A Class That Turned Around Kids’ Assumptions of Gender Roles!

A Class That Turned Around Kids’ Assumptions of Gender Roles!

– This afternoon we’re going to draw
people doing different jobs, and the first job we’re going to draw is a firefighter. – Ever think in your head what a
firefighter looks to you? – What’s your firefighter called? – Mine is called Firefighter Gary. – Firefighter Stan.
– Firefighter Simon. – He’s big and strong. – He’s got a big helmet on him. – That’s brilliant, isn’t it? – Next, we’re going to draw a surgeon. – Have you thought of a name
for your surgeon? – Jim Bob.
– Jim Bob. – He’s a brain surgeon. – I think he would wear a stethoscope. – He gives you medicine. – That’s his ambulance. – Okay. Next, we’re going to draw
a fighter pilot. – This is his jet plane. – He rescues people. – He likes to do stunts in the air
and stuff. – Okay, now who would like to meet these
people for real? – Yeah. ♪ [music] ♪ [gasps] – Fake.
– They’re dressed up. – My name’s [Tamsin] and I’m a surgeon
in the NHS. – My name’s [Lauren] and I’m a pilot in
the Royal Air Force. – My name’s [Lacey]. I’m a firefighter in
The London Fire Brigade. – So who wants to know how to do an
operation? – [Inaudible]. – Who wants to try my stethoscope? – You put this in here. There you go.
Now you’re a proper fighter pilot. – So put into your ears.
Can you hear that? – Yeah.
– It’s really good. – [Inaudible] hear it.
– Yeah, [inaudible]. ♪ [music] ♪

100 thoughts on “A Class That Turned Around Kids’ Assumptions of Gender Roles!

  1. But you need to be physically strong to be a fire fighter there for it is more achievable by men. So more male fire fighters so the kids are just drawing what the see and what is reasonable.

  2. Anybody else hear when the girls took of therir helmets someone yelled FAKE THEY ARE DRESSED UP That just annoyes me 😑😑😑

  3. Until the looneys realize men and women are biologically different, this propaganda will continue. Sure a woman can be any of those things, I really couldn’t give a shit if they were. The problem is men are aggressive, competitive, physically stronger, and have far more ambition than women. To put this really simple, we’re different. Therefore we will NEVER be the same and should NEVER be FORCED to act the same.

  4. What I find ironic about all of this is if little children are brainwashed by societal expectations than how did these women ever make it??? It’s called growing up and getting a job.. Let kids be kids and let them figure it out when there older. Why push an agenda on kids that really does not matter. If men and women are the same why does it matter if it’s a women doing the job or a man???

  5. Some of the little girls looked like they found their heros. Someone the same gender as theres.

  6. Wow, you were able to find three women in good jobs, fact still stand that these jobs are majority men but not because of sexism but because near to no women go for that job

  7. The point is good. Now, I wanna see the other side. Men in carrers considered more 'female' like nursery or kindergarten teacher.

  8. I remember my mom telling me a story about how she and all her women lawyer friends would regularly get together when they were just starting out. There weren't that many of them so they all knew each other. One of them had a young school-age son. One day I think someone mentioned a male lawyer they knew and the kid was totally confused. He thought only women could be lawyers because he'd simply never seen a male lawyer. 🙂

  9. 93.2% of Federal prison inmates are men. Only 6.8% are women.
    It's time to stand up for equality and fight discrimination against men!

  10. Awesome. Next time they need to ask the kids to draw a pregnant person and then bring in a pregnant man.

  11. I absolutely loved the children’s reactions when they met the role models!

  12. People are using the word feminist like it's a bad thing. No, honey, I think you're talking about femiNAZIS. Feminists are people who want equality for both genders and sexs, femiNAZIS want all white men to DIE.

  13. "I want you to draw a picture of a terrorist."
    "Who is your terrorist?"
    "My terrorist is named Muhammad, and he has a beard."
    "My name is Aisha, and I'm a terrorist."

  14. Who cares! Leave the kids alone! Gender roles died in the 90s kids can do whatever they want…. none of this matters! No one goes around telling kids they cant be something because of their gender. These are made up issues.

  15. 95% of fire fighters are men and 99% of pilots are men.

    Women should be allowed to do what they want. But can we stop pretending that men and women are the same.

  16. We had to do something similar to this ages ago but I figured that it would be about stereotypes so drew all of them with the opposite gender of what the stereotypes are

  17. 2011: London firefighters relax physical requisites to bring more women in.
    Next time I am trapped in a house fire I will have to save myself.

  18. My gosh they are just kids let them draw. It's more common that men have these jobs. That's why little kids mostly think of people with these jobs as men. Honestly kids this age don't care crap about all this gender stuff. They aren't thinking that women might be firefighters too. They just want to draw. Jesus Christ. Besides, of course they would draw more men as firefighters then women as firefighters. Men are biologically stronger allowing them to lift heavier people. Not saying women can't be firefighters. They can. But men generally are better at it. It's not bad. It's genetics.

  19. Well if you are functioning adult with a brain stereotypes wont matter and you can choose to do whatever you want and there is nothing stopping women in doing so.

  20. Sergeon, fair.
    Fireman & Pilot, not so fair.
    Stop filling people heads with BS.
    No, your average "woman" can't carry a near dead person from an inferno, let alone up/down stairs.
    No, the "Average" Man, & esp Woman can NOT be a Jet/Fighter Pilot.
    If y'all want, I can run you all through the entry requirement fitness tests, don't say they're unfair, cos 6-10G's is fkn child's play.
    Also, of the VERY few who make it, and of them who might be women, The Best Airforce's will have you sign away your chance at fertility.
    Cos if not already Polycystic, your ovaries will likely get mashed.
    Spose y'all make the Airforce pay for a freezer & IVF tho hey, cos screw any Medical, Scientificly proven Gender & Sex differences.
    Cos who cares, reality is a construct.
    Bigger picture,
    This demo IS sexist, why not M&F represenitives of each profession?
    cos narrative, cos reasons etc.
    Reality is, you Don't care that you rob all those boys of "identity"
    And yes, real kids and their ENTIRE outlook is in the hands of Crazy.
    Formative years being "taught" ingrained by propaganda, not thought.
    Bravo dunderkomfs

  21. Men are scientifically proven to have superior dexterity and strength (especially operating heavy machinery), better qualifying them for most jobs and roles involving public safety, personal protection, and protection of family and community.

  22. Notice how all the femtard shill comments with far less upvotes get pushed to the top of the comment section.
    They aren't even subtle anymore.

  23. Ok, but most firefighters are men as it's a job that uses more strength. And there's a fair mix of male and female surgeons and fighter pilots, as those kinds of those jobs aren't as physically demanding

  24. Well, this is true, because men are more in these line of work than women. I don't mean that females can't do this job. It's just that they choose not to. Same thing with the wage gap.


  26. I don’t know about you guys but if a fire is burning my house down with me in there I’d rather have a Male firefighter Rescuing me 🤷‍♂️

  27. Not inspiring at all! The truth is women do not venture into those jobs! That is the truth, the few women who do venture are just minorities! This videos just proves that children are smarter than adults and adults will ruin their brains!

  28. Men are better firefighters because men are stronger than women
    I don't care for the gender, all I care for when I am in a burning house with a broken leg that there is someone who can actually save my life

  29. I wonder if these female surgeons, pilot and fire fighter were raised gender neutral?

    No one ever told me what I had to be. My FATHER had high hopes that I would become a doctor…yes my FATHER, much to his disappointed I became a nurse…BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

  30. Some comments from Grade Ones in Canada: "Maybe the girls should have drawn boys and the boys could have drawn girls in these jobs. It was not fair when they drew 61 boys and 5 girls but all the visitors were female. The teacher should have told what to draw… girl or boy. She could have made it equal. It wasn't fair that only females visited, because the boys needs role models too. They should have had three male visitors too. Why was only one visitor coloured and two whites. They should have had two coloured visitors and two white visitors. The brown person is alone. It doesn't matter, ballet dancers can be male as well. I would draw both."

  31. Astonishingly high numbers of children leave school illiterate and unable to do basic arithmetic. Start teaching them and stop fucking brainwashing them!

  32. Now ask them to draw a Mommy and bring in a Male – that will show these gender biased little shits.

    Fuckin morons.

  33. Because that's how it mostly is, some jobs are manly jobs which man mostly do and jobs which woman are mostly doing ffs.
    Like for example who do you think it is (male/female) it is when i say, a cop, football player, solider.
    MAN obviously man…ffs

  34. Goebbels would be so proud of this. Propagantastic. Way to support a single minded narrative to confuse kids early and make them question themselves enough to join a demographic of people with a 40% suicide rate. Not my kids!!

  35. The only qualification I ask of fighter fighters is that they be able to carry my ass out of a burning building. This eliminates 95% of women.

  36. This is sick these are not stereotypes most firefighters are men most pilots are men and most surgeons are men stop teaching these kids a load of rubbish or they're just gonna grow up sick and twisted like this country has become

  37. to be honest, when I was sawing those people in real, I was shocked too, although I'm doing lot research about gender effect, but I never see them in real life, I'm 15 years old.

  38. these teachers should be ashamed of themselves overpaid underworked to many holidays in fact teaching kids this rubbish oh forgot thats more important than reading or writing what is the world coming too

  39. An Empire that once was had the largest land mass in human history reduced to Marxism Feminist teachers weaking a nation every second

  40. Yup…the best way to force it down the children's throat is to confuse them. Everyone learns at a later age that they can pursue any career they want as long as they met the requirements. Don't go around suggesting to all these little girls that they can easily become fire fighter when the requirements are lowered for them because they are women and are not on the same playing field. Physical careers especially demanding ones should have one standard but nope! For the others…obviously if its just using your head. There is no argument there.

  41. I love this video, but… can we expecting for another video that those children meet male nurse, teacher, and maybe ballet dancer as well?
    Cuz until yet, only with this video, it only showed one side of the stereotype; especially for girls. Of course, it is still good event if thoes girls can have awareness that particular jobs are not limited to men. But than at the same time, boys are ignored. In which means, method of approching is bit of biased, though the message was not that bad.

    The general and basic aim for gender equallity project I believe is that let whatever the gender of kids to know they can have whatever the job provided that they had enough time of endavour.

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