Carrie Underwood on Linda Ronstadt | 2019 Kennedy Center Honors Red Carpet

Carrie Underwood on Linda Ronstadt | 2019 Kennedy Center Honors Red Carpet

Paula Reid: So who are you here to honor tonight? Carrie Underwood: I’m here to honor- help
honor Linda Ronstadt. Paula: Talk a little bit about her influence
on you and your career.>>Um, well I think, more than anything, obviously
she is an incredible performer and vocalist. Um, but one of the things I have always admired
about her is her ability to do whatever she wants. [laughs] She always- she always broke the
rules and- and sang music that she felt like was true to her and that was- she’s a chameleon. She loved music. And she sang so many different kinds and genres
and um, I mean, she wanted to sing country music, rock music, she would sing in Spanish. I mean like it was just- she’s just somebody
that I feel like the rest of us should be more like. Paula: And you’ve been to the Kennedy Center
Honors before, you honored Dolly Parton, why is this night so unique?>>Um, I mean it’s all about honoring excellence,
you know? They say that’s the number one qualifier for
being honored and um, every single person I love- that it’s a night where just different
people from different worlds come together and celebrate excellence. So I’m honored to be a part of this Honor
for Linda.

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  1. I had the privilege of seeing Linda Ronstadt in concert at the Morton Meyerson symphony center in Dallas Texas back in the 90s. It was right after Thanksgiving and I was determined to get front row seats when I heard about the concert. However, I found out that they were $1000 each. Needless to say I paid $100 for nosebleed seats but in that Performance Hall the acoustics are absolutely amazing and it was a terrific experience nonetheless.

  2. I had the pleasure of seeing Linda Ronstadt in concert in South Florida in the 1970's. She was (as always) simply awesome. It was standing room only- there was no seating- only on the floor itself, and I remember her singing to the audience wearing a Poka-dot dress.

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