A Local Shop on the Weardale Way? (Section 3)

A Local Shop on the Weardale Way?  (Section 3)

Hello I’m at Westgate And the idea is to do the next two sections of the Weardale Way to Stanhope via Rookhope But getting here was pretty horrendous The roads weren’t very clever And it looks like it’s going to start snowing So we’ve got a lot of snow around at the moment urm, see if you can get it behind behind me there So We’re not exactly 100% sure how far we’re going to get on this walk depends on what happens but I got a new hat Northern Wayfarer, thanks to my sister, thank you Eat your hearts out Trev and Nath, hat beats t-shirts haha right, we’ll get started, Not sure if the camera’s going to have to go in its box or not because there’s like flakes of snow coming down now But we’ll see what happens OK we’re leaving Westgate now And… it’s freezing It’s so cold, that wind It just cuts you in half Luckily it’s to the back of us, but just have a quick look at this place before we leave It’s really nice. So let’s get going Here behind me is Warden Hill farm it was here that the Weardale chest was found containing documents from 1579 to 1660 related to a dispute between the landlord Sir Arthur Hesilrige. I’m not sure how you pronounce that and his tenants and The tenants won. Apparently he wanted to evict them And they complained and they won there case… And the documents and the chest If I remember rightfully, I think they are now on Palace Green, part of Durham University next to the Cathedral in Durham Got a real strong Blizzard going on over there. We’re just catching the tail end where we are now It looks really bad down the bottom See if I can get turned around Over there, is a real special place. I am going to have to… …Turn the camera around I am afraid Yeah, it’s really impressive. I want to go there one day to do a separate video for it There’s a guy called Mark Brim Photo. He hasn’t got many subscribers It would be a good idea if people went and checked him out. He does really good photography and stuff. So well worth looking up his channel. I’ll put a link below but if Mark if you watching this Give me a bell because I like to go to this place with you because you’ve got a good eye with the camera and This place is a little bit special But we’ll do a separate video on it Okay, that was a little bit wild it’s really strong winds, but we’re sheltered by this these trees behind me at the moment but just been hit with hailstone and snow and sleet, it’s pretty wild we’ve lost track We lost the path there was no waymarkers from the farm But we’re now back on path Across that stile over there this should be quite easy now hopefully but it’s really nice, watch So we still get a bit of sunshine in between the hailstones and the snow So I’ll put a link below about that place called the West Rigg I was being hit by hailstones when I was talking before So Mark Brim Photo contact me and we’ll arrange something to go there because it It’s really spectacular. I’ll put a link below of the place someone’s done some drone footage. Which is really good right Onwards and upwards by the looks of it We’re headed up that way, a place called weather hill and then we drop down to Rookhope Wow it’s windy Looks like there’s another weather front coming in on us, so I better hurry up in the blue skies. This is the top of Weather Hill, so Weather Hill top Lord of the Rings reference Weathertop And We are headed over there to Rookhope And then once we get there we double back on ourselves across down the bottom to Eastgate more on that later It’s very very windy. We’re following the old railway line at the moment to Rookhope But the views here are stunning so we’ve stopped to show you the views look at these Nice, eh? So trying to keep out of the wind a little bit to talk a bit. But remember on the last video, ‘Are you local?’ Well… We found the shop I will go in for a closer look Aye, Aye ‘What is it?’ You tell me that’s not meant to be there Now, now, what’s all this shouting? We’ll have no trouble here there it is I told you this place was just out of like the League of Gentlemen We’re going to be doing those jokes All the way again You couldn’t make it up, could you? oh aye Well it’ll have to go Mr. Wint I’m afraid it will Mr. Kidd Shouldn’t think it’ll be a problem. Sure the locals are friendly enough Busy snowing again We’ve come to the Rookhope Inn pub, but it’s closed. So that idea went out the window There’s a bunkhouse here. If anybody’s doing it as a thru section And it’s part of the coast to coast here as well Now Rookhope was famous for the Rookhope Ryde poem It’s a border tale about a raid in 1569 by the Tynedale Reivers Apparently the local men were away on the North uprising against Elizabeth the first they wanted to replace Elizabeth with the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots so they were all away and The Tynedale Reivers decided to take advantage of the situation and came here and stole the cattle so we’ll look and try to find somewhere to have a bit of lunch, which is out of this snow It’s not a lot of snow. It’s just flurries. That’s us fed and watered. We took shelter in the Rookhope bus stop Now apparently Rookhope has the lowest force of gravity in the North Pennines And because of that in the 1960 and 1961 Durham University Drilled a borehole. That’s 800 meters deep called the Rookhope borehole And it should be somewhere along here Well when we find it. I’ll let you know if we find it but At the moment we’ve got a little break in the snow, but you can see those clouds over there They’re just laden with snow and we’ve got to go into that It’s a bit strange This part of the the walk because you’ve got double back on yourself Now originally according to the map it went over the top of the hills and then dropped down into Rookhope But they’ve seemed to have changed the way The way markers led us along where the Pennine journey is Because the Pennine journey and Weardale Way here they inter mix quite a bit So we have to double back on the track that we came on And then we take a detour off and then head down towards Eastgate, so Let’s go and see if we can try and find this Rookhope borehole So we found the borehole, this is the Rookhope borehole drilled in 1960-1961 800 meters deep it was drilled by Durham University Probably to experiment on why this part of the Pennines has such a low force of gravity The Weardale Way it comes along the top. It goes both directions because you’ve got to double back on yourself So not really much to see to be honest Yeah a little bit disappointing Neil: but Nick is going to climb down there So next stop is Eastgate, and I think we pass a mine on the way, so looking forward to seeing the mine

13 thoughts on “A Local Shop on the Weardale Way? (Section 3)

  1. Fantastic light on this one Nick, i know it was probably well cold but the best days to be out. Great trail, enjoying watching with all the info to go with it. Cheers mate look forward to more, O yes love the hat. ATB. Jim.

  2. good light hearted vid nick. lovely area & even better with the snow. loving your new fan club merchandise lol ,

  3. The wind might be cold Nick but the hat will keep it warm thanks to your sis. Good walk up top fresh and exhilarating with some comedic value. You've always got some nugget of info to share….good going on that front here. I was only looking at the deepest holes ever dug the other day, which apparently is about 7 miles. This ones got some way to go but 800 m is not bad at all. All the best. Mark

  4. Your a great lad nick your vids still keep me going bud even when things seem too much. Look after yourself mate you’ve gained my respect big style for who you are and what you do. Wish you well in life and keep that bairn going with you they need to get away from the rat race time to time.

  5. Canny bonnet mind and what a canny hike out, although it did look a tad chilly ❄️❄️. Bleak but beautiful landscape and interesting bit of history, I had not heard of before. Great watch, cheers Alan

  6. Nice hat there …good of a friend to help out with that… much better than the barcode one ..just kidding.lol.πŸ˜†. Typical the bar was shut so you had to face that baltic wind a bit more but enjoying good info on the walk about the history. Spot on πŸ‘

  7. Smashing! Really interesting bits of history. So rubbish the pub was closed yous must have been gutted. League of gentleman outtakes were hilarious.atb

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