Checking out the Divoom Timebox for Pixel Art and Music.

Checking out the Divoom Timebox for Pixel Art and Music.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the 8-Bit Guy. Now, I have a confession to make. I actually receive quite a few offers from
corporations, offering to send me their products if I would just agree to do a review of the
product on my YouTube channel. Now, 99% of the time, I just turn these guys down. I mean, I don’t want to be a corporate sell-out, right? No, seriously, it’s really more to do with,
the products are just not interesting to me. I mean, it’s like phone accessories, and
iPhone apps, and you know, stuff like that that’s not really in line with my channel. So, I just turn it down. But, when Divoom emailed me and asked me if
I would accept a free Timebox, well, this looks pretty darned cool. So, I thought I would become a sell-out and I’m going to review it for you. So I don’t normally do unboxing videos,
but the packaging on this product is so outstanding. You’ll see what I mean shortly. I mean, if they are going to put this much
effort into the box, then I guess I’ll take the time to show it. At first, I couldn’t figure out how this
comes apart. And I didn’t want to cut or otherwise damage the box. But eventually I realized the inner part just
slides out, but it’s just really tight. All right, so let’s see what we’ve got
here, I’m not even sure which color they sent me. Oh look, it’s wood grain. I bet Clint from Lazy Game Reviews is drooling
already. Oh, it came with silica gel. It says not to eat it. That’s too bad, because it looked so delicious. So here’s the little manual. Ehh.. I won’t bother to read this. I only read manuals as a last resort. So let’s peel off this little protector
here. OK, I’m going to try powering it on. Well, the battery has at least some charge
on it. It appears to go straight to a bluetooth symbol. So I guess I’d better get out my phone and
pair it up. OK, so now it starts displaying the time,
which is not correct so I’ll have to fix that. So right off the bat, you can play music from
your phone. The speaker is in the back, but it actually
sounds pretty good. You can select several different animations
to go along with your music. Of course, this thing does a whole lot of
other stuff too. OK, so it appears I need to download and install
this free app. And it looks like I needed to setup an account. So I’ll just do that right quick. Ok, so it has detected the device, and now
I’m going to connect to it with the app. I noticed it automatically corrected the time. Hmm. Ok, let’s have a look at the gallery. Oh look, they have all kinds of vintage computer
icons and stuff in here. Oh look, here’s the original Apple logo. I wonder if they have the Commodore or Atari
logo somewhere. Oh, they have Facebook. And Elmo. I’m sure these little pictures are probably
used for notifications and things. I’ll have to figure that out eventually. It looks like you can design your own. That being the case, I’m going to draw the
old Commodore logo. There we go, that’s better. So that’s now in my gallery of custom images. I should mention, by the way, that you see
a slight flicker on camera. But in person you don’t see this. I’m sure it has to do with the refresh rate
of the timebox not syncing up with the camera. I also drew the old Atari logo and the original
Electronic Arts logo. So it looks like they have some other stuff
here, like these country flags, numbers and letters, emojis, and even some animations. Let’s see what those look like. It looks like they are kind of slow. They move about one frame per second. And it appears to have some little games in
here. This one is dice, I guess if you are playing
board games. You have to shake the phone, which I guess
makes it kind of pointless because if you have to use the phone, you might as well just
use a dice app on the phone. There’s also a little driving game which
is fun to play for about 30 seconds. So, I noticed this thing has an auxiliary
line input. So I wonder what interesting things we can
find to connect to that? So, apparently you push this button once to
cycle between the different audio sources. So let’s try the speak and spell. Of course, the speak and spell is pointless
because it already has its own speaker anyway. So this old Casio CZ-1000 makes more sense
because it requires an external speaker or headphones if you want to hear anything at
all. Of course, I’ll need one of these little
converters in order to connect it to the quarter-inch output jack. OK, let’s pick an instrument. You know, it actually sounds fine. But I notice there is a very slight delay
between pressing the keys and hearing the sound. So the timebox must be buffering or processing
the sound. This actually makes it very uncomfortable
to play anything. So I don’t think I can recommend the timebox
for this purpose. However, it probably works great with vintage
audio gear like this original Diamond MP3 player, or an old Sony Discman or Walkman
cassette player. I wonder how it will work with a GameBoy Color. The volume on these has always been severely
lacking. Actually, it sounds pretty good. And I don’t think the delay in the sound
processing is very noticeable here, so it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay. Of course this thing isn’t perfect. One problem I had several times was the app
would no longer sync with the device and the only way I could solve it was by turning bluetooth
off on my phone completely, and then turning it back on and re-syncing everything. So, I suppose you could put this on your nightstand
as a regular alarm clock. But you’d need to turn the brightness way
down. Alternatively, you could put it on a shelf
somewhere as a decorative thing, which is what I’m doing with mine. So, some other things you can do with this
thing. It has a scoreboard. So I guess if you had some kind of games or
something going on, you could keep score in a more public, visible way. Also you can create a voice memo like this. Hey, remember to feed the cat! So when you or somebody else walks into the
room, they’ll see the notice on the screen and can press the play button to listen. Hey, remember to feed the cat! Alright, so it also has an FM radio built
in. But the first thing you’ll want to do is
have it scan for radio channels. It will take a moment to find them all. Then you can select a few favorites. You can also change channels using the built
in controls on the top. Alright, so what do I think about the Timebox? Well, I wish I had some great, fantastic use
that I could tell you. Some purpose in life that it serves. It really doesn’t. It’s more like a tech-toy or gadget. Or really, it’s more like a piece of artwork
to leave around your house. I mean, I can’t think of any really useful
thing to do with it, but I still think it’s cool. Something doesn’t have always necessarily
have to have a use in order to be cool. I mean, a lot of the things that I collect
don’t really have that much use. But anyway, I’m not going to be doing a
whole lot of commercial product reviews. Really, this is the only, well I take that
back. I have one other one that I agreed to do that
you’ll probably be seeing in a few months. But, you won’t be seeing a lot of it, so
I hope nobody gets upset that my channel’s becoming too commercialized, because that’s
certainly not the intent. It just so happened that I finally saw a product
that looked interesting enough, and you know I think it kind of fits with the theme here,
so anyway. Also, if you’re interested in buying one,
I did put a link down in the description for your convenience, and otherwise, stick around
because I have a lot more traditional content coming your way!

100 thoughts on “Checking out the Divoom Timebox for Pixel Art and Music.

  1. Making money is the goal it doesn't mean you are a sell out. Whoever started that bullshit that making money makes you a sellout should be shot and pissed on.

  2. I hope you don't sell oit. I'm stuck with an AMD Ryzen after hearing how great it was from a paid advertiser,.o I mean YouTube reviewer

  3. If this thing had some "Alexa" kind of feature and if you could join more than one to make a set… they would sell millions.

  4. Hope you convinced them to update the device with the Commodore 64 logo as that was a serious design flaw. 🙂

  5. I decided to watch this after watching a YouTube Poop that mentioned the "Divoom Timebox" at random points:

  6. Good product. Why do u always warn viewers about being a sellout or “not what you normally do” when reviewing other products ? 🤣 calm down

  7. I had this thing for about a year and I really liked it, however I stopped using it for a number of reasons.
    1. The reset pin in really weak. I managed to accidentally break it so now I can't reset it
    2. Most of the time when I connect my phone to it, it just locks up completely. And seeing as the reset pin is busted, I have to wait for the battery to drain in order to use it again.
    3. Anyone can easily connect to this thing. So if you live in a neighborhood filled with jackass teenagers like me, then you'll commonly wake up in the middle of the night to annoying music that they're sending to the Timebox.

  8. I love your transparency and honesty with this, why not review a product if it interests you, everyone likes a freebie!

  9. I see a missed opportunity here: what if the light would bounce to the music when you connect sound? that would be cool.

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