[CC/FULL] Warrior Baek Dong Soo EP23 (3/3) | 무사백동수

[CC/FULL] Warrior Baek Dong Soo EP23 (3/3) | 무사백동수

You should have said
word at least before you go… The farewell party was
pretty loud last night. I guess he wanted to leave quietly. I’m pretty sure that he’ll
get rid of Master Chun. However, I didn’t want
him to leave so lonely… His life has been so lonely though. Even still… Uncle Sa-mo, this is for you. What is this? Sa-mo, my beloved brother! I’m so sad to leave you behind. Gwang-taek… You and Jang-mi look so alike. If you guys get married with each other, you’ll have a fulfilled life. I have always been grateful to you. Like you have taken good care of
Ga-ok, please take care of Jin-ju. Hong Guk-young, you’re smart however, you often miss the details. Please check everything out thoroughly
before you plan something. Royal Guards are
the best warriors in Korea. Be proud of yourself and you should risk your life to
protect His Excellency Prince Lee San. I feel so sorry for
both your father and you because I didn’t take good care of you two. I don’t want you to learn martial arts
because I don’t want you to get hurt. Gwang-taek, geez… Why did he say such a thing
as if he won’t come back again? Jin-ju, Jin-ju…! I wanted to call you this name
until I lose my voice. However, I’m leaving
without calling your name. Nothing can make me happier than
to be there at your wedding ceremony. However, I don’t know
if such a day will come. Jin-ju, don’t be sad even
though I’m not with you. I’ll watch after you with your mom. We’ll protect you. So, don’t cry for me. Did Dong-soo say how much
longer he’ll stay like that? I won’t move a step until
my master comes back. That’s not bad. We don’t have anything to
eat for our dinner. Let’s go fishing. Do you mean that he already left? Yes. Do you know where he went? I don’t know where he went, however, I guess he’s going to Mt. Samgak. I didn’t know how good of a chef you were. My cooking skills improved
a lot while cooking for Jin-ju. Didn’t she say anything to you
when you left her? Considering that she doesn’t
express her feelings out loud, she’s alike her mom. Please enjoy! Keep an eye on that butcher. Why didn’t you catch any fish? That’s enough. Let’s go home now. So, you fished without hooks. He’s on the northern ridge of Mt. Samgak. Father, I’ll dispatch soldiers around there. Send your best archers. Yes, father. If you fail to kill them,
you will be executed. Yes, sir. Mt. Samgak? What are you going to do? Government soldiers are
no match for them. Why are you here? I have a bad premonition. Bad premonition? Why? I don’t know. I just have a bad premonition. I feel weird, father. Nothing will happen. Don’t you know that he’s
the best warrior in Korea? If you wait for him here,
he’ll come back soon. This is not even hard liquor. That’s because I haven’t
drank for a long time. Aren’t you sick somewhere? I’m afraid it’s not I,
but you who is sick. Shouldn’t I wait for
you to be in good shape? Are you worrying about me? Thank you. Drink your last glass of wine
and let’s get some sleep. It’s so quiet in the palace. You should focus even
more on your education. Yes, grandfather. By the way, why is your face
worn with care? Is that because Lord Kim has left? Yes. Why didn’t you tell him to stay? He suffers from stomach cancer. We can’t do anything about it. I beg your pardon? Did you say stomach cancer? Lord Kim suffers from stomach cancer. What? Did you say that Lord Kim suffers
from stomach cancer? Yes, sir. We don’t even need
a trap to catch the tiger. That’s not true. He’s looking for the place where he died. If he’s dying… Withdraw your archers. I beg your pardon? Geez… Yes, sir. What’s wrong with you? If he’s dying, we don’t have to kill him. Dong-soo! Dong-soo… Dong-soo, Lord Kim suffers from… Did you say stomach cancer? His Highness the King said
that to Prince Lee San. Then, how does he want to
kill Chun-soo despite his cancer? At this rate, Lord Kim will
get killed by Master Chun. Shouldn’t we go and stop that fight? Where do I have to go to see Lord Kim? Captain, tell me the truth. I don’t know… Captain! I don’t know… Sa-mo! Dong-soo! Let go of me. Take me with you. It’s a nice day today. Let’s have some tea. What’s wrong with you? Do you need a break? I’m fine. Why don’t we just take some fresh air? Show my scar to Dong-soo. Uncle Gwang-taek left
so many things for Dong-soo. Did you say that you will
behead Master Chun? If you have a good idea,
let’s talk about it together. Is this enough for you? I can tell how heavy
my late father’s life was. This is something that will hurt you. Have this spear melted away. Shoot!

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  2. why do they have to kill each other when it is visible that none of them wants it? victory or best swordman my ass. I just feel sorry for Jin Ju she had three fathers but two are like sworn friends enemies 😑😑

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