Art Challenge – Genderbend Couples | Mei Yu – HD

Art Challenge – Genderbend Couples | Mei Yu – HD

Mei: Hey, everyone! Which couple was your favorite? Let me know what names you would give them in the comments. I know you’re very creative! I’ll try to make more videos for you. Be sure to check my new video coming up next Friday! Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Art Challenge – Genderbend Couples | Mei Yu – HD

  1. This is amazing art work and you made this 2 days before my b-day
    Am I the only one that would smash male jasmine ……Si? Alright then

  2. For some reason, Dudenaerys and Jane Snow (honestly surprised I knew who they were since I don't watch Game Of Thrones) remind me of Reylo

  3. You should do Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things if you do this challenge again!!! Love the vid!! 💖🙂

  4. Hi Mei! Glad to see you back in action! I love your art, per usual. I wanted to also offer up a challenge for you: MOVIE CHARACTERS as zodiac signs.

    COUPLE 1: Jaspar and Alaina
    Idk enough about GOT to name the Daenerys couple.

  5. Other people: Complementing the video and saying they missed the artist
    Me: But the second couple…They’re related 😂

  6. Yay your back! Wish I saw this video sooner,but YouTube doesn't give me notifications even tho I clicked the bell. Also,what brand of markers do you use? I can't tell.

  7. Aliyah/Princess Ally (Arabic name)
    Jasmir (Arabic name, means "strong man")

    Daeger Targaryen (The names are weird anyways lol)
    Jen Snow

  8. I love your work, but the music is so annoying, it's boring, but at the same time I can feel tje drums jamming my head xD

  9. Why does Aladdin look so cute as a girl 🤣😅 beautiful drawings!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Hey, i just wanted to let you know, that you are a great artist! Love your work and the inspiration you give others. Have a nice week dear❤

  11. Mei, I’ll be flat out honest with you…. You deserve to be a Disney Artist. You’re that good at art, Disney should hire you.

  12. I love the interpretations of the outfits.
    Aladdin is pretty ripped for a homeless guy. But i suppose in this scenario, he's a real prince so 😁

  13. Love these! Also, the second one is basically Lyanna and Rhaegar… (Lyanna wanted to be a warrior, and Rhaegar was content to play music and live a more peaceful life, even though he was adept at being a warrior.)

  14. I loved aladdin and jazmine, but on the second couple, Jon has curly hair and you draw him with straight hair, that kinda confused me about the character

  15. Very beautiful. I just wish you would have kept the curly half long hair for the John snow as girl, it would have looked more like him that way.

  16. I have name for the girl that was was a boy and a boy that was a girl the boy name:jimen the girl name Adeler

  17. Going to offer some constructive criticism. From watching this video and other recent ones, I'm starting to get a sense of same face syndrome.

  18. Maybe next time you should do Steven universe characters as disney characters.

    For example

    1. Blue diamond
    2. Garnet
    3. White diamond

    I don't know Steven universe is my favorite show ever

  19. the art was great and all but, she should have at least improvised the female genderbent a masculine outfit…

  20. I feel like she’s just doing this because of everyones comments of her past videos and such…poor Mei, as if she forced maybe?

  21. Loved the video but missed your cheery voice over.
    Thought of a challenge for you…
    Make the Games of Thrones dragons into people and make some of the people into dragons, i.e. Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Cersei, etc.

  22. I think male Jasmin would have a little pony tail, because the counterpart has such a huge ponytail 😀 yours is awesome tho

  23. Even though Jasmine is male here, giving him jewellery makes him very feminine. I would have give female Aladdin the jewellery instead. Other than that, it's beautiful.

  24. the ocd in me is RAGING at mei for not inking in this TEENY TINY spot on boy jasmine's eyelash, lol

  25. Funny how it sounds like BTS- Run for a moment there (at x2 speed) The rest is totally different though

  26. you inspired me to become an artist, you’re literally the reason i started practicing my drawing ❤️

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