31 thoughts on “All in for Education Livestream with Sal Khan

  1. A lot of your videos are in-depth (which is great) but do you think you might do some more over view videos? For me personally, physiology is what I am studying. I use your videos while taking an online class. I learn more from you videos and can use those on my class.

  2. If I could donate I would. These videos save me. One day when I am in a better place to donate after your videos help me change my life I can come back and donate in two years.

  3. And there you have it! Math is another language subjective to the user to convey objective ideas of the universe 🙌🏾

  4. im 41yo unemployed or i would donate. I love khan academy… im a full time student at nicholls state university… im dbl majoring in geomatics and advanced math and minoring in finance. Khan Academy is what helps with a majority of what i have learned.

  5. Take the practice tests and remember to breath. Really. My son's in high school and I'm in college. Love these videos and practice!

  6. Sir in India we need such kind of good quality education in engineering course ,so plzzz add engineering course also

  7. Can we, as Students, do anything or help u in any kind of way? I did share it with a whole bunch of people, I guess 40 last month. As a non-adult, I cannot donate any money, sorry professor, and my parents recently suffered a fraud of $200, so for now they're kind of online-banking-phobic so won't let me give anything from their side. But if there is anything else, we could do, pls let me know. Thank u very much, professor. 😊

  8. I was always scared of physics and math until this man and his seductive voice convinced me that this probably the most rewarding career path of my life. now am 2nd year bsc physics and am loving it. all hail the almighty sal and Khan academy

  9. I would love to donate, truly, because Khan Academy helped me with my subjects and I also think that this is better than my current education but I am still a student and I don't have income yet but one day if I have my job I would surely donate and contribute something for this free world class education organization.

  10. I'd really love to donate if i could. As a student, Khan Academy has really helped me A LOT. Explaining what i could never understand

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