Artist Run Culture

tumblr_msh6aeMvzq1r1uu9bo1_1280Hello there visitor.

Though it might not look it on here the past year has been incredibly busy since I graduated from OCAD University and moved out East as the new Director of Eastern Edge Gallery, Newfoundland and Labradors only artist run centre that presents contemporary visual art in all media. WHIRLWIND cannot even come close to describing the beauty and madness that is artist-run culture. As some of you may know these centres are incredibly important for the growth of contemporary art here in our country. I would never dare claim responsibility for all of this past year’s projects, but some for sure would surely have happened in different ways or perhaps not at all, or in the same way. Thats the funny thing about a online cv or blog like this one. Where do we put all those other things that we do?

Anyways I am very proud of the things that Eastern Edge has accomplished in the past year including our most recent Art Marathon Festival. Which saw 8 amazing visiting and local artist projects including (Sean Martindale (Toronto), Pam Hall (St. John’s), Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea (Toronto), Damien Worth (Charlottetown), Nelio (France), Philippa Jones (St. John’s) and Cara/Cara (St. John’s) installed across downtown St. John’s. As well as the annual 24 hour event, Fancy Artist Talks, and excellent workshops.

We also featured 6 Main Gallery exhibitions this past year with Hazel Meyer (Toronto), Chris Foster (Halifax), Kyle Whitehead (Calgary), Maryse Arseneault (Moncton/Montreal), Anna Williams (Ottawa), and Robert Hengeveld (Toronto) and over 20 special events, a solstice cabaret, a strip spelling bee, a birdhouse fundraiser, the list goes on and on and on. We are busy making community happen out here.

So! In light of all that, please check out the recent additions to the tabs here. Hopefully 2014 I shall find my hands and head again and start making more art and curated projects!

Thanks for visiting,

Mary Mac

image by NELIO


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