you. l’ll go away for ever. Where are you going?
l need you very much. l can’t walk a step without you. We’ll stay together and
together we’ll loot the treasure. So you love me? – No need to ask this.
– Then Chiku will stay with you. Chimu. l swear on youth,
even l’m something. l’ve mixed such a medicine
in the dates… the ducks will be silenced
after eating it. Yes father, now the ducks outside
the treasure room won’t scream. Right. But about that Chiku? What if she goes crazy
looking at the treasure? She’s taken so much.
Now does she want an elephant? – What are you saying about me?
– Amazing. You have a long life. We were just talking about you.
But why are you in this state? What about your new clothes? They don’t let me live. They ask me to bathe every day.
Am l a frog to take a bath every day? l said l won’t take a bath so Jamila
said to remove my clothes. l took off my clothes
and threw them in her face. Listen, Chiku. We have to loot the treasure today
and you’ll have to help us. But what will l get? – Whatever you ask.
– Sweets, clothes, toys. Listen carefully. l’ll take as much money
as l want from the treasure. – No. This is theft, plundering.
– Are you going there to do Haj. l mean, to learn the art you must
give something to the master. Keep your art to yourself. lf you
want, l can teach you something. My father is the biggest thief
of Maracus. Chiku, you’re innocent,
delicate and vulnerable. To give a young person wealth is
like giving a sword to a monkey. l need the money for my father,
not for myself. Where is your father? ln the jail of Maracus. l’ll bribe
the guards and free my father. Why do you want him to be free?
He’ll be caught again. Let him relax there.
Chimu. My throat… Father. You really have a sore throat.
No need to worry about the ducks. This isn’t a laughing matter.
She’ll also take the money. How much money can these hands
take? Barely anything. Come father, we must not delay
the good work. Come on. The bird wants take the grain
and fly away. All three are leaving. Something’s wrong. You’re right. But we’ll go after
them. They can’t escape from us. Hurry up.
They might get away in the dark. We have eyes like owls.
They can’t fool us. Soldier, be on guard.
There should be no problems. No sir.
l’ll obey your command. Feed the ducks only once. lf they’re hungry, they’ll make
noise and keep us alert. Yes sir. This is the ventilator.
Will you be able to go through this? – Who me?
– Yes, you. lf you say l’ll go through
the eye of a needle. lf you… Talk less and work more.
When you go in, on the right… On the right,
your Chiku will be standing. – l mean on the right is a door.
– But now… this moon, Chiku, Chimu
and this moonlight. Go in and open the door. Time is short, work is more and
the guard is going to change. After the work is done? l’ll do as you say. Now go. l told you, Chiku is a brave girl. She can go into a person’s heart
through his eyes. l swear, even l’m something. Chimu. Father, this wealth we’re taking,
belongs to the people. Son, this the blood of the people,
taken from them forcibly… but now we need it. Without
wealth there’s no power… and without power it’s
impossible to get the authority. The day you sit on the throne,
return this to the people. Open it. Why are you running
away my golden fishes? Let it be father.
This is enough for Chiku. Take your share.
Fill your pockets. Thank you.
But Chiku doesn’t need your help. My God. ls this a bag or a sack? You’ll be able to carry this weight? What do you think of me? – Out of my way.
– ls she a woman or a cart? Don’t forget to close the door. And you don’t leave me behind.
l swear l’ll make a noise. Hey, my cap. Let it go to hell.
She’ll surely get us killed. Open the door. – Congratulations partner.
– Partner? You were robbing the treasure
and we were guarding outside. lf you want us to keep quiet
share your loot with us. Else, with one call the whole army
will break on you. You rogue. Thank you. Don’t think we’re greedy.
We’re taking this for our friends. At times, they are useful to us. – Right?
– You’re right. What will you do with so many bags?
Give us one of them. No. l won’t give you anything. Soldiers. Soldiers. 4 bags of 100 Dinars. – 4 bags of 100 Dinars.
– Wait. Mirza, how did these bags get opened? – The treasure has been robbed.
– lt’s not possible. lmpossible. lt’s not possible
for anyone to get in here. Today the impossible was made
possible. Someone was here. What were you all doing?
How much can l do alone? Should l keep the accounts,
count the bags, or lock the door? lf l die, what will you do? First see yourself. My sword will be on your neck
after the royal command. lt’s not a joke for the treasure
to be robbed so easily. How can the money be robbed
from such a safe place? That’s the mystery.
Who is the thief that evaded… the crying ducks, the alert guards
and entered the treasure room. l swear l’m shocked. This can’t
be the work of a human being. Perhaps the thief
entered from the roof? The roof door was closed
from inside and still is. Arrest all who you suspect. Sire, before you arrest the thief
who robbed the treasury… shouldn’t we try our best to capture
the thief who stole the pearl? lf we don’t find that pearl… Sherkand will be turned to dust
clouds by the enemy cannons. Then neither will the treasure
remain nor the thieves to rob it. The princess is right. But to find the pearl thief… it’s necessary to
first find the treasure thief. Because they are both
one and the same. And he is Chimu, the son
of the leader of the thieves. lf Chimu is the thief of the
treasure and the pearl… then believe me,
both these things will return. lf your highness, will declare such
a reward for his return… which Chimu will like. What reward will Chimu like?
10 thousand Dinars or 10 villages? No. Maybe he won’t like any of that. Then what will he like? Your Gulnar’s hand in marriage. Princess, have you lost your mind? Or has your mind rusted? Will a princess who lives among
riches marry a street insect. She’ll make a loafer thief,
of her husband. You highness… My mind has not rusted
and l’ve not lost my senses. l wouldn’t like to marry a man
who loses his temper quickly. Who for one magical egg, is ready
to shed the blood of God’s children. lnstead of such a cruel man,
l prefer Chimu… who is handsome in every way. This wish of the princess,
will force me to declare… that the man who brings back the pearl… will marry the princess. – After that?
– After that… we’ll think about it. The nation of God, ruled by the
great Sultan Sikandar Mustafa. lt’s a royal declaration
that on Friday night… the most beautiful and young,
princess Gulnar… will grace the royal garden
with her friends and maids. The security of the palace
and the garden will be lifted. Whoever has the pearl, can give it
to the princess without any fear. He will also gain the hand
of the princess in marriage. He’ll be given riches… and will become the richest
man in Sherkand. What’s all this? To get the pearl
from Minister Bukan… l’m giving life to this dagger. Won’t we go to loot the treasure? Once l get the pearl from Bukan… there’ll be no need
to rob any treasure. You feel,
the pearl is with Minister Bukan? Undoubtedly, l know the pearl
is with no one else but him. l’ll come with you. l don’t need anyone’s help. lf this dagger is on his neck,
he’ll give me the pearl himself. And you’ll give it to the princess… who will ask her guards
to cut you to pieces. The princess will keep her promise. She knows if the pearl
isn’t returned… Prince Hyder will attack Sherkand. She perceives the destruction
of her innocent subjects. l just know that
you are inviting death. You’re not looking at the pit
covered with flowers of deception. This is a hoax. Deceit. Why will she deceive me? Because a princess will never marry
a loafer thief like you. Who’s a thief or loafer? lf someone else said this,
l’d cut his tongue. Father. Do you know what this is? l’ve seen such a symbol
in the royal palace. What are you doing?
For God’s sake hide this. lt’s the real symbol of Sherkand… engraved on the prince’s arm
when he is born. – What are you saying?
– Father… tell her about you, about me
and our story and your grace. – But… – No buts father.
Chiku isn’t a stranger. l trust her. There’s no harm in telling her. Many years back, l was hired
to kill the innocent Chimu. So that his uncle, Mustafa,
can take over the rule forever. – But… – But kind hearted Yusuf
cared for me as his own son. That means… you are… Yes, l’m the heir to the throne
of Sherkand, Prince Murad. l want to talk to him in private. Sure. Whatever you saw and heard,
forget it like a dream. Think, l didn’t say anything,
and you didn’t hear anything. What do you want to say? That pearl… is with me. With you? l took the pearl
from Bukan’s pocket. Take it. But, why are you giving
it to me? Because you’re a prince. And you shouldn’t marry
an ill-fated and poor woman. l was ignorant, to think
l was a part of your world Being the dust of the earth,
l fell in love with the sky l thought l was
a part of your world My dreams are shattered,
but how can l complain? How can l complain? l didn’t think or realize anything,
and the arrow pierced my heart. l thought l was
a part of your world l didn’t know there were dangers
even in the garden of love There are dangers
in the garden of love l sat on the branch
where lightning strikes l thought l was
a part of your world Why did the tears flow,
at the outcome, my love? Oh, why did the tears flow? The one who looted the world,
her own home is ravaged l was ignorant, to think
l was a part of your world Being the dust of the earth,
l fell in love with the sky l thought l was a part
of your world lf the thief
really comes with the pearl? So what will happen? l’m very scared.
l’ve heard thieves are very ugly. Haven’t you seen Chimu? l have. But what if someone else
is the pearl thief? Keep quiet.
Don’t dare say that again. l pray that no one else
but Chimu should be the thief. The one who stole my heart,
has stolen the pearl, too. l’m very happy, my Chimu
is going to be a prince. My 18 years of work
are finally bearing fruit. l can never forget your benevolence. lf it weren’t for you, Chimu
wouldn’t be in this world today. Whatever l may become,
for you l’ll always be your Chimu. You’ve always been a good son.
Now you’ll be a good prince. Go and step towards your success. May God protect you. Chimu, don’t go there. Soldiers are there. Don’t let him get away! Leave me. Leave Chiku. Princess, by making love a pretense,
you wanted to trap Chimu. But as long as l’m there,
this won’ happen. l’m the daughter of a thief,
but not a traitor like you. ls this your love,
your promise and your justice? What is this?
How did you get in here? Didn’t you hear
the royal declaration? We heard.
l, myself, made the announcement. How did you dare
to come in my garden? l want to know,
after the declaration… why were the soldiers
hidden in my garden? Who was behind this conspiracy? His Highness. His Highness?
He can never give such an order. He cares for the respect of his
throne and the promise made to me. He can’t deceive his subjects. This isn’t deception.
Everything is fair in love and war. – But it’s not just. – The order
of the emperor is justice. Even you must abide by his order. – Where is the pearl?
– l don’t have any pearl. – Kha Khan.
– Yes, sir? Take her to the dungeon… and whip her until she
tells you about the pearl. Make use of every torture. Where are your aides? The soldiers have caught Chiku.
l need your help. My dear friend and partner,
we’re ready to give our lives for you. – Come with me.
– Where to? Our boss has taught us
not to go empty handed anywhere. l’ll give you 5000 Dinars. Five thousand?
Then even our angels are with you. Why delay the good work?
Let’s start it. Chimu, Chimu. Thank God you’re okay. Son, my head is very precious. The soldiers wanted to take it,
but l won’t give it easily. l’m something special. – Father?
– Yes? We’ll have to use not only
our strength but also our brains. The soldiers are numerous
like the mosquitoes. They’ll shred us
and reduce us to a bag of bones. Don’t cry.
Keep the money to yourself. For 5000 Dinars, who will
sacrifice a life worth millions? – Come on.
– You’re right. Aren’t you ashamed? You’re taking advantage.
l’ll give you 10,000 Dinars. The heart says no,
but the hands say yes. l swear l’m not greedy. One has
to do everything for friendship. We’ll attack them
at a narrow place. Come on. Take this. Chiku. Chiku, take this pearl
and run away from here. Don’t stop anywhere
until you reach home. – Goodbye.
– l don’t want the pearl. Don’t put your life in danger.
Run away. – l won’t go.
– With you… The soldiers are coming
from all sides. – Father. – Yes?
– Come with me. We’re surrounded. Let’s climb the fort wall. Yes, we can escape
from the way in the treasure room. Go fast. Money, everywhere there’s money. Thank you God for your abundance. These golden coins seem so nice. We’re here to save our lives, not
to loot. The soldiers are coming. – The soldiers come every day…
– Life is everything. – Then let’s go.
– No, let me take the gold. Gold, my gold. My God. Chiku, run away. Push. Stop. Look here. Stop. Look here. l said stop else… l’ll crush this pearl under my feet. You know what will happen?
Prince Hyder will be enraged at you. His fierce army will wreak
havoc on Sherkand. Give me the pearl. l promise l’ll
have the king forgive you all. Give it to me. l’ll present it
to my master, my king. You want to give it your king,
don’t you? Yes. Please take… our master. Our king, this pearl is yours. Misled friends,
he is Sherkand’s real king. He is Prince Murad, who was… Mad girl. What are you saying?
Our prince was killed 18 years back. – That murder never happened.
– What’s the proof? The proof is that killer,
who took care of him like a son. Who like a father,
prays for his success and victory. – Who is he?
– lt’s me. l’m Yusuf, l have been a trustee
of Sherkand’s inheritance. You look like our deceased king. l spent my youth in his service. But do you have any other proof? Proof? Maybe my arm
can give its evidence. The royal icon. But this can be faked. l want to see the palm
of your right hand. – Why? – Once in his childhood, the
prince was playing with my sword… and his hand was cut by it. l
want to see the mark of that wound. The mark of the wound? This is it. You are the prince. What l’ve seen cannot be false. Your Highness,
your slave is at your command. Brave soldiers of Sherkand.
l swear on my God and my faith. The true heir of our deceased king,
is this young man. The swords you took out
against your Prince… lift them against
the deviant Mustafa. Victory will be yours.
God will protect you. – Long live…
– Prince Murad. – Long live…
– The king of Sherkand. Open the door.
Let everyone come in. Master. Chimu. Brothers and friends. This young
man is not Yusuf’s son… but is the heir
of our deceased king. He’s the true king of Sherkand
and the scion of his father. Mustafa has captured the throne
of Sherkand with deceit. He’s betrayed the nation and
people for the last 20 years. Today we have to take revenge
for his atrocities. Attack the royal palace. – Down with… – Mustafa.
– Hail… – Prince Murad. – Down with… – Mustafa.
– Hail… – Prince Murad. Soldiers. Soldiers. What’s this noise? Soldiers. Guards. Sentry.
Where is everyone? – Long live.
– Our king. Very good, Commander.
l’m very happy with your success. Why did you bring these thugs here?
Take them to the dungeon. l’ll skin their backs with a whip.
Take them away. Very well. Soldiers, arrest him. Not me.
Catch that thief and his father. Don’t dare to speak ill of our king… else your tongue will be pulled out. He is our king, Prince Murad… the true heir of our deceased king. Traitors.
Your conspiracy won’t succeed. The heir to the royal throne
died 18 years back. No, he’s alive. You hired me
to kill that innocent boy. But God saved him
with His grace and mercy. What proof do you have? The royal symbol of Sherkand. Traitor. Rogue. You’re the one who drank
the blood of the poor people. The one to put a knife
to the innocent prince’s neck. We’re not traitors or rogues.
lt’s you. Have mercy, King Murad. My master,
l seek forgiveness for my sins. As per my declaration,
l’ll make Princess Gulnar your queen. Usher in Princess Gulnar. My dear Prince, my favorite Chimu. Princess Gulnar, l promised you… if l got this precious pearl,
l’d present it to you. lf you wish, you may present it
as an engagement gift. You’re engaged to Prince Hyder. You belong to him, and l don’t want
to take someone else’s asset. But our love? What is love? Brave are those… who sacrifice their life
for their people and nation. We need to sacrifice our love,
for the safety of Sherkand. l’m sure that even you,
for the sake of the subjects… will sacrifice all your dreams
and agree to be with Prince Hyder. Your wish is my command. But you’re sending me away,
with the sorrow of the world. Whatever l have given you,
l’ve kept the same for myself. Prince… Cease your dreams, Gulnar… or my determination may fail
upon seeing your tears. My wishes are with you. Leave as… a sister parts from her brother
and goes to her husband’s home. Commander, take Princess Gulnar
with all the grandeur… and present Prince Hyder
with his rightful fortune. Uncle, before all my subjects,
knowing you’re my conspirator… l still forgive you. The ire of the masses
may harm you… so l request that you
leave this nation forever. Your mercy of forgiveness,
has engulfed me in gratitude. – Long live.
– King Murad. May your glory be at its peak. May you have the blessings
and mercy of God. May God give you affluence, destroy
your enemies and make us wealthy. We poor would like to ask for
something on this happy occasion. You’re permitted.
But ask according to your status. – We want a small job.
– As caretakers of the treasure. Forgive us, Master.
This is our first sin. We’ll never walk
on the wrong path henceforth. l wanted Yusuf to be caretaker
of the treasure. – Yusuf has become old.
– Your father must be old. And who will be Yusuf’s caretaker? l and Chiku. After all we both are also thieves.
Chiku… Chiku. Long live King Murad. lt’s the order of Prince Murad,
that you bathe in the royal bath… be adorned with a lavish dress
and precious jewelry… and be invited to his marriage. Damn the marriage.
l won’t go to any marriage. l’m going home.
l’m not anyone’s servant. Forgive us for being unpleasant. Leave Chiku alone. Leave Chiku alone.
l won’t go to any marriage. Oh, you? What are you doing?
Your Chimu is a king now. Oh king, loafer, thief. Why don’t
you just let Chiku go home? – Today is his marriage.
– Damn the marriage. l can’t watch you marry Gulnar. Princess Gulnar and her father
have left Sherkand. Then who are you marrying? The most beautiful woman
in the world, like a flower… alluring, wonderful and lovely,
the Princess Chiku. – With Chiku?
– Yes. Your Highness… The priest and witness are present. Please consent to the wedding. Start the good work. My chain?
Now you must stop robbing. l’m a king and you’re the queen.
Now what else can you want? Chimu, my master. lt’s the first time
in my life l’m telling the truth. l didn’t take your chain. Then who stole it? After all, l’m also something. Come sit. Please sit. The old man came from a poor tribe
but has become young sitting here. – Old man.
– Your father is an old man. ln the fair of the world,
we are alone We hope that someone
will take us along

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  1. Really super film. In this era I never found this type of music, acting. I really enjoyed it too much.

    God bless you and your team for this effort.

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