Building Showground Station – Sydney Metro Northwest

[VOICEOVER]: This spectacular break through is just the start of the journey on Sydney Metro Northwest. Our mega tunnel boring machine Elizabeth has made it to Showground. [ANDREW CONSTANCE]: It’s great to see Elizabeth popping up for air here on what is going to be a world class station – the Showground. VOICEOVER: Now it’ll soon be time to start building the underground station here. One of eight new stations. This state-of-the-art new railway station will be delivered literally from the bottom up, with platforms about 25m underground, the new railway tracks will be installed on either side. Using a ‘cut and cover’ construction method, the station will be built up from the platform level to the mezzanine concourse then to the ground level. Next, the station lifts and escalators are installed. The signature canopy then gets lifted into place. It’s designed with the local landscape in mind and also provides weather protection. Showground Station includes 600 commuter car parking spaces, 4 taxi spaces, parking and storage for 40 bicycles, and a bus interchange on Doran Drive. The station has been designed to allow as much natural light in as possible – from the canopy as well as skylights in the nearby park areas. Platform screen doors will keep people and objects like prams away from the edge allowing trains to get in and out of stations much faster. When services start in the first half of 2019, trains will run every four minutes in the peak. Sydney Metro Northwest is the first stage of Sydney Metro … Sydney’s brand new fully automated railway.

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