[CC/FULL] Warrior Baek Dong Soo EP12 (1/3) | 무사백동수

[CC/FULL] Warrior Baek Dong Soo EP12 (1/3) | 무사백동수

Since the Crown Prince has been deposed to a commoner, your objective seems to be accomplished… What happened to the Northern Expedition Book of War? It’s only a half, which means it’s not a real one. If we can catch that girl,
we’ll be able to have that map back. Please be patient. By the way, have you heard about the New Textbook for the Martial Arts? From what I heard, the Sword Saint went around
China and wrote a martial arts book.. It contains 18 techniques to kill. Gwang-taek wrote a martial arts book? That’s right. Seems that Crown Prince ordered him
to do it before he left for China. If you can obtain that book, don’t you think you will become the ultimate warrior not only in
Joseon but also in China? Do you mean…
I’m not the best right now? I think personally that you’re
the best warrior in Korea. However, people believe that
Sword Saint is the best. New Textbook for the Martial Arts! Quite a grand name. However, I don’t need it. Listen, Lord Hong, I’m facing
the author of that book now. Why would I read that book? Anyways, I’ll get you that book.
So, consider it to be my gift to you. Even though Crown Prince
has been deposed, His Highness won’t
easily give up on his son. Are you planning to kill him in jail? I have even a better idea.
Please help me. I really need your help this time. I’ll give you an order. Go to Da-rim-bang. You’re Woon, right? Let me clean it up. Yong-gak, Yong-gak! Why can’t you sleep? I feel very uneasy. Are you still standing there? Woon hasn’t come back home yet? You two should go to the palace quickly. Then…who will looks after Sa-mo? I’ll look after him. I’ll punish Crown Prince for his treason by the law. However, how can’t I let my son die without doing anything? Save him. Rescue him from this rotten palace
and rebuild our nation’s foundation. This humble Yim Soo-woong
will carry out your royal order. Then, we’ll escort the Crown Prince. You should stay in the palace
and protect his son. Then? We have Lord Kim, Huk-Sa-mo
and warrior camp trainees… So, no need to worry. Now you can finally be at ease. Thank you. It’s fortunate.
But, I’m so embarrassed. By the way, where are kids? I sent them to the palace first. Don’t think about anything else
but focus on your recovery. Yes. Can I rely on you to look after him? Yes. I’ll be back soon.
Take good care of yourself. Is it today? So, have you made up your mind? That’s none of your business. How was Woon? He was the best assassin
I have ever seen. So, Ga-ok, do you have
an answer for me? Won’t come away with me? Today will be the last day
I’ll be seeing you. Is your body not as before or do you
think me old and try to go easy on me? It’s not the latter. Show me how you’ve been
for the past 20 years. I’ll pour all of the past
years on this sword. See it to your heart’s full. I’ve seen it. How you have been for the past years,
without missing a bit. Now we will never meet again. Please be at peace. I met Hwang Jin-kee. How did you meet him? I just happened to stay
in his place for a while. With him, he had a daughter
who looks just like you. These years have been long. Long enough time for that
kind of thing to happen. At least for the remainder of my days,
I desire to be with you. Am I too greedy to desire that? We have come too far. Now it’s time to let me go. What should we do? What…what’s going on? Dong-soo! Assassins had come. Assassins? What’s going on? Master Sa-mo got attacked…
So, will this injury affect his life? No, he’s fine. By the way, why are you here? I had a hunch…
So, I came. I heard the kids came back,
so I came to see them. Fortunately, Woon gave them a first aid. Did you get wounded? No…no, sir. Without any treatment,
the wound may get worse. Let me take a look at it. How did it happen? This is the wound I got when I passed through the gate with the corps. Do not lie. Palace soldiers do not
use throwing stars. Do you know? This wound was caused by
a 3-edged throwing star. And the 3-edged throwing star is the weapon
solely used by the Warrior Camp, don’t you? Tell me the truth. What happened? It is correct that he got hurt
by the assassins back then. Woon lured them and he got
the wound at that time. I see. We’ll know when these kids wake up. Are you alright? I’m okay. Yeo-woon, you! What happened? Is everyone all right? Everyone is all right.
Tell me, what happened. They seemed to be assassin
from the Black Ninjas. But he was wearing a mask,
so I couldn’t identify his face. Woon, you! If you had come earlier,
this wouldn’t have happened! Alright, then. Stay and recover here until
Master Huk-sa-mo comes back. You three,
come follow me to the palace. Please take care of these kids. Yes. Thank you. I’ll hear your explanation later.
I thank you. For keeping us alive. Sa-mo, I should go and
check on him myself. But I can’t, because of these kids. You little, what are you doing here? Okay. Don’t waste time throwing the stars but
make some porridge for those kids instead! They’re lying in a bloody mess,
but you are.. Geez, Aunt! I too learned martial arts with Yeo-woon
and Dong-soo when I was little… From my father.. Even a girl must know
how to defend herself. You crazy little girl! All a girl needs is a good marriage.
That’s all. Martial Arts, whatever! Aunt! I didn’t forget any of it. The ones who killed my father,
The ones who wounded those kids, And the ones who stabbed
Uncle Sa-mo on his back. It’s all them, isn’t it? Just wait. One day, I will.. You crazy little thing! Pull yourself together. What? I’ll revenge on all of them
by all means! That crazy little thing! You, Minister of defense
is looking for you. Do you want to rise to a higher place? Yes. Then, how do you intend to get there? Do you believe a great swordsmanship
will take you up there? Please teach me how to get there. To a stronger opponent,
show an utmost false loyalty. To a weaker opponent,
become an impassable mountain. If anyone blocks your way,
chuck them out without hesitation. If anyone holds on your ankle,
trample them mercilessly. Only then,
you can reach to this level. Why has a future leader of the
Black Ninjas become Crown Prince’s dog? How did you know? It will be stranger if I don’t know
what’s going on in the palace. What do you mean? The Crown Prince has been
deposed to a commoner?

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