Animator Vs. Cartoonist Mash Up Famous Characters

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Mash Up Famous Characters

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Mash Up Famous Characters

  1. Why do you insist on bringing jonni to the show? Nobody likes his arts, even the artists doesnt like him :S
    I mean, Kyra is awesome, jackie and kevin, hae-joon, mike.. they are the best! Poor Hae-joon pairing with jonni :c

  2. I was so happy because Kyra was on this episode again until I saw jonni… CAN THE PRODUCERS PAY ATTENTION TO THE COMMENTS PLEASE? WE DON'T LIKE JONNI!!
    PD. Sorry for my english haha

  3. This Jonni guy everybody is complaining about, it is so true… I like how everybody keeps their art light, happy and fun… then there’s him with whatever he’s doing

  4. This comment section is kinda shocking, I didn’t expect so much hate 😳
    I actually like Jonni’s style, it’s different

  5. I never wanna see art by Jonni again like maybe it looks cool in whatever comics he draws but he puts no effort in on the show

  6. I know most of you dont like jonni and I'm going to remain neutral in my opinion of him but just think if he saw all these comments. Yes I know it's your opinion but please keep his feelings in mind in case he is affected by what people sag

  7. i hate the editing of this!!!!!! after that jonnie bit is kevin and jackie now i have to playback again so that i wont miss their bit… buzzfeed just drop jonnie!!!!!

  8. I love Jonni's drawings, it's weird and macabre <3 Just because it's weird doesn't mean it's bad. People say it's less effort, but I see it as a quick connection thinking. To create something new with 2+ different elements is really really hard guys.

  9. I don't dislike Jonni or her art but I don't feel it fits the video. She does more her style and doesn't follow the parameters of the videos in my opinion.

  10. Can y‘all like make up your minds? When Jonni was being more herself (I would assume) and more sarcastic during the last times she was on the show, y‘all hated it. Now she‘s more chill and calm, and y‘all say she‘s unresponsive. There‘re different personalities on the show for a reason, not everyone has to be super responsive or funny or absurd. Jeez.

  11. Some of these people in the comments are clearly uneducated in art. Jonni’s art are in no shape or form bad or invalid. If anything her art style is very creative. Probably the most thought trough of any of the artists on this show. It’s not always about the physical appeal but the feeling that creates when either the art is made or when it’s done. I have gone to art school for 8 years and wow, the people in the comments really need to go and see some art exhibitions. And I promise you, almost none of them are gonna contain cute, well rendered fan art of naruto in a pikachu costume. Those types of artworks are what you see on instagram and Pinterest.

  12. I love Jonni’s art style. It is very fun to look at. All the colors and just the oversized proportions and all that stuff.

  13. Added fact marsten also created the lie detector thats why wonderwomans lasso of truth exists it was an homage to his actual profession

  14. Hey guys. I get how you feel about Jonni, but I would say that he was a lot more enthusiastic and a lot less negative in this video…. He's trying to be better so acknowledge that and give him a chance. At the end of the day, this is still a human being and all this excess negativity y'all are dishing out will eventually take its toll

  15. Most of Everyone: Hates Jonni Drawing

    My Unpopular Opinion: Although it seems like he puts in no effort, i think that’s just his drawing style and honestly, it’s so disturbing and meme-y that I like it. It’s unique

  16. Jackie: You know what else is expensive? Kevin: What? Jackie: HOTDOGS!! Are hotdogs expensive? Me: Thank you wise Jackie.

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