Art Trip: Marfa | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Art Trip: Marfa | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

100 thoughts on “Art Trip: Marfa | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Really cool episode! I learned a lot! Idea for a future video: dale chihuly is such a cool artist, would love to see your take on his art! 😃

  2. AMAZING video and work. Thank you for creating such an incredible, interesting and high quality content.
    Love from Spain

  3. This is the first Art Assignment video I've watched and I enjoyed it immensely. I've recently gotten back into Crash Course and Sci Show and I was wondeirng why there wasn't a CC for art/art history when I remembered there's a whole sister channel for art.

    Thank you for sharing this. I'm not as into sculpture and space projects but these looked amazing and I'd love to experience them some time. I look forward to watching other adventures like this and the other videos posted to this channel.

  4. Untitled (Dawn To Dusk) isn't anything like my usual taste in art, but it's stunning. I can see exactly how it felt like passing from life to death. I'm personally in no hurry to get to Texas someday, but the idea of seeing that work in person is tempting.

  5. Yea! Texas represents again. As I was watching I thought, THAT is so cool. That is SO cool. That is so COOL. This is definitely a new addition to my bucket list. Loved the episode.

  6. Judd's work is very calming, can't imagine what it's like to see it in the flesh but I know it's something I would want to do

  7. What an amazing video! I just can't put into words how I like this series! Keep up with the good work! <3

  8. The Robert Irwin installation really was a profound experience and I wasn't even there. I totally see where you're coming from with your interpretation, I felt that, too. Thank you so much for this video, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  9. Thank you for this incredible video. I've been to Marfa twice and agree that there is always more to see and do. I haven't seen the Irwin installation yet and am very much looking forward to it.

  10. Judd…does something to me. First time I saw it in person in Seattle, I gasped and then, wide-eyed, spent the next 30 minutes examining everything in the room.

  11. Oh wow! So much in this video I love: (large scale) installation art, spatial art, architecture, and philosophical musings. Every single thing made me want to go and be with it. That courtyard with the plumb/not plumb wall! The dark-to-light verse/inverse building! Frames in the landscape! Prada folly! (and great drone shot Mark!) Bunnies! Every step of your way I kept thinking how amazing it must be experientially, and was giddily delighted when you brought that up. (Also, laughed out loud as, just as I wondered if you'd bought that gun skirt, you gave us a rest assured. 🙂 I cannot give this video enough thumbs up. I am absolutely putting Marfa on my to-visit list; I still need to go visit the Kimball Art museum, and when I do I'm definitively also going to swing this way. Thank you for this video!

  12. This was just so beautiful. Thank you. As a non-American, I'm thoroughly appreciating seeing these art trips to places I've never even heard of, and I can't stop myself thinking "I wish Sarah could see _____ or _______ or ________ from the places I've lived. I'm not sure if you and/or John are going to VidCon in Melbourne, but if you do, I strongly encourage getting on a flight to Hobart for the day and doing an Art Trip: MONA.

  13. I love Marfa! I drove down in April, and it was a short weekend visit so I didn't get to see much, but it is definitely a special place.

  14. Judd and Irwin are a fascinating pairing. It's great to be able to see both of them in such proximity.

  15. Light art is amazing. I'm so into that for the last few years. I enjoy seeing light art in reality with the sun as the primary light… which gets into all sorts of cool relaxing and extraordinary thoughts about literally everything we see.

  16. I was in Marfa this March to fight a pipeline being built. One of the landowners west of the city let Water Protectors stay on her beautiful property in the desert. Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time with the city's art, but the land and sky made such an impression on me. It's easy to see why Judd chose Marfa. Thank you for the video; while I was there I got in a bit of a debate with someone about "those ugly concrete blocks" (their words) and if they are "Art" or not (which is often an unproductive question, but it was a hot day so I took personal offence) so it is nice to hear them described on their own terms without preconceptions of what art is or isn't. Lovely video, as always.

  17. Have you guys thought about visiting Kansas City, MO? We are a huge Advertising hub and tones of art and art shops in our beautiful crossroads district along with great state funded museums. Would love to have you guys visit the heart of the US 🙂

  18. You should make a Cleveland episode! Lot's to see: Cleveland Museum of Art, MOCA Cleveland, Akron Art Museum half hour south, etc…

  19. Any plans of coming to Raleigh/Durham sometime? We'd love to share all of our arty stuff (Nasher at Duke, Duke Gardens, NCAM, etc) with you!

  20. when I was in japan I went to this lovely and kind of tourist-ey temple where you put your hand on the wall and then follow the wall into this pitch black cave. its without a doubt the darkest place Ive ever been, and the wall twists and turns and you get super turned around, but the wall is there to guide you, and then. theres a single beam of sunlight that shines down on some sort of temple-y thing (my japanese was not good enough to really understand what thing, but I dont think that interupted my ability to feel the wonder and awe and idek mysticism? of the beam of sunlight) and it was unbelievable and seems kind of similar to that last building.

  21. What a wonderful artistic oasis! I never properly appreciated my year-plus in western Texas because I felt forced to live there, combined with the fact that I was a [sometimes rightfully] combative knucklehead. Also, I can see the DIA influence on the building installations– I live near Dia:Beacon.

  22. You aren't being dramatic, that IS bloody incredible. A sense of passage that feels holy. As a recent architecture graduate, i know want an absurd amount of money and space to experiment with daylight and skrims. Wow. Just woah. Thanks for being such a cool channel

  23. Just wanted to thank you for the work that you do on this channel and mention that you Art Trip videos have encouraged me to seek out and appreciate art, especially public art, in cities that I visit and in my home city of Burlington Vermont.

  24. This was fantastic! Even while watching I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually be there. Thank you.

  25. I've seen these "vertical stack pieces" in two different museums (Seattle and San Francisco, I think) and never knew how to feel about them. Thank you for providing such profound context. I always lose myself in these videos.

  26. Some of the installations in Marfa remind me of art spaces in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Meow Wolf, specifically, though there are so many excellent galleries/museums/installations to choose from). Do y'all have an art trip planned there anytime soon?

  27. Such a beautiful little town of poignant lines and space to breathe it in and bask upon the artistic history that led to its development. Minimalism made homely.

  28. That's a common misconception with minimalism, it's about using few elements to do a lot, and doesn't actually have to feel 'minimal'

  29. I wish these had been around when I was taking Art Since 1945 in college! I didn't like that class, but I love these videos.

  30. Every time you make one of these videos, I want to visit the location. This is maybe the most convincing.

  31. I've only seen the Marfa Prada once and that was on a train headed from San Antonio to El Paso. I know that stopping there must be cool, but there's something to be said for just driving/riding past it. When you do, you experience the art in a different way, it's like going from nothing, to Prada, to nothing again. Which is how many of the rural west Texas towns feel.

  32. Marfa seems like a pretty fun place to visit…. If you have deep pockets to spend on yuppie shit.

  33. This was enthralling…Marfa seems fascinating! It seems like a hidden little hub of life, and now I really want to visit it! (not to mention the food looks DELICIOUS)

  34. I'm struck by the parallels between the Dan Flavin piece, and the Robert Irwin piece. Both of them play with light and perspective, and force you to see the art in more than one way. It's as if the artists are saying "Look again! There's more to see, but it's you that has to change in order to see it."

  35. Loved how you DGAF at the last installation and just full on gushed rather than be too cool for school. Thank you for this, now thiking of going on an art pilgrimage to Marfa. Haha.

    This reminds me so much of the art islands in Japan – contemporary art installations set in remote, provincial, and sleepy islands of Teshima, Naoshima, Inujima. Will you please go there next time? 😛

  36. What a cool place! I want to go now. Thanks for teaching me about stuff I might never have heard of otherwise! You guys are the best!

  37. Can you guys do an episode of Egon Schiele?! I guess you could tie it into an episode such as, "A Case for Explicit Art"

  38. A tip for anyone about to view this video, put it on mute and just enjoy the beautiful artwork rather than have it ruined by the fast paced strident narration.

  39. Just getting around to watching this and it is incredible! I love seeing tour of an entire city! I was never interested in spending much time in Texas outside of Austin prior to watching this and now I really want to see Marfa! Great stuff! Well written with nice shots representing the artwork well. Also, glad to see Mark got to play with his drone!

  40. I have visited Marfa several times, and this video captures the spirit and feel of the town and it's important contributions to the art world. Thank you for making this!

  41. Did anyone have a chance to see the glowing pillars by Jason Tucker? They're just outside town and they're incredible, especially at night!

  42. Watching this made me homesick for the first time in a long, long time. I grew up in west Texas; those skies, that flat landscape, they are part of me. I haven't been to Marfa but once, back in 1994; the last time I was in Texas.
    Walking in the heat – the scent of grass and dust – the sky out there – all things that I haven't thought about in years.
    I won't deny that I am crying even now.
    This is a trip I may need to make in person.

  43. Absolutly stunning…. i like your Video…. and i also like the sound you choosen… can you please tell me the artist and track name @ 15:00? Thank you in advance from switzerland.

  44. The background soundtrack is so PBS. Distracting and amateurish. What trust-funder/film student was tasked with stripping all of the meaning out of this marvelous place?

  45. The old hospital is haunted like crazy. Take my word for it. All I'll say is my friends and I entered the building in it's original form before what it is now and not only were we terrified, we were followed home and pestered by what we saw for weeks till we found a curandero to bless us and our homes. I left marfa about 9 years ago, this happened back in 2004-2005 and to my knowledge none of the 10 people with me have gone back there since then. Especially after the curandero told us not to ever go back.

  46. Had a great time there but didn't see all the places covered here. Some of Judd's installations remind me of horizontal freezers.

  47. It is so stupid that all you stuck up Brats decide to say that Marfa is yours. Leave us alone, you have no respect for Marfanites/Marfans

  48. I am the biggest fan of this channel that anyone could possibly imagine. Brah-Freakin'-Vaux! (Srsly-Thanks for creating great content like this. )

  49. I have not been to Marfa, but I really think this kind of minimalist art can't be appreciated on a monitor or in a book. It relies to much on physical presence.

  50. He was heavily influenced by his muse, his girlfriend of ten years, Lauretta Vincinelli. And she was in turn, heavily inspired by an architect Giuseppe Zamboniniand to some degree by Flavin too. Nothing is ever original. It's all about who has the audacity to make it larger and distributing to the masses. Lauretta's work is very minimalist, subtle yet very alluring. She was an architect by trade. Remember; behind every great man there is a great lady. I highly recommend you seek out her art so you can see for yourself.

  51. What a bunch of BULLSHIT! Art destroyed Marfa, as a humble town. Though, perhaps Hudd may have helped the town in the beginning, the art is destroying the original people of Marfa. Over taxing the the properties aaand above that, over taxing the people with original adobe homes??? WTF! $$$, that’s what it’s all about. Screwing people for somebody’s else’s perceived art knowledge. As in a red dot in a cobalt blue background for $80,000! Yes the new folks are happy whilst they screw the REAL Marfa people! You don’t see that aspect in your segments. Dig deeper. And yes, I was born in Marfa, in 1953.and am proud of that. I have a home there and the chance of keeping it is becoming slimmer every day. Why don’t I see that part in your videos?

  52. Thank you for this. I go to an area near Marfa once a year, but I've never let myself explore the city. Will absolutely be doing it this year.

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