40 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: UC Berkeley Student

  1. 1:27: "But, then also I knew I had a passion for social justice." Yes, this seems to be a studential prerequisite for Berkeley…

  2. Gosh darn, they keep covering these mediocre majors instead of focusing on the geniuses in STEM. If I wanted to focus on the career of a future barista, I'd tune in to the activities of local high school dropouts who start working at Starbucks…

  3. Yea considering Berkeley claims they support free speech yet if a conservative comes you guys have a period. So please explain how is Berkeley great????? What's that? Nothing? I thought so Berkeley is a garbage school I'm glad I talked several people out of going to that hell hole and I'll continue to talk people out of going to Berkeley until you guys actually stand for free speech

  4. I love how you don't pitch UC Berkeley as a miserable place, and you filmed this during GBO week? I played volleyball with that exact group you recorded on the same lawn at the same time.

  5. Can someone from UC Berkley give me an honest answer as to why this college does not tolerate Freedom of Speech and will prevent, violently if necessary, any conservative points of view?

  6. Do liberty university or any other Christian college or university because I’m tired of this sjw none sense

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