Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Nintendo Characters From Memory • Draw Off

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Nintendo Characters From Memory • Draw Off

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Nintendo Characters From Memory • Draw Off

  1. I'm always down to see Jackie, Kevin and Kyra but I always secretly hope Anthony is on here because I love how he draws in values. Pairing him with Ross was a 10/10 idea.

  2. I believe Ross did extremely awesome too, IDK, that style looks awesome to me. Anthony is extremely talented aswell. Both are epic drawings!!!

  3. i would kill for any of their drawing skills, especially anthony or ross's. i would not, however, practice, and i think that's why it hasn't happened yet. i'll just keep on murdering, hoping one day it will result art skills

  4. Anthony and Ross when A. Color dodged?…… his samus it looked so sick the way the drawing came to life at that very moment infront of your eyes. He added the bright to the repulser blast and it charged like the real samus or Iron man hense the red and gold. I like Ross's drawing but Anthony's just took all my attention.

  5. I must say Anthony's drawings everytime is just wow!!!
    So goodddddd
    But I'm still here mostly for Jackie and Kevin 😂😂😂😂👌🏻

  6. Can you guess which one is the illustrator? Huh can you guess? Ok but for real tho I aspire to draw as good as Anthony does in the short time he was given. His technique is impeccable too. I love that he starts with the silhouette and then the values. I actually learned something by watching this.

  7. OMG ANTHONYYYY …your Samus drawing is amazing. If you ever see this comment, please contact me i would love to pay you to design a Samus tattoo for me

  8. the one thing still bugging me is that Anthony is still having the same amount of time with the rest of them…and the result is . . .

  9. 8:36 kyra refering to a mandela effect at wario's pocket is so funny considering the fact that wario doesn't have any pockets

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