Blancanieves y los siete enanitos 1812 Cuento original de los Hermanos Grimm

It was a harsh winter day, and the flakes
of snow fell from the sky like white feathers. The Queen was sewing by a window, whose
Marco was ebony. And as while sewing watched the flakes fall,
with the needle he pricked a finger, and three drops of blood they fell on the snow. The blood red stood out beautifully
on the white background, and she thought: “Ah, If I could have a daughter who was white
Like snow, red like blood and black like the ebony of this window! ” Not long after a girl was born
That was snow white, pink as blood and black hair like wood
of ebony; and that’s why they named him Snow White. But when she was born, the Queen died. A year later, the King remarried. The new Queen was very beautiful, but proud
and haughty, and could not suffer anyone Take advantage of beauty. He had a prodigious mirror, and every time
He looked at him, asked: “Mirror on the wall, tell me one thing: who
Is this country the most beautiful? And the mirror answered, invariably: “Madam Queen, you are the most beautiful in
the whole country”. The Queen was satisfied, because she knew that
The mirror always told the truth. Snow White grew and became more
Beautiful every day. When she turned seven, she was so beautiful
like daylight, and much more than the Queen herself. When asking this one day in the mirror: “Mirror on the wall, tell me one thing: who
Is this country the most beautiful? The mirror replied: “Madam Queen, you are like a star,
but Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful. ” The Queen was frightened, pale with envy
and since then, every time I saw Snow White he felt his heart was churning; such
It was the hatred he held against her. And envy and pride, like the bad ones
herbs, grew taller and higher in their soul, not leaving him a moment of rest,
Day or night. Finally, he called a server one day and
Told him: – Take the girl to the forest; I do not want
have it more time before my eyes. You will kill her, and in proof of having fulfilled
My order, you will bring me your lungs and your liver. He obeyed the hunter and left for the forest
with the girl But when he was about to nail his knife
of mount in the innocent heart of the girl, She burst into tears: -Pity, good hunter, let me live! he begged. I will stay in the forest and never return
to the palace. And it was so beautiful, that the hunter, pitying
of her, he said: – Leave then, poor thing! And he thought: “It won’t be long for wild beasts to devour you.” However, it seemed as if it were removed
a heart stone for not having to kill her. And how a puppy will pass by there
of wild boar, he slaughtered it, he pulled his lungs and the liver, and he took them to the Queen as
proof of having fulfilled his mandate. The wicked woman handed them over to the cook
to be cooked, and he ate them convinced that he ate Snow White meat. The poor girl found herself alone and abandoned
In the immense forest. He was dying of fear, and the slightest movement
He was startled by the leaves of the trees. Not knowing what to do, he ran for
between thorns and pointed stones, and the jungle animals were jumping by
its side without causing the least damage. She kept running while the
feet and until the sun went down. Then he saw a little house and entered it to
rest. Everything was tiny in the little house, but so exquisite
and clean, that there are no words to describe it. There was a small table covered with a very white tablecloth,
with seven tiny plates and seven cups; and next to each plate was his teaspoon,
his little knife and his fork. Lined up next to the wall were seven
little beds, with sheets of immaculate whiteness. Snow White, as I was very hungry,
ate a little legumes and a snack of bread from each plate, and drank a drop of
He came from every drink, because he didn’t want to take it all one. Then, feeling very tired, she wanted to lie down
in one of the beds; but none was from his measure: it was too long or too long
short; until, finally, the seventh it came well; he lay on it, he entrusted himself
to God and fell asleep. Closed at night, the owners arrived
of the little house, which were seven dwarfs who they were digging minerals in the bush. They lit their seven lamps and, when they lit up
the room, they saw that someone had entered, because things were not in order
that they had left when they left. The first said: -Who sat on my chair? The second: -Who has eaten from my plate? The third: -Who has cut some of my bread? The fourth: -Who has eaten of my vegetable? The fifth: -Who has pricked with my fork? Sixth: -Who has cut with my knife? And the seventh: -Who drank from my glass? Then, the first, toured the room
and, seeing a small hole in his bed, he exclaimed alarmed: -Who got on my bed? The others came running and exclaimed
everybody: -Someone was cast in mine! But the seventh, when examining his, discovered
to Snow White, asleep in it. He then called the others, who came
rushed and could not suppress their exclamations of admiration when, approaching seven
lamps, saw the girl. -Oh my God; Oh my God! they said
What a beautiful creature! And his joy was such that they decided not to wake her up,
but let him keep sleeping on the bed. The seventh dwarf lay down next to his companions,
one hour with each one, and so it went the night. When the day cleared, Snow White woke up
and, seeing the seven dwarfs, he was startled. But they greeted her affably and asked her: -What is your name? “My name is Snow White,” she replied. -And how did you get to our house? – they continued
asking the little men. Then she told them that her stepmother
he had ordered to kill her, but that he hunter had forgiven her life, and she
had been running all day until which, at dusk, found the little house. The dwarves said: -Do you want to take care of our house? Cook, make beds, wash, mend
the clothes and keep everything tidy and clean? If so, you can stay with us and
Nothing will be missing. -Yes! cried Snow White. With pleasure – and stayed with them. From then on, he took care of the house with
all dedication In the morning, they went out to the mountain
in search of ore and gold, and upon returning, In the afternoon, they found the food prepared. During the day, the girl was left alone,
and the good dwarfs warned him: -Save your stepmother, it won’t take long
In knowing that you are here. Do not let anyone in! The Queen, meanwhile, since she thought she had
eaten Snow White’s lungs and liver, I was sure to be the first one in
beauty. He approached the mirror one day and asked: “Mirror on the wall, tell me one thing: who
Is this country the most beautiful? And the mirror replied: “Madam Queen, you are here as a star;
but it dwells in the mountain, with the dwarfs, Snow White, which is a thousand times more beautiful. ” The Queen was startled, because she knew that the
mirror never lied, and realized that the hunter had cheated on her, and that
Snow White was not dead. He thought then of another way to get rid
of her, as long as there was in the country Someone who beat her in beauty, envy
I wouldn’t let her rest. Finally, he devised a medium. She smudged her face and dressed like an old woman
Buhonera, being completely unknown. Thus in disguise he went to the seven mountains
and, knocking on the door of the seven dwarfs, scream: -I sell good and beautiful things! Snow White peeked out the window and said: -Good morning, good woman! What do you bring to sell? “Fine things, fine things,” replied the Queen. Ties of all colors – and pulled out a braided one
Multicolored silk “Well I can let this poor woman in,”
thought Snow White and, opening the door, He bought the exquisite bow. -How beautiful you are, girl! cried the old woman. Come, I’ll put the tie myself. Snow White, not suspecting anything, got
in front of the saleswoman to tie him the tape around the neck but the witch
He did it so sharply and squeezing so much, that the girl had her breath cut
and fell as dead. -Now you’re not the most beautiful! -said
the stepmother, and hurried away. After a short while, after dark, they returned
the Seven Dwarfs. Imagine your fright when they saw lying
on the ground his beloved Snow White, without Move like dead. They ran to incorporate it and seeing that the tie
his neck was clenched, they rushed to cut it. The girl began to breathe slightly, and
Little by little it came back to itself. When the dwarves heard what had happened,
they told them: -The old saleswoman was none other than the evil one
Queen. Beware of letting anyone in,
while we are absent. The bad woman, when she arrived at the palace, ran
before the mirror and asked: “Mirror on the wall, tell me one thing: who
Is this country the most beautiful? And the mirror replied, as before: “Madam Queen, you are here as a star;
but it dwells in the mountain, with the dwarfs, Snow White, which is a thousand times more beautiful. ” When he heard it, of spite, all the blood
it flowed to the heart, because he knew that Snow White I continued to live. “This time,” he told himself, “I will come up with a trap of
the one that you will not escape ”, and, using of the devilish arts in which I was a teacher,
He made a poisoned comb. Then he disguised himself again, also adopting
the figure of an old woman, and went to the mountains and knocked on the door of the seven dwarves. -Good merchandise to sell! -scream. Snow White, looking out the window,
said: -Follow your path, I can’t open it to anyone. -You can at least look at what I bring! -answered
the old woman and, taking out the comb, picked it up in the air. But the girl liked the comb so much that,
forgetting all the warnings, opened the door. When they agreed on the price
The old woman said: -They see that I will comb your hair as God commands. The poor thing, not thinking anything bad, left
do the old; but there was hardly this nailed the comb in the hair, the poison produced
its effect and the girl collapsed numb. “Beauty sampler,” said the evil one
Witch-, now you’re ready! -and left But fortunately, there was little left for the
night, and the dwarfs soon returned. Finding Snow White inanimate in the
ground, they immediately suspected the stepmother and, searching, they discovered the poisoned comb. They removed it quickly and, at the moment,
the girl came back and explained what happened They warned him again that he should be
alert and do not open the door to anyone. The Queen, back at the palace, went directly
to his mirror: “Mirror on the wall, tell me one thing: who
Is this country the most beautiful? And like the previous times, the
mirror, finally: “Madam Queen, you are here as a star;
but it dwells in the mountain, with the dwarfs, Snow White, which is a thousand times more beautiful. ” Hearing these words from the mirror, the evil one
witch began to tremble with rage. “Snow White will die,” he shouted, “although I
It will cost me my life! And, going down to a secret chamber where nobody
had access but she prepared an apple With a most virulent poison. On the outside it was beautiful, white and rosy,
able to make your mouth water to anyone who I saw her. But a single bite meant death
safe. When he had the apple ready, it was painted
face again, dressed as a peasant and headed to the seven mountains, to the
House of the seven dwarfs. He knocked on the door. Snow White stuck his head out the window
and said: -I must not open anyone; the seven dwarfs
I have been banned. “As you wish,” replied the peasant. But I want to get rid of my apples. Look, I give you one. “No,” said the girl, “I can’t accept.”
any. -Do you fear that it will poison you? said the old woman. Look, I cut the apple in two halves:
you eat the red part, and I the white one. The fruit was prepared so that only
the embodied side had poison. Snow White looked at the fruit with greedy eyes,
and when he saw that the peasant ate her, could not resist. He reached out and took the poisoned half. But not well he had put in his mouth the
first piece, fell on the ground, dead. The Queen looked at her with a grudge look,
and, laughing, he said: -White as snow; red as blood;
black as ebony! This time, the dwarves will not resurrect you. And when, upon arriving at the palace, he asked the
mirror: “Mirror on the wall, tell me one thing: who
Is this country the most beautiful? The mirror replied, finally: “Madam Queen, you are the most beautiful in
the whole country”. Only then did his envious heart calm down,
assuming that an envious heart could calm down The dwarfs, when they returned home
night, they found Snow White lying on the floor, without leaving his lips
the lightest breath. I was dead. They picked her up, looked if she had any
stabbed object, unbuttoned, they combed their hair, washed it with water and wine,
But everything was useless. The poor girl was dead and well dead. They placed her in a coffin, and the seven, sitting
around, they were crying for three days. Then they thought about burying him; but watching
that the body was preserved lush, like the of a living person, and that his cheeks were still
flushed, they said: -We can’t bury her in the black woman’s bosom
earth -and they made a glass box transparent that allowed to see it from all
the sides. They placed it on her and recorded her name
with gold letters: “Snow White Princess”. Then they transported the coffin to the summit
of the mountain, and one of them, in turn, I was always there watching her. And even the animals came to cry at
Snow White: first, an owl; then, a crow and finally a popcorn. And so it was Snow White a long time, resting
in his coffin, without decomposing, as if asleep, because it was still white as snow,
red as blood and with black hair Like ebony It happened, then, that a prince who
had gotten into the forest headed to the House of the dwarfs, to spend the night. He saw on the mountain the coffin it contained
to the beautiful Snow White and read the inscription Engraved with gold letters. He then said to the dwarves: -Give me the coffin, I’ll pay for it what I
ask. But the dwarves answered: -Not for all the gold in the world we would sell it. “In that case, give it to me,” the prince said.
Well, I can’t live without seeing Snow White. I will honor and revere her as to what
I want more. Hearing these words, the little men felt
compassion of the prince and they gave him the coffin. The prince ordered his servants to transport him
on shoulders But it happened that on the way they stumbled
against a bush, and from the jolt jumped from Snow White’s throat the mouthful of
poisoned apple, which I still had choked. And, soon after, the princess opened her eyes
and regained life. He lifted the coffin lid, sat up
and said: -God Saint !, where am I? And the prince replied, mad with joy: -You’re with me -and, after explaining
Everything that happened, he said: -I love you more than anyone in the world. Come to my father’s castle and you will be my wife. Snow White agreed and left with him
to the palace, where the wedding, to be celebrated with great magnificence
and splendor. The evil one was also invited to the party
Snow White’s stepmother. Once he had dressed in his clothes
more luxurious, he went to the mirror and asked: “Mirror on the wall, tell me one thing: who
Is this country the most beautiful? And the mirror replied: “Madam Queen, you are here as a star,
but the young queen is a thousand times more beautiful. ” The evil woman let out a curse and had
such a start, that he was left out of his mind. His first purpose was not to go to the wedding. But restlessness gnawed at her, and she couldn’t resist
to the desire to see that young queen. Upon entering the room he recognized Snow White,
and such was his fright and shock, that he stayed stuck in the ground without being able to move. But they had already put some slippers on fire
of iron and they were incandescent. Taking them with tongs, they forced her to put them on,
and he had to dance with them until he fell dead.

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