Bentley doesn’t need a knife and fork [The Return of Superman/2020.01.12]

Bentley doesn’t need a knife and fork [The Return of Superman/2020.01.12]

William and Bentley are exploring the Middle East. They’ve left Dubai to go to a gem-like place. (Where did they go?) It’s the home of Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. (This place floats like a home on the Persian Gulf.) We finally came to the place I’ve always wanted to visit. The Louvre Abu Dhabi was built by the international architect, Jean Nouvel. (Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player) (Nicolas Sarkozy, French politician) (Visited by celebrities from various countries) – The architecture is a work of art. / – Dad, what is this place? This is where you can find world-class arts. Art. – Art. / – Art. Art. Look, William. This is a work of art. – Dad. / – His eyes went wide. We should stare at it – for 30 seconds. / – The building is mesmerizing. Will we drink alcohol here? – What? / – Drink alcohol? Art. – “Art” and “drink alcohol” sound similar. / – Art. I said “art”, not “drink alcohol”. – Art. / – Art. Do you know Van Gogh? Do you know Leonardo da Vinci? You will find their artworks. – When you are young… / – Art. Art. Your eyes are a work of art. – Hat. / – That hat makes you look like an artist. – That’s right. / – William. That hat makes William look like an artist too. – Dad. / – Not me. (He understood perfectly.) To celebrate this occasion, the two of you dressed up – like an artist. / – With those berets, – they look like artists. / – Baby, why did you wear socks with slippers? That’s what I’m talking about. It’s fashion from Eungam-dong. – Perfect. / – Seriously. How could you wear socks with slippers? – Don’t you know? / – What is that? – That’s a bit… / – What is that? – Don’t you know fashion? / – It’s cool. – It’s high fashion / – Really? only fashionistas can try. People will look at me weird if I try that style. That’s right. You’ll look like a middle-aged man. (This is fashion.) Baby, you look cool. Bentley can definitely pull it off. (I agree.) What is that? What is this? Isn’t that a shadow? (Sunlight creates a shadow.) Ben. Ben. – Ben? / – Yes. – Is that shadow Ben? / – Where is it coming from? There! That’s right. It’s coming from up there. (A ray of light) – What is it? / – Water? It’s not water. – It’s sun-rain. Sun-rain. / – What? – Sun-rain. / – He calls it sun-rain since it’s raining from the sun. You speak like an artist. It’s like the pin light. – Stand in it for a second. / – Seriously. – It’s like the pin light. / – Come forward. Come forward. A bit more. A bit more. Stop. You look like… Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Look at me. One, two, three. (With sun-rain) – Ben. / – Go back. – Ben wants a photo too. / – Go back. Go back. – Look at me. / – There you go. – No, no. / – Come forward. No, no. Come forward. Stop. Go back. Stop. Come forward. Stop, stop. – He doesn’t do anything halfway. / – That’s the spot. – Come forward. No. / – He doesn’t do anything halfway. – It’s a good shot. / – It looks like he is playing. – Right? / – Ben. Ben. It’s Ben. – It’s a good shot. / – It’s better than the first one. – Art. / – Dad, Dad. (Bentley is absorbed in the art.) Mister. You can’t do this here. Mister. Mister. – Mister. / – Listen. At a place like this, you need to be quiet. – Mister. / – That’s the etiquette. No chatting loudly or crawling on the floor. It’s a nuisance to others. “Manners maketh man.” You know that, right? You can be quiet, right? (We must be quiet.) Don’t run. Why does it feel strange – when Sam speaks English well? / – I know. My children are the best. (Shouting) I told you not to do that. (Dad, I am sorry.) – How cute! / – All right. Dad, I will be quiet. – Good. Let’s see some artworks. / – It’s not easy to take children to a museum. No. The artworks are this way. Will they be able to enjoy the museum? (They enter the gallery.) A middle-aged man. Dad. Dad, what is that? – What is that? / – What is that? – What is it? / – That’s a statue – of a man who lived in Egypt long ago. / – Pharaoh. He was the king of Egypt back in the days. (The king?) What? You should say hello. Hello. – He says hello first. / – Hello. To enter, you need to get permission from him. Do we need to get permission? That’s right. He is the king. (Dad, let go.) (I will get permission.) What are you doing? Is that how he’ll get permission? (Dancing) I see. One has to dance before the pharaoh. How cute! (Pharaoh, please give us permission.) (Pharaoh doesn’t answer.) Sir. – No. / – Don’t sing. Watch me. Hello. I am William. Hello. (First, they greet politely.) Thank you for your hard work. – Yes, he has worked hard / – May we enter? for thousands of years. – We can enter. / – Thank you. Thank you. He answers well. They finally entered the gallery. Don’t run. You shouldn’t run. (Let’s meet the artworks.) (Exclaiming) (Exclaiming) – Dad. / – It’s cool, right? It’s cool. You can feel the power of the Middle East’s art at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It houses about 600 artworks that transcend genre and geography from ancient times to the present. You can also see relics from all over the world there. History comes alive at this place. I want to go there too. (Welcome, William and Bentley!) – It would be good for children. / – That’s right. Look at that. He is sleeping. – Dad. / – “Dad”? Dad. Dad. No. (You can’t sleep at the museum.) – Dad. / – Wake up. You aren’t waking up. He isn’t waking up. You must be tired. – Hello. / – “You must be tired.” Sleep is the best medicine. – Continue to do art. / – Who taught him that? Goodnight. Bye. “Sleep is the best medicine.” – He said that in Abu Dhabi. / – What is that? Come here. – Come here. / – I want to look at it. Since there are artworks they don’t usually see, – they would be excited. / – I’m sure. Dad, let’s eat cereal here. You can’t joke around artworks. It would be the most expensive bowl. (Let’s enjoy the art quietly.) (Hold on!) I know this woman. Who is that? – She is that… / – Who? – The aunt who eats well. / – “The aunt who eats well”? Aunt Yeongja. Aunt Yeongja? She really looks similar. – My goodness. / – Aunt. – The hairstyle is similar. / – Is that Aunt Yeongja? – Seriously. / – Are you sure? I am sure. Food. Please. William is a genius. (Why don’t we eat jokbal on Friday evening?) Aunt Yeongja’s portrait is at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. (After Aunt Yeongja’s portrait) (Roaring) Mom. – Mom? / – Mom. – Mom. / – That’s not Mom. The tiger… Mom. Mom. – Is there Mom again? / – Mom. This time, she is lying down. Mom. Speak. Speak. – Speak. Speak. / – Speak? Can’t she speak? Listen. – Hey. Get up. Get up. / – His mom won’t speak. (His mom is frozen like ice.) My goodness. Unfreeze! – How cute! / – Unfreeze! My goodness. (Unfreeze!) – He wants to wake his mom. / – You need to be quiet. – Sit down. / – That’s Sam. – Listen here, you two. / – He is good at disciplining. (I must go and wake Mom up!) He doesn’t let his children misbehave. That’s right. Sit down. Sit down. Are you laughing or crying? (I don’t know what I am feeling.) Hold on. Ever since Bentley arrived at the United Arab Emirates, his emotions are fluctuating. Do you want me to be punished? Why would you be punished? (It’s time for a lesson!) Look at that man. Sit down. Look at that man. Hello. (Baby, be quiet.) – Look at that man. / – Boo-hoo. He stuck his tongue out. (You will be punished at that rate.) William. (What?) William. His pronunciation is off. What is wrong with my tongue? (Is something wrong with his mouth?) Dad. Look at William’s face. He seems worried. – What is it? / – What is it? Dad, what is it? (Is he sticking his tongue out?) What is that? Is that your tongue? (Sam’s tongue?) (Why are you pulling it out?) Hey. (His tongue stretches out.) What is wrong with my tongue? – What is going on? / – Does your tongue hurt? I must be receiving a punishment. – It’s a punishment. / – My tongue is swollen. Does it hurt? They are starting to worry. – Don’t do that. He is in pain. / – Does it hurt? (I think you are playing around.) – My goodness. / – What? – My tongue. / – My goodness. (Did your tongue fall off?) My tongue. My tongue fell off. (A toy tongue) My kids are energetic, so I’m always worried. They shouldn’t run around and scream in a museum, so I prepared something in advance. (Sam’s tongue received a punishment.) Dad. Gone? Dad. Dad’s tongue is gone? – It’s gone! / – Is it gone? His tongue… Dad, does it hurt? What will they do? (Dad is missing his tongue.) Is it because of me? I feel bad. Since you kept shouting – William is about to cry. / – and running around, I received a punishment. What am I going to do? (I received a punishment.) Because… Because we shouted, you lost your tongue. – My goodness. / – Dad, I am sorry. (Dad, I am sorry.) William is so nice. Bentley is upset too. Please make Dad’s tongue come back. Please. William. (This is enough!) William! Look at me. (What?) What? Did he get his tongue back? It’s here. (Smiling) Did Sam’s tongue come back? – My goodness. / – My goodness. (Did his tongue come back?) Now, be quiet. Don’t run around, okay? – I promise. / – Promise me. (I promise!) How cute! (Hush!) William will definitely keep his promise now. It’s gold! But I need to be quiet. – Eureka! / – “Eureka!” (Tiptoeing) (After the art exploration) How cute! All right, children. Let’s go. – Dad, am I wearing a skirt? / – It’s not a skirt. – They are wearing kanduras. / – The kandura. It’s cool. What is that? – What? / – What is that? – What is that? / – It’s a private jet. The plane flew so close to the ground like a kite. (A plane!) (What is this place with the private jet?) Where are we going in this outfit? Let’s wash up before we go. – What? Wash up? / – Dad, – my shoes are dirty. / – They aren’t dirty. It’s okay. – Is it a bathhouse? / – Dad, it’s a bathhouse. – It’s the perfect bathhouse. / – Let’s wash up. Dad, I washed up in the morning. (Sniffing) I should wash up. He is honest. How cute! (William’s feet) (stink!) (William, wash up.) (Let’s wash up!) He is washing his brother’s feet. – They are good brothers. / – Seriously. (How dirty!) (Is there any place you want to wash up more?) (Is there?) (No?) (No?) – Wash up thoroughly. / – Okay. We need to go somewhere. – Where are they going? / – Didn’t we come to wash up? (Do you want to wash up some more?) Are we going to play? (Does this place require them to wash up first?) We aren’t going to play. (At that moment…) What is that? Dad, there is a castle! Did we come to see that place? Yes. William, this is a blessed place. It’s a palace. – What is this place? / – That’s right. This beautiful place straight out of a fairy tale is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It was built over 10 years ago. The outside, inside, walls and floors were built with marble. It’s as big as six soccer fields. (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) – Let’s go. / – This place is so cool. It’s cool, right? (Exclaiming) – I wonder how you’d feel there. / – Seriously. (Uncle, let’s go!) Let’s take a photo. We will get the best photo of our lives. Look, a lot of people are taking photos. That’s right. When you go there, you must take photos. – It’s like a place in a fairy tale. / – Look at me. – Okay. / – Seriously. Can you take a photo of me? (Do you want me to take a photo of you?) Ben, Ben, Ben. (He comes to get me every day.) (He goes, “Ben, Ben, Ben.”) (He drags me away every day.) (Why does he do that?) William is taking photos of us. Please take good photos. (Please take pretty photos.) One, two, three. (Frozen) – It’s pretty. / – Really? What is going on? Please take good photos. Smile. Okay. Please take good photos. (He smiles.) Are you taking photos of us? Is he taking selfies? Hey. What are you doing? He is taking selfies. Hey. It’s the best place for selfies. (William and Bentley in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) They’re cute. (Let’s go into the mosque!) Let’s go. Dad, this place… What is this place? (The beautiful ceiling is as high as the sky.) What is it? What is it? William. (Then appears) (a beautiful and magical space.) – It’s spacious, right? / – Yes. It really looks like a place in a fairy tale. (Halls adorned with flowers) (circle the white square.) Since everything here is white, hence it’s also known as the White Mosque. Look at this place. Everything is white. What is this? You can’t enter there. Ben, you can’t enter. See, not one person is entering. – It looks like it’s prohibited. / – What? – This place is cool. / – William, look at the ceiling. (Exclaiming) – William. / – No way. (Run!) – Ben! / – Oh, no. – You can’t go there. / – He wants to fully take it in. Ben! Ben! – Come out. / – He’s understandably curious. Come on out. You shouldn’t be there. (But Dad,) (this place feels familiar.) Hurry. You shouldn’t be there. – Did Bentley live here / – Come out. Ben. – in his past life? / – Ben! I can’t go in there! – William, please hurry up / – There goes William. and bring your brother. Come here. Come here. (I won’t go!) – Was he a prince in his past life? / – Catch him! Baby, you can’t do that! Bentley must feel at home. He feels like he came back home. – Probably. / – I am sorry. For goodness’ sake. (Baby doesn’t know anything.) My goodness, they are in trouble. (An employee appears.) (They return without a fuss.) – I am sorry. I am sorry. / – It’s all good. Come here. Sorry. It’s okay. Don’t worry. – Are you okay? / – Yes. Sorry. (Still, I am sorry.) (Thank you for your understanding.) – Okay? Bye. / – Thank you. – Bye. / – Bye. (Shall we enjoy the artistic buildings) (as we circle the place?) (Hold on!) Dad, I saw this place in “Aladdin”. (“Aladdin”) It looks similar, right? That’s right. It looks similar. Does a princess live here? She could live here. Does Princess Jasmine live here? – A princess… / – She could live here. This is the place. Dad, I will look for her. I can find her. What? Will he look for Princess Jasmine? I will find her! Sure. Go and find her. – Goodness. / – Find her. Princess. Where is Princess Jasmine? (She must be here somewhere.) Are you Jasmine? “Are you Jasmine?” Are you Jasmine? – Who is Princess Jasmine? / – Are you Jasmine? (Is Princess Jasmine here?) Are you Jasmine? (Someone gives him a hand.) – Who’s that? / – Are you Jasmine? No. (I’m not. Sorry.) – I am sorry. / – It’s okay. “I am sorry.” (Disappointed) Dad. Princess Jasmine. I want to meet you. In the fairy tale, the protagonist meets the princess. (William is looking) (for Princess Jasmine here.) (Will he be able to meet her?) In fairy tales, – there’s a storyteller who narrates. / – That’s right. – Dad. / – What? Princess Jasmine isn’t here. – What? / – I feel bad. Were you looking for her all along? William, we need to leave since it’s getting dark. You can’t look for Princess Jasmine any longer. I can’t leave. I haven’t met the princess. – That’s right. / – You said she is here. She could be out for a second. – He is flustered. / – That’s not my fault. You are so mean. We need to leave. Come on. Let’s go. (I am begging you.) You can go by yourself. You are mean. I will find Princess Jasmine. He won’t leave unless he finds Princess Jasmine. This is bad. (What am I going to do?) (Sam is in a pickle.) Again. (The Hammington family is in a pickle.) (Shall we sit back and watch?) Is that how the story will unfold? – Sam. / – Yes? Use this. (A cameraman calls Sam over.) What is it? He received something from the cameraman. Do you carry this around? I am on a business trip. (It’s a must for a business trip.) – What is it? / – You take care of your health. (Shall I give it a try?) – William. / – What is it? – You’re looking for Jasmine, right? / – Yes. I found Jasmine. – What? / – Did he find her? Seriously? Close your eyes and stretch out your hands. – Really? / – Yes. Princess Jasmine will appear and hold your hand. – Are you ready? / – Yes. Is she standing behind me? Are you ready? Keep your eyes closed. – My heart is fluttering. / – It is, right? What is it? There you go. It’s jasmine tea. (Jasmine tea?) Princess Jasmine fell under a spell and became jasmine tea. – Did she turn into a teabag? / – If you behave, – she could turn back / – Look at his face. into a person. What is this? It’s jasmine tea. Is this the princess? – What did he take William for? / – What is this? “Dad, what is this?” She fell under a spell. What should we do? (Princess, are you there?) She is talking to me. (Really?) – Really? / – Yes. She said she wants to be friends with you. Look at his mouth. I don’t hear anything. What is this? He is annoyed. (Let’s go and eat.) Goodness, what an ordeal. Dad, whose house is this? It must be a prince’s house. It’s a restaurant. They came to eat dinner. Food, please. Food! Dad, what are we going to eat? What? What? What? Uncle Hammad said this place serves tasty food. It’s a restaurant only the locals know about. Let’s order. What should we eat? (Dad, if you want to order food,) (use my leg as a phone!) – Hold on. Hello. / – Is he ordering food that way? I would like to order. – Ben’s delivery service. / – I would like to order. (Here comes the menu.) Hi. Hello. Hello. (Young customers, please order.) Do you speak English? A little bit. (I heard that the lamb here is famous.) I heard that the lamb here is very famous. So can I get lamb that we can all eat? – Ashara. / – What? Yes, yes. Okay, fine. Sure. – Sure. / – Did he understand? It means we eat with our hands. I see. I learned Arabic. – Like this? / – We’ll eat with our hands. That’s right. – Bentley and William are the experts. / – Right. One, two, three, four, five, – six, seven, eight, nine, / – What is he doing? – 10. 1, / – Why is he counting? – two, three, four… / – What are you doing? I’m stretching my mouth. (Stretching his mouth) How much is he planning to eat? (Here comes the food!) Is this the famous menu? (What is this?) – Arabic salad. / – Arabic salad? – What is that? / – Salad? Salad? – Oh, it’s a salad? / – That’s a salad? (It’s too small for us.) – It’s free. / – Free? (It’s on the house.) Yes. Good, good. Thank you. Thank you. Is this the gonggal bread? It looks similar to Korea’s gonggal bread. Bentley has a sad memory about that bread. (Empty!) It’s empty inside. Empty? (Is this one empty as well?) (Let’s see.) Hey, hey. It’s empty as well. (Please.) – There is more food. / – Ben, take a look. – There is a salad underneath it. / – Take a look. (That’s good!) I guess you eat the salad with that bread. It looks delicious. Eureka! (Bouncing) Is it good? I don’t like it. You don’t like it? Try this. – Try this. / – Is it good? The hard part is really tasty, okay? It’s tasty. – He likes it. / – It’s tasty. – Is it tasty? / – Yes. – Art. / – Art. – It’s hard. / – They didn’t get the main dish yet. Meat. (How tasty will it be?) We’ll get the meat soon. Wait a bit longer. I am so hungry that I need to work out. Okay, sure. Goodness. – That came out of nowhere. / – One, two. (He gets ready for the meat.) He is burning off calories. – He wants to eat more meat. / – That’s right. (I will also empty my stomach.) Hunger is the best sauce after all. It’s good to eat on the floor. They can eat, work out, – and eat again. / – They can lie down too. (His hands meet his knees.) (Body rolls) Those are difficult moves. (Dancing) My goodness. What is up with that body roll? (Wiggling) (The preparations are complete!) (Meat, come on.) – Hold on. / – Are they bringing in the food? Oh, my. It’s really big. Oh, my. What is that? – What is that? / – No way. Earlier… (Whole lamb roast) Lamb tastes best when it’s roasted whole. This lamb roast is on a different level. I think the order is wrong. This is right. This is right. – There is too much lamb. / – Ashara. This is too much. I don’t think it’s what we ordered. One, two, three. No. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. – Ashara. / – I see. “Ashara” doesn’t mean “Eat with hands.” What? Dad. – It means 10. / – “There are 10 people.” – Sam has no choice but to pay for it. / – Okay. – Okay. / – 10! 10! Did you know about this? This is something… (Since it turned out like this…) I prepared this to celebrate the New Year. I ordered this to share with everyone. – It worked out in the end. / – It’s really tasty. (A round of applause for the generous dad) It’s a nice get-together. I wonder how a whole lamb roast tastes. It must be tasty. It must be tasty. (This is it!) His eyes and nostrils went wide. His mouth, too. (William tries the meat as well.) It must be tasty. (Hold on.) Try it. He will bite into the roast. His eating show is on a different level. (Carnivorous) (He takes a huge bite!) You know how to eat. It’s only right to take a big bite of the roast. (This is Bentley’s class.) – Is it good? / – He barely uses his hands. (My mouth is faster than my hands!) He doesn’t even need his hands. (Everyone, follow me.) Bentley is on a different level. He bit into the bone. No. Dad, no. – Is that rice at the bottom? / – Dad, there is a lot of rice at the bottom. I like this rice. That’s right. (He takes a big bite!) It’s different from what we are used to, but it’s rice nonetheless. – It’s tasty, right? / – Yes. (How is the youngest chef, Bentley doing?) He is an epicure all right. He is wrapping rice with lambskin. (Wrap rice with lambskin.) (Eureka!) It’s bound to be tasty. – Seriously. / – What is this? I want to try it. – Dumpling. / – What? Dumpling! – Did you put rice on the skin? / – Dumpling? Did you make a dumpling with the lambskin? It’s really tasty. He is a talented gourmand. He looks after his dad. (Tasty food should be…) It’s really tasty. – Ben, here. / – Goodness. It’s our last night in Dubai. – Eat it with us. / – He gave it to him. Bye. Dubai. (It’s bustling early in the morning.) – Kyungwan’s family is / – Yeonwoo. – headed somewhere. / – Where are we? – Do you know? / – KBS. We’re at KBS, my workplace. – It’s KBS. / – I brought you here to show you my workplace. (Mini Kyungwan is inside the big Kyungwan.) (The mic has KBS on it.) She’s so cute. This is making me nervous. I always came alone. Coming here with you guys is making me very nervous. It was the day we’re shooting The Return of Superman. I suddenly had to host a news program and had to take the kids here. – This happened for real. / – Yes. You’re a working dad. – It’s warm in here. / – It is. This is where I work. Only people with permission can enter. So for you, I made this in advance. What is it? Ta-da. – It’s the employee card. / – For a realistic feel, I made paper cards for them. (He puts the card around Yeonwoo’s neck.) – This is for… / – You wear this around your neck. Isn’t it cool? Is it okay? So, now… (The youngest employee smiles.) She’s the youngest employee ever. She’s only a year old and already an employee. Let’s go inside. Go on. I’ll tag my card and enter. Bringing my kids to work – made me so nervous and happy. / – Hello. (Part 2 of The Return of Superman will resume shortly.) It’ll continue in Part 2 shortly.

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  1. Fyi, people there eat using hands because most of them are Muslims and they're following what the messenger of Allah , prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) always did in order to get rewards 🙂

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