Can I afford to study in the US?

Can I afford to study in the US?

27 thoughts on “Can I afford to study in the US?

  1. Want to find out how you can afford to study in the States? Crimson Education is the world leader in global admissions consulting. Find out more, and apply for a free education assessment here:

  2. I am currently attending a state university, and I was just wondering if it was worth transferring to a prestigious university in my third year?

  3. Total cost to get a 5-year degree at a top university in Germany: 50k including tuition, housing and living cost. You get the same education, save approx. 250k and only give up a little bit of prestige. If you are a top student you can still go visit the top institutions in the U.S. as a VGR without paying tuition.

  4. Amazing video. Learned a lot and thx. But I if I remember correctly Stanford is also a need-blind college but the requirements for international students there and Cornell are absurd IMHO. I like that Harvard for example doesn't even need A-Levels.

  5. I love Crimson Education so much! Now I can explain to my parents that there are ways on how can I get into my dream school 😍

  6. I have many Art Certificate(national + International) and even a Olympiad certificate in science (national) then Which Collage will mostly accept my application ?

  7. I want admission in famous medical collage in america so thatswhy plz give suggestion for online study by crimson education chanel . what proces.

  8. My parents make around 9000$ a year i live in Kosovo a small country in Europe do i qualify for for full financial aid as an international student. And also can i transfer my studies in a ivy league school from my home university

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