23 thoughts on “BEST and WORST High School Clubs: Which One did you choose? | 外国人はどんなクラブ活動をするの?

  1. Why is there a guy in the frame with the circular light filter thing in the intro…it's distracting and I am pretty sure he is not supposed to be there.

  2. Clubs? What's that? It's something we only see on movies from anglo-saxon countries culture… things like graduation parties, prom dances, debate contests, math competitions or any other strange extra-curricular activities supported by the management do not exist over here (at least didn't when I attended school). I heard some privately-owned schools are starting to mimick all those US things, but certainly not in my era. In university is even worse, because you're not supposed to work on things outside your syllabus. You cannot access subjects from other careers different than yours; for example, engineering students cannot choose liberal arts subjects, that won't ever happen here.

  3. Not me, I was lucky enough to find a flaw in the school's system and wait out an entire period in a Gym just lazying around on a bleacher for about 30 minutes before I went home. They can Golf in the 100' degree sun all they wanted back then.

  4. I like the "Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer" from the Anime "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!" (Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai! / 中二病でも恋がしたい!), 'cause I'm napping in the high noon, too. And I love magic ! 😋

    I also love the Wind Music Club of "Kyoto Tachibana Senior High School". They are lovely and energetic and it's really fun to watch them play. 😍

    I wished we had such a School-Club-System in Germany, 'cause I think it makes the social activities between the pupil a little bit easier.

  5. There were clubs in high school? I don't remember doing club stuff …. wait…. I was in the trivia game club. How did I not remember that?

  6. Moonie Cathy Cat! I did like English, History and Travel lessons at school but overall i hated school that much i even failed to take any exams and yes i do regret it some times! the only club i did get in to was Board game,Chess and a book club, I guessed all that and the love of aviation help me a long in life today!

  7. No clubs for me but I was always a voracious reader. I learned that some books just aren't worth finishing and some are worth whatever difficulty you have. Judging the difference is a worthwhile life skill. It wasn't exactly a club but I worked on some films too. That can be interesting because it was useful to learn how to work and communicate with groups of people and there's a huge amount of interaction with an unforgiving physical world. And some of the tech stuff has come in handy.

  8. Cathy Cat boldly sacrificed herself (hahaha) for us by asking for that ab shot! Can I see your abs sir? Just asking for a friend… LOL

  9. In middle School we had club's you can't imagine anywhere else. Here a few examples:
    – Typing Club (where you learned to type with over 100 words per minute)
    – Pottery Club
    – Repair club (they basically learned how to repair overhead projectors and other simple stuff)

  10. 'The Summerschool Club' (was not official). Pretty sucky club- the reward was that we wound up only having 1-2 classes during our last year. 😀

  11. I like the idea of a club, but my university doesn't have anything I want to do right now. Admittedly school does get a bit busy and sometimes I just want to leave

  12. I was in home economics class during elementary… I wanted to join the taekwando club but kids with asthma weren't allowed lol

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