【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 38 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas Chinese dramas

【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 38 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas Chinese dramas

[music] 阳光会被遮挡
Sunshine disappears sometimes [music] 想成为风
I want to be wind [music] 让天空再晴朗
To make the it shine again [music] 指尖闪烁微光
Fingertips are shimmering [music] 那是希望
Hope, as it is [music] 衬托生命的坚强
Sets off the firmness of life [music] 不曾动摇信仰
My faith never wavers [music] 守护你
All I wish [music] 是唯一的愿望
Is to be with you [music] 坚持心的方向
Follow the indication of my heart [music] 救死扶伤
Heal the wounded and rescue the dying [music] 负起担当
Take on burdens [music] 紧握住你的双手
Hold your hands [music] 想温暖你的胸膛
Warm your heart [music] 岁月绵长
Life is long [music] 时光静淌
But time is short [music] 还有爱在你身旁
Love is here by your side [music] 怀抱住你的肩膀
Cuddle you around your shoulders [music] 想平复你受的伤
Calm you on your wound [music] 看到你的
Your smile [music] 微笑模样
As I can see [music] 是眼中最美的景象
Is the most beautiful thing in the world 妈妈会好的
My mom will be fine 爸
Dad 今天怎么样啊
How are you today 好多了
Much better 建一
Jianyi 你坐下
Sit down 我想跟你聊聊梅梅
I want to talk with you about Meimei 等我出院了
After I leave hospital 我想跟梅梅一起去美国
I want to go to America with Meimei 我要陪着她
I will accompany her 她还是得继续上学
But she should continue to go to school 让她把孩子生下来吧
Let her give birth to a child 我来带
I can take care of the child 她可以继续读书
She can continue to study 既然你们都商量好了
Now that you have decided 那就这么做吧
Just do it 我理解你的感受
I understand how you feel 如果我不是到鬼门关走了一遭
If I hadn’t experienced life and death 我的看法肯定跟你一样
I must agree with you 可是现在不一样了
But now it’s different 我现在就盼着我们大家
I just hope everyone is 平平安安 健健康康
safe and healthy 没有什么坎过不去
All difficulties can be overcome 没有什么日子不能过
Bad days will pass 我听梅梅说了
I heard from Meimei that 你和江主任的事
the relationship between you and Chief Jiang 放心
Don’t worry 我不会再纠缠你
I will not pester you anymore 也不会再拖你跟我一起去美国
I will not let you go to America with me

00:03:58,650 –>00:04:00,350
Chief Jiang is a good person 你们都要好好珍惜
You should cherish each other 晓琪
Xiaoqi 这么着急
What’s the matter of calling me 找我过来什么事
in such a hurry 您好 先生 喝点什么
Hello, sit, something to drink 白水 谢谢
Plain boiled water, thanks 好
Ok 有人欺负你
Does someone bully you 没有
No 我看你心情很不好
You’re in a bad mood 宇宁 你还记得
Yuning, do you still remember 我们上高中的时候
when we were in high school 谈论未来的理想
we talked about the ideals of the future 都说了些什么吗
What did we say at that time 当然记得
Of course 那个时候我们的理想是一样的
At that time, we have the same ideals 都想做生化科学家
We want to be biochemical Scientists 像我们的父母一样
Just like our patents 因为 我们崇拜他们
Because we adore them 可是现在
But now 只有你还在坚持当初的理想
Only you still stick to your original ideal 你也是因为父母的突然离世
But you became the emergency doctor 后来才转行做急诊医生的
because of the sudden death of your parents 一切都变了
Everything has changed 你妈妈也成了企业家
Your mom has become the entrepreneur 可是 不管怎么说
But anyhow 我们两家人
Both of our families 还在为社会造福
still benefits the society 是吗
Is it 不是吗
Isn’t it 你好奇怪啊
You’re so strange 到底怎么了
What happened on earth 没什么 就是想起了很多事情
It’s nothing. I just think of many things 突然发现
I suddenly find that 很多事情过去很多年了
many things have been going on for many years 可好像昨天刚刚发生过
But it seems that it just happened yesterday 小雪
Xiaoxue 小雪 快闪开
Xiaoxue, dodge this 小雪
Xiaoxue 让开
Step aside 让开
Step aside 让开呀
Step aside 快让开 快让开
Quick step aside, quick step aside 怎么开车呢这是
How can you drive like this 快让开
Quick step aside 快快快
Quickly 这车
Oh my God, this car 小心
Be careful 让开
Step aside 快让开
Quick step aside 快躲开
Quickly get out the away 小心
Be careful 闪开
Dodge 当心啊
Watch out 让开 救命啊
Step aside, help 喂 急诊室
Hello, it’s emergency clinic 好
Ok 好 知道了
Ok, got it 何主任
Chief He 发生重大车祸
There is a serious car accident 伤了不少孩子
Many children are injured

00:08:25,575 –>00:08:26,675
We should prepare as soon as possible 如果有一天我做错了事情
If one day I do something wrong 我违背了我的职业理想
I violate my professional ideal 职业道德
and professional ethics 你会怎么办
What will you do 你在说什么啊
What are you talking about 你不会的 我相信你
You wouldn’t. I trust you 我是说如果
I mean if 如果有一天我做错了事
if one day I do something wrong 有些人因我而死
Some people died because of me 你会怎么办
What will you do 我希望你阻止我
I hope you can stop me 尽一切能力阻止我
Do everything you can to stop me 喂
Hello 什么
What 好 我马上回去
Ok, I go back immediately 急诊有重患 我得马上回去
There are some serious patients in emergency clinic, and I need to go back immediately 无论我做了什么
No matter what I do 都不要恨我
Please do not hate me 来 慢点
Slow down 推
Push 好
Ok 她怎么样
How about her? 伤势很重 多处骨折
Severe injuries and multiple fractures 抓住后面
Catch the back 好好
Ok, ok 院长 我何建一
Sir, this is He Jianyi 急诊室这边发生
In the emergency clinic, 重大集体车祸事件
there is a major collective car accident 请院长授权我
Please authorize me to 调用一切必要资源
call all necessary resources 特别是脑外科医生 骨科医生
especially cerebral surgeon and orthopedist 还有手术室
in addition, the operating room 又来病人了 我得挂了
There is another batch of patients. I have to hang up. 林雯 吴靓
Lin Wen and Wu Jing 何主任
Chief He 你们俩初检和分类要细致准确
You need to be careful and accurate in your initial examination and classification 按红黄绿标签
Make label based on red, yellow and green 先处理最重的病人
Deal with the most serious patients first 好
Ok 大家要快
Everybody must be quick 能哭的还好些
The patients crying indicate that they are not serious 重点是不能哭的
We should pay more attention to the patient who cannot cry 红色黄色标签进抢救室
The patients with red and yellow labels should enter the emergency room

00:10:28,275 –>00:10:29,600
Open veins 收到
Yes, sit 好 送抢救室
Ok, push them to the emergency room – 好嘞好嘞 – 好
Ok, ok – Ok 这个快点快点 过来
Hurry up, this one, come over

00:10:33,875 –>00:10:34,800
Come heae 红红
Honghong 治疗室要多放一些备用液体啊
There should be some standby liquid in the treatment room 好的
Ok 抢救室
Emergency room 看看抢救室还有没有床位
Check whether there is bed in the emergency room 没有床位加床
If not, add the beds 好
Ok 张泠
Zhang Ling 今天你机动啊
You are flexible today 好好好
Ok, ok, ok 红红 这是备用便签
Honghong, this is the backup memo 谢谢
Thanks 胳膊抬一下
Raise arm 腿再抬一下
Raise leg 这个怎么样
How about this one 这个不重
It’s not serious 好 那走 跟我走
Ok, follow me 好
Ok 让一下
Excuse me 麻烦让一下 让一下
Excuse me, excuse me 过一下 过一下 过一下
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me 大夫 大夫
Doctor, doctor 快救救她
Save her quickly 这个老师刚刚救了两个孩子
She has just saved two children 放心 我们会尽力抢救她
Don’t worry, we will try our best to rescue her 老师挺住
Madam, hold on 来 让让 谢谢
Excuse me, thanks 启动应急输血机制 要快
Start the emergency transfusion mechanism, quickly 我已经通知血库了
I have notified the blood bank 派人去盯着 这时候血就是命
Send someone to stare it. The bold is life at this time 好好好
Ok, ok, ok 孙主任 赶快通知外科
Chief Sun, quickly notify the Surgery Department
00:11:17,600 –>00:11:20,200
to stop all today’s selective operation 调配医院所有的备血
and deploy all backup blood of the hospital 给急诊科抢救
to the Emergency Department for rescue 来 让一下让一下
Excuse me, excuse me 来来来 让开 来
Excuse me, please step aside – 让开让开 – 疼死我了
Step aside, step aside – So painful 妈妈 救命
Mom, help me 忍一忍 小朋友
Hold on, boy 妈妈
Mom 哥哥现在给你缝针
I will stitch you 你几岁了
How old are you 来 我听一下啊
Let me listen to 忍一忍啊
Hold on 各位家属 请不要围观
The relatives don’t stand around 每床只留一个家属
Each bed can have one relative 其余的出去 谢谢
Other persons should leave, thanks 医生 医生
Doctor, doctor 各位家长 麻烦稍等一下
All patents, please wait a moment 大夫 我的孩子怎么样
Doctor, how about my child 我的孩子叫王婷婷 大夫
Her name is Wang Tingting, doctor – 稍等会儿 – 我的孩子叫王婷婷
Wait a minute – My child’s name is Wang Tingting 医生 我的孩子呢 我孩子呢
Doctor, where is my child, where is my child 孩子怎么样了
How about the child 家长们 都别闹了啊
Stop that now 都静一静 听我说
Be quiet, and listen to me – 孩子怎么样了 – 听我说
How about the child – Listen to me 现在去分诊台 跟着这位护士
Follow this nurse to the triage table now 马上去登记
Register immediately – 好 – 走 走
Ok, let’s go 我是第一个来的
I’m the first to come 我是王婷婷家长
I’m the parent of Wang Tingting 老大
Chief Jiang 自主心率还是没有恢复
The autonomic heart rate is still not restored 换我
Let me do it 好
Ok 王医生 这边忙不过来了
Doctor Wang, it’s too busy here

00:12:35,825 –>00:12:36,525
Chief Jiang 有我呢 你去吧
I’m here. Go ahead – 快帮忙 – 好
Please help – Ok 血呢
Where is the blood 我马上去看一下
I will check it right now 很严重啊 看着很严重
It’s very serious, and looks like very serious 一起来 一起来
Come along, come along 医生 医生 快
Doctor, doctor, quickly

00:13:07,725 –>00:13:09,975
女士 女士 能听见我说话吗
Madam, madam, can you hear me 张泠 张泠
Zhang Ling, Zhang Ling – 快过来 – 怎么了
Come over quickly – What’s up 这个很重 马上进抢救室
This one is very serious, needing to enter the emergency room right now – 好 快 – 好嘞好嘞
Ok, quickly – Ok, ok 走
Go 她不能走
She cannot be saved 这位家属 请您让一下
Excuse me, sir, please step aside 是她 她是肇事者
It’s she. She is the wrecker 是她把所有人撞了
She hit everyone 如果不是她的话
If not her 那些老师和孩子根本就不会
Those teachers and children will not… 这位先生 这位先生
Sir, sir 你干什么
What are you doing 快快快
Quickly, quickly, quickly 我是护士长 我是护士长
I’m the head nurse. I’m the head nurse 这位先生 请你冷静 请你冷静
Sir, please calm down, calm down 怎么了
What’s wrong 请你不要耽误我们抢救好吗
Would you please not delay our rescue 我怎么耽误你们抢救
How would I delay your rescue 你们不能先 先救她
You cannot rescue her first 请你冷静
Please calm down 生命面前 人人平等
Everyone is equal before the life 我的孩子招谁惹谁了
Whom did my child offend 我找谁平等 我找谁平等
Who am I equal with? Who am I equal with 这位先生 这位先生
Sir, sir 请你冷静一下
Please calm down 来 让一下
Excuse me 来 过一下 过一下
Excuse me, please step aside 上几床
Which bed 三床
The third bed 三床 快
The third bed, quickly 慢点 慢点
Slow down, slow down 慢点慢点慢点 快
Slow down, slow down, slow down, quickly 一二三
One, two, three 慢点 慢点
Slow down, slow down 老大 这个也特别重
Chief Jiang, this one is also very serious 咱们人手不够了
But we don’t have enough persons 好 我知道了
Ok, I know – 快 心电监护仪 – 张泠
Quickly, ECG monitor – Zhang Ling 快 帮我 帮我止血
Quickly, help me, help me stop bleeding 来了 你赶紧啊
Coming, hurry up 依依
Yiyi 对不起 家长不能靠太近
Excuse me, the parent cannot be too close 我不 我的女儿
I don’t, my daughter 妈妈
Mom 来 小朋友
Girl 动动手 可以吗
Can you move your hands 好
Ok 来 动动脚
Moving your feet 好
That’s good 没有骨折 你继续治
No fracture, you continue to treat her 我去看一下别的孩子啊
I will check other children 依依别怕 妈妈在这儿
Yiyi, don’t panic, mom is here 妈妈
Mom 晓晓 晓晓
Xiaoxiao, Xiaoxiao 有没有看到我们家晓晓
Do you see my Xiaoxiao 有没有看到我们家晓晓
Do you see my Xiaoxiao 有没有看到我们家
Do you see my 赵老师
Ms. Zhao 晓晓
Xiaoxiao 江主任
Chief Jiang 这个病人情况危险
This patient is dangerous 阿姨
Aunt 郑阿姨
Aunt Zheng 听到我说话吗
Can you hear me 江主任 血还没来
Chief Jiang, the blood hasn’t been arrived 二床不行了
The patient in the second bed will not pull through – 给她拉个心电图 – 好
Carry out the ECG – Ok 阿姨
Aunt 准备气管插管
Prepare the trachea cannula 好
Ok 轻点
Softly 疼
It’s painful 坚持一会儿啊
Hold on for a while 疼
It’s painful 赶快 开放性骨折
Hurry up. This is the open fracture 请骨科大夫来
Call the orthopedist 忍一下 我消消毒
Hold on, let me disinfect 疼
It’s painful 固定好
Fix it firmly 注意一下她的生命体征
Pay attention to her vital signs 好
Ok 我去处理下那边
I will check that what’s going on over there

00:16:10,800 –>00:16:12,050
行 我忙完这边过去帮你啊
Ok, I will help you after handling these things 抓紧
Hurry up 拔导丝
Pull out the guide wire 老大
Chief Jiang 听呼吸音
Listen to the breath sound 位置没问题
The location is okay 固定
Fix it 插管深度二十二
The cannula depth is 22 我去推呼吸机
I’m going to push the respirator 老大
Chief Jiang 老大 心脏骤停
Chief Jiang, sudden cardiac arrest 去那边
Go over there 快
Quickly 推进肾上腺素 一毫克
Inject 1 mg epinephrine 你们为什么先救她啊
Why do you rescue her first 她开车撞的人
She is the wrecker 说你呢
I’m talking with you 家 家属
Sir, sir 你为什么先救她呀
Why do you rescue her first 这位家属配合我们工作 谢谢
Sir, please coordinate with us in our work, thanks 推进肾上腺素 一毫克
Inject 1 mg epinephrine 再推一毫克
Inject 1 mg again – 你干吗呢 – 你别碰我
What are you doing – Don’t touch me – 这是不是老师 – 你干吗呢
Is it the teacher – What are you doing 我们在抢救患者
We are rescuing the patient 这是不是救人的老师
Is it the teacher who saves the people 老师为什么没人管
Why don’t you rescue that teacher – 请你出去 – 出去
Please get out – Get out 现在应该出去的是她 不是我
She should get out now, not me 老师为什么没人管我问你
I ask you why the teacher is neglected – 再推一针 – 好
Inject again – Ok 她救的孩子
She saved the children 还有你们医院护士的孩子
and your nurses’ children 请你出去等
Please get out 为什么不救
Why don’t save her 你们有没有良心
Do you have the conscientiousness 你们还是不是人
Are you still human

00:17:39,150 –>00:17:39,750
Get out 你们在搞什么搞
What are you doing 你们要救肇事者
You actually save the wrecker 出去
Get out 你们是不是人
Are you still human 换我
Let me do it 还要不要注射肾上腺素 老大
Chief Jiang, does her need an injection of adrenaline 有了
It increases 头CT
Head CT – 好 – 备血
Ok – Prepare the blood 血库告急 让咱们省着点用
There is not enough blood, and they tell us to save it 急也得有啊
It must have blood even if it is in an emergency 先CT吧
Carry out CT first – 走 – 快
Go – Quickly 快点
Hurry up 让一下 让一下
Excuse me, excuse me 来 让一下 让一下
Excuse me, excuse me – 别推 我要 – 让一下
Don’t push, I will – Excuse me 孩子 别哭啊
Don’t cry, girl 你叫什么名字
What’s your name 能听见我说话吗
Can you hear me 王婷婷
Wang Tingting 手臂骨折
Arm fracture 刘大夫
Doctor Liu 刘大夫 你过来一下
Doctor Liu, come here 这个孩子很重 赶紧送抢救室
This child is very serious, needing to send to the emergency room right now 走走走 快快快
Go, go, go, quickly, quickly, quickly 哭成这样声 你们看看孩子
Crying like this. You check this child 怎么了 怎么了
What’s up, what’s up 你看看 让我过来看一下
You check it. Let me check 你看看
You check it 田护士长
Head nurse Tian 何主任
Chief He 孩子失血性休克
This is hemorrhagic shock 通知血库 再来两个单位的血
Notify the blood bank to send the blood in two units 血库告急啊
There is not enough blood 让他们组织大家互助献血
Let them organize everyone to donate blood to help each other 好
Ok 各位医护人员 各位医护人员
All medical workers, all medical workers 患者家属 患者家属
and relatives of patient, relatives of patient 由于刚刚发生了重大交通事故
Due to the serious traffic accident happened just not 伤员众多
there are many wounded personnel 医院没有大量备血
But the hospital doesn’t have enough backup blood 现在需要大家踊跃献血
Now, we need to you to donate blood actively 大家献出的每一滴血
The blood donated by you 都能够救助你们的孩子
will save your children 各位家属 各位患者
All relatives and patients 你们听我说
listen to me 刚刚广播你们已经听到了
you have heard of the broadcasting 现在需要大家踊跃地去献血
and now, we need you to donate blood actively 大家献出的每一滴血
The blood donated by you 都能够救活你们自己的孩子
will save your children 大家都一起到
Everyone can go to the
00:19:15,125 –>00:19:16,700
Adjacent central blood station to donate blood 好吗
Ok? 好 好 走
Ok, ok, let’s go 来 这边
This way 走 到中心献血
Let’s go to the central blood station 走 这边 好
This way, ok 献血往这边走 好 好 跟着他们
Ok, ok, follow them 医生 医生 孩子怎么样了
Doctor, doctor, how about the child 我们孩子怎么样了
How about our child 我现在马上就进去啊
I will enter right now 别着急啊 别着急
Take it easy, take it easy 等一下 等一下
Wait a minute, wait a minute 医生
Doctor 里面正在抢救呢
It’s being rescued

00:19:37,675 –>00:19:39,775
里面正在抢救呢 等一下
It’s being rescued, wait a minute 怎么样 医生看过了吗
How about it, does the doctor check it 看过了 看过了 输上液了
Yes, yes, infused 好 好好好
Ok, ok, ok 谢谢啊
Thanks 妈妈 妈妈
Mom, mom 小雪
Xiaoxue 你怎么在这儿啊
Why are you here 你这头撞到哪儿了
Where did you hit your head 头疼吗
Is your head painful 胳膊疼吗
How about the arm 让一下 让一下 让一下
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me 腿疼吗
Is your leg painful 不疼
No 肚子疼吗
How about the belly 不疼
No 小雪
Xiaoxue 你看
You see 你的标签是绿色的
you label is greed 是说明你伤的是最轻的
Indicating that your injury is the least serious 雯姐
Elder sister Wen 分诊台那边已经忙得不行了
Someone needs to go to the triage table to give a hand 你快过去帮帮忙吧
Go there quickly 等等啊 我知道了
Wait a minute, I know 好
Ok 小雪
Xiaoxue 妈妈现在要去救人
Mom’s going to save people now 救你的同学
and save your classmates 你在这儿等妈妈
You’re waiting for me here 妈妈马上就回来 你知道吗
I will be right back, understand? 妈妈不要走 妈妈在这儿陪我
Mom, don’t go. Stay here with me 小雪
Xiaoxue 我想妈妈不要走 在这儿陪我
I don’t want you to go. Stay here with me 你别哭了
Don’t cry 小雪
Xiaoxue 小雪 你听妈妈说
Xiaoxue, listen to me 妈妈现在要去救你的同学
I need to save your classmates now 他们现在面临着生命危险
They are now in danger of their lives 这是妈妈的工作
This is mom’s work 你在这儿等妈妈
Wait for me here 妈妈很快就会回来
I will be back soon 妈妈 你别走
Mom, don’t go away 血到了 快
The blood is arrived. Quickly 患者肝破裂 赶紧约手术室
The patient has hepatic rupture, needing to enter the operating room immediately 把血给她输上
Give her blood transfusion 把球囊面罩给我
Give me the saccule mask 走 走
Go, go 怎么了
What’s up 怎么了 孩子
What’s up, girl 交给我吧 来
Leave it to me – 没事吧 小朋友 – 怎么了 孩子
Are you okay – What’s up, girl 交给我吧
Leave it to me 妈妈 妈妈
Mom, mom 小雪
Xiaoxue 来 起来 跟我来
Stand up and follow me 来 来这儿
Come here 来 小雪 进来
Xiaoxue, come in 上这儿坐啊 来
Sit here 慢点 不哭了 乖
Slow down. Don’t cry. Good girl 阿姨帮你把脸擦干净啊
Let me clean your face 你看都不漂亮了
Otherwise, you don’t look beautiful 阿姨都认不出来你了
I cannot recognize you 乖
Good girl 真乖 小雪
Good girl, Xiaoxue 疼吗
Is it painful 这儿疼吗
Is it painful here 不疼
No 好
Ok 快 快 护士
Quickly, quickly, nurse 护士 快来帮忙
Nurse, come and help 小雪 阿姨要去忙了
Xiaoxue, I’m going to be busy 你拿着自己擦一下
You clean your face by yourself 你饿吗 小雪
Xiaoxue, are you hungry? 阿姨这儿有酸奶
I have yoghourt 你在这儿等着妈妈和阿姨
You wait for mom and me here 我们一会儿就回来
We’ll be back in a minute

00:22:30,425 –>00:22:31,775
知道了 张泠阿姨
I know, aunt Zhang Ling 好好
Ok, ok 医生 医生
Doctor, doctor 我们的孩子怎么样了
How about our child 医生 我孩子怎么样了
Doctor, how about my child 你们放心 正在抢救呢
Don’t worry. They are being rescued 放心吧
Be at ease 行 行行
Ok, ok, ok 晓琪
Xiaoqi 宇宁
Yuning 我妈情况怎么样
How about my mom 已经脱离生命危险
She has been out of danger of life 是你抢救的吗
Did you rescue her 我接手的
I took over it 何主任正在给她做手术
Chief He is operating on her 到底是多大的车祸
How serious was the accident 有不少孩子受伤了
Many children were injured 有一个老师我们没有抢救过来
But there’s a teacher we didn’t rescue 怎么会这样
How could this happen 你也别太着急了
Don’t worry too much, either 何主任 手术怎么样
Chief He, how about the surgery 手术顺利
Smooth 一会儿就送病房了
She will be sent to the inpatient ward in a minute 谢谢何主任
Thanks, Chief He 江主任 来趟办公室
Chief Jiang, come to the office 我先过去了
I will go there first 患者都处理完了
Have all the patients been treated yet 只有一个没救过来
Only one died 那个老师
Is that teacher 救人的那个老师
who saves the people 你处理的
You treat her 她实在是太严重了
She is very serious indeed 又难受了
Are you uncomfortable again 已经尽力了 就不要太自责了
Now that you have tried your best, don’t blame yourself too much 今天还好
It’s not bad today 主要是没时间
Because there is no time 马上要抢救下一个患者
I need to rescue the next patient immediately 她是那个肇事者
Is she the wrecker 你让王大夫给她做了
You ask Doctor Wang to carry out the 一个脑血管造影
cerebral angiography 怀疑她有问题
Do you doubt that she is sick 我看了她头CT
I check her head CT 觉得有问题
and find something wrong 脑血管畸形
Is the cerebrovascular malformation 还不确定
It’s not certain 需要进一步的检查
I need to check her further 她就是你那个阿姨
Is she your said aunt 从小把你养大的阿姨 是吗
who brings you up 好吧
Ok 小李 你看见我们家小雪了吗
Xiaoli, do you see my daughter Xiaoxue 不好意思 没看见
Sorry, don’t see her 别担心
Don’t worry 靓靓
Liangliang – 怎么了 – 靓靓
What’s up – Liangliang 你看见我们家小雪了吗
do you see my daughter Xiaoxue 小雪
Xiaoxue 她 她也被送来了吗
She? Has she been sent here, too 她 她受伤了
Is she she injured 你没分诊吗
Didn’t you make a triage 我分了呀 但是我没看到小雪啊
I did it, but I didn’t see Xiaoxue 小雪 小雪哪儿去了
Xiaoxue, Xiaoxue, where is she 你别往那儿走了
Don’t go there 那边我都处理完了
I have treated them there 走 上那儿看看去
Go up there and have a look 小雪去哪儿了
Xiaoxue, where is she 小雪
Xiaoxue 雯姐 雯姐 雯姐
Elder sister Wen, elder sister Wen, elder sister Wen 小雪在这儿呢
Xiaoxue is here 刚才这里太乱了
There was disordered just now 我把小雪送到护士值班室去了
I sent Xiaoxue to the nurse duty room 一个人
Is she alone 你怎么让她一个人在这屋里
How did you leave her alone in this room 连医生都没看过
She hasn’t seen a doctor yet 小雪
Xiaoxue 小雪 小雪 小雪
Xiaoxue, Xiaoxue, Xiaoxue 妈妈 你怎么才回来呀
Mom, why are you back now 没事吧
Are you okay 没事 没事
Yes 你吓死妈妈了
Mom was worried 还有没有哪里不舒服啊
Is there anything else uncomfortable 告诉阿姨
Tell me 头还疼不疼
Is the head still painful 不疼了
No 妈妈
Mom 是张泠阿姨给我酸奶喝
Aunt Zhang Ling gave me the yoghourt 让我在这里等你
She asked me wait for you here 等久了就睡着了
I fell asleep after waiting a long time 真乖 小雪
Good baby, Xiaoxue 妈妈对不起你
I’m so sorry 这不都贴着绿色标签
She has the green label 肯定就是皮外伤
It must be the skin trauma 别难受了 雯姐
Don’t blame yourself, elder sister Wen 刚才不知道是谁
Just now, I didn’t know whose face looked like the white paper 脸吓得跟白纸一样
due to the fear 我们的老师呢
How about our teacher 什么老师啊
Your teacher? 就是那个上次车冲过来了
The car rushed over 我吓得不敢动
and I was too frightened to move 是老师救了我的
The teacher saved me 老师会没事的
Your teacher will be okay 赵主任
Chief Zhao 孙主任
Chief Sun 你好
Hello 那个 您前两天不是托我
Didn’t you ask me to find someone 找人给做一个DNA的鉴定吗
to do a DNA test the other day 结果出来了
This is the result 您看 要是没什么事我先忙去了
If nothing happens, I’ll be busy first 行
Ok 谢谢啊 老孙
Thanks, Chief Sun 不客气
You are welcome 皓月
Haoyue 你可是妈妈失而复得的
You are my lost daughter 你看 你病一好就要回西藏
But you’re going back to Tibet as soon as you get well 你就要离开我
You will leave me 这让我怎么受得了啊
How can I stand it 妈 你放心
Mom, you can rest assured that 等我出院了
when I leave hospital 我就再多陪您一段时间
I’ll stay with you for some more time 妈妈丢了你二十多年
Mom has lost you for more than twenty years 你只陪我一段时间
You only stay with me for a while 不够吧
That’s not enough 妈
Mom 其实西藏那边的
Actually, the medical conditions of Tibet
00:27:48,400 –>00:27:50,450
are poor 要不你跟我去西藏吧
Why don’t you come with me to Tibet 咱们俩一起帮助那些
Let’s help those 需要帮助的人
persons who need the help 你这个提议
Your proposal is 非常诱人
very attractable 但是
But 那样的话 强强怎么办
In that case, what about Qiangqiang 家里也没有人照顾
Nobody takes care of the family 你说得对
You’re right 妈妈那么年轻就生下了你
I gave birth to you when I was very young 当时真的是想过
At that time, I really thought that

00:28:29,450 –>00:28:30,925
I didn’t want anything 我连大学都不要读了
Even I didn’t study 就自己带着你
I just took you 一起好好地过日子
and live a good life together 妈
Mom 你能告诉我
Can you tell me 我爸爸是谁吗
who is my dad 不要提这个人
Don’t mention that person 是他抛弃我们的
He abandoned us 对吗
Right? 出来一下
Come out 我一会儿就回来
I will be back in a minute 什么事
What’s the matter 你怎么啦
What’s happened to you 你说话呀 你到底怎么了
Say something, what the hell is wrong with you 你们要瞒我多久
How long will you keep it from me 你们还想骗我多久
How long do you want to cheat me 一个是我的丈夫
One is my husband 一个是我最好的朋友
and another one is my best friend 二十多年了
For more than twenty years 我像个傻子似的
I just like a fool 这二十年
In the twenty years 我掏心挖肺地为你们两个
I’m sincere with you 我倾注了我全部的感情
and I poured all my feelings 你们呢
But how about you 你们竟能这样对我
How could you treat me like that 好
Ok 好
Ok 怎么了
What’s wrong with you 怎么还没睡
Why haven’t you slept yet 睡不着
I cannot sleep 皓月那儿有事啊
What’s going on there in Haoyue 她很好 没事
She is fine 你可是答应过我
You have promised me that 有任何事也别窝着藏着的
don’t conceal anything 有困难我们共同面对呢嘛
We can face difficulties together 是
Um 我答应过你的
I have promised you 可大梁 你知道吗
But Daliang, do you know that
00:32:19,150 –>00:32:21,125
there are still some things 是不堪回首的
that can’t be recalled 有时我想说
Sometimes I want to say
00:32:27,875 –>00:32:29,750
But I don’t know how to begin 所以有时候就幻想着
So sometimes I just fantasize about 不想 不听 不看
not thinking, hearing or watching 那些事情
Those things will 自己就会过去了
pass by themselves 但今天我才明白
But today I understand that 事情不可能自己过去
The things cannot pass by themselves 除非你选择去勇敢地面对它
unless you choose to face it bravely 有我呢
I’m with you 我在听
I’m listening 妈
Mom 怎么啦
What happened 什么事啊
What’s up 你为什么把送我的房子卖了
Why did you sell the house you gave me 就是为了不让你
It’s to keep you from 天天去看星星啊
seeing the stars everyday 有时间呢
If having time 把心思多放在生意上
you can pay more attention to the business 妈妈老了 身体还有病
Mom is old, and the body is not healthy 如果有一天妈妈不在了
If I died one day 你说咱们家
who takes over 这么大一摊子的事业
such a big business 谁管呀
of us 爱谁管谁管
The person who wants to take over can carry out it 我告诉过您
I have told you that 我对您的事不感兴趣
I’m not interested in your business 我考大学那会儿
When I took university entrance examination 我跟您说
I told you that I wanted to 我要学天文学
learn the astronomy 您非让我学什么工商管理
But you asked me to learn the business administration 好 我听您的
Ok, I did it 后来毕业了呢
But after the graduation 您又让我去美国留学
you asked me to study in America again 好 我也听您的
Ok, I also did it 我现在喜欢张泠
I love Zhang Ling now 您非要把乔娜安排给我
But you must introduce Qiao Na to me 妈 我的人生我自己可以做主
Mom, I can make my own decisions for my life

00:34:12,100 –>00:34:13,075
I’m not your toy 我也不是你的傀儡
nor your puppet 你的人生
Your life 你的人生不是我给你的吗
Is not me who gives your life 就因为您生了我 您养了我
Because you gave birth to me and raised me 您就可以看着我一辈子是吗
You can control my life 我告诉您
I tell you that 那不可能
It’s impossible 我生了你 养了你
I gave birth to you and raised you 我给了你最好的生活
as well as gave you the best life 人人都羡慕的生活
which is admired by everyone 那种生活我不稀罕
But I don’t like it 我告诉您
I tell you that 我宁愿上火星上住
I’d rather live on Mars 我也不要现在的生活
than live now 你魔障了吧你
Are you neurotic 就是你整天地做白日梦
Because you daydream all day 所以我才把那房子给卖掉
I sold the house 妈 你不仅把我的房子给卖了
Mom, you not only sold my house 你还把我所有的天文器材
but also gave all my astronomical equipment 也送了人
to others 你知道吗
Do you know that 那是我的唯一啊
that’s my only one 我的希望啊
that’s my hope 你为什么连这点空间
Why don’t you even 都不留给我
leave me this space 我告诉您
I tell you that 我要跟您断绝关系
I want to break up with you 那钱我不要了
and I will not receive your money 咱们再也不见了
We’ll never see again 徐然
Xu Ran 妈
Mom 妈
Mom 妈
Mom 妈
Mom 慢一点 慢一点
Slow down, slow down – 张泠 – 来啦
Zhang Ling – It’s here 赶紧救我妈
Save my mother quickly 阿姨
Aunt 阿姨怎么了
What’s wrong with her 阿姨
Aunt 赶紧送抢救室 快
Send to the emergency room quickly 患者无意识已插管
The patient has no consciousness and has carried out the cannula 准备呼吸机
Prepare the respirator 过床 过床
Change the bed, change the bed – 一二三 – 小心
One, two, three – Be careful 来 徐然 递过去
Xu Ran, deliver it 准备心肺复苏
Prepare the CPR 过来帮我
Come over and help me – 肾上腺素一毫克 – 好
Inject 1 mg epinephrine – Ok 肾上腺素一毫克静推
Inject 1 mg epinephrine through intravenous injection 来 田护士长
Head nurse Tian 准备第二支
Prepare the second piece 肾上腺素第二支静推
Inject the second epinephrine through intravenous injection 静推完毕
Complete the intravenous injection 来 我来
Let me do it 抢救无效
The rescue is not valid 宣布死亡时间
Declare the death time 十五点零五分
15:05 o’clock 对不起 徐然
I’m sorry, Xu Ran 妈
Mom 妈 妈 你醒醒啊
Mom, mom, wake up 妈 我错了
Mom, I was wrong 我 我不应该跟您吵架
I I shouldn’t have quarreled with you 我 我错了 妈
I I was wrong, mom 妈
Mom 妈 我求求你醒醒好不好 妈
Mom, I beg you to wake up, mom 徐然
Xu Ran 妈
Mom 妈 你醒醒 妈
Mom, wake up, mom 晓琪
Xiaoqi 晓琪来看你了
Xiaoqi comes to see you 阿姨醒了
You are awake, aunt 晓琪
Xiaoqi 阿姨 感觉怎么样
How are you feeling, aunt 晓琪
Xiaoqi 是你救的我
You saved me 好好休息 把身体养好了
Have a good test, and take care of yourself 我也不知道怎么回事
I don’t know what the matter is 这车开得好好的
When I drove the car 这一下手和脚就不听使唤了
my hands and feet lost control 我是不是撞到孩子们了
Did I hit the children 当时我记得
I remember that 有一群孩子在过马路
a group of children was crossing the road at that time 他 他们怎么样了
How about them 重伤 轻伤都有
There are serious injuries and slight injuries 不过都没有生命危险
But there’s no danger of life 请你帮我告诉家长
Please tell the parents that
00:40:02,700 –>00:40:04,900
all expenses will be paid by me 我会负责到底的
I will undertake all responsibilities 好 我会帮您转达的
Ok, I will convey this to the parents 有一个老师
There is a teacher who 为了救那些孩子
saves those children had very serious injury 当时送过来的时候
when 伤已经很重了
she was sent here 我们没抢救过来
She failed to revive 天呀
Oh my God 我真该死
I’ll be damned 阿姨
Aunt 你先别想太多
Don’t think too much about it first 现在最重要的是
Now the most important thing is 把身体养好
to take care of yourself 我们在电视剧当中经常会看到
We often see such a scenario 这样的一个情节发生
happen in TV plays 自己的亲人出了车祸 急需输血
A car accident happened to own relatives, and a blood transfusion is urgently needed 当家属赶到医院的时候
When the relatives arrived at the hospital 会大声地呼喊
they will shout loudly 快快快 输我的 输我的
quickly, quickly, quickly, transfuse my blood, transfuse my blood 我跟他血型一样 一定没有问题
I have the same blood type as him, so there must be no problem 那这件事情真的没有问题吗
But is that really the case 今天我们就来好好地分析一下
Today let’s have a careful analysis 其实像刚刚这样的场景
Actually, scenarios like this just 只会出现在战场上
happened on the battlefield 在现实生活当中是不会出现的
but not in real life 国家为了统一管理
To achieve the unified management of
00:41:26,525 –>00:41:28,150
blood donation and blood transfusion processes 减少输血之后的不良反应
reduce the adverse reaction after the blood transfusion 以及各种传染病的发生
and the occurring of various infectious diseases 献血这件事情是要在国家规定
The blood donation should be carried out 以及合法的地方进行
in a state-regulated and legal place 而医院的用血就是要在
The blood used by the hospital is to take blood 国家统一的中心血站来取血
from a unified central blood station in the country 而异体输血
Allogeneic blood transfusion should 就更是要由中心血站
be strictly checked and screened 严格地检查和筛查之后
by the central blood station 才可以使用
before it can be used 其实医院本身是不具备采血
In fact, the hospital itself is not qualified to 并将采完的血不经处理
collect blood and use it directly 就直接用到患者身上的资格的
to patients without treatment 所以在这里要提醒大家
So I want to remind you here 想要第一时间地
If you want to help your family and friends 帮助自己的家人和朋友
in the first time

00:41:56,500 –>00:41:58,175
Please understand the normal blood transfusion 和献血的流程
and blood donation processes [music] 原以为人生故事平淡
I thought that life is full of dull stories [music] 谁知转眼风云突变
Who knows it suddenly brings surprises [music] 昨天已成为过眼云烟
What’s just passed is yesterday [music] 明天为何如此遥远
Why is tomorrow so far away? [music] 原以为人生路途遥远
I thought that life is a long journey [music] 谁知尽头已在眼前
Who knows the end is here already [music] 恩怨情仇就此了断
Grievance and hatred, let it end [music] 生死离别不忍说再见
Life and death, say goodbye [music] 今天的分分秒秒
Every minute of today [music] 都是对生命最严酷的考验
Is a test of life [music] 今天的相依相伴
Your companions today [music] 都是对生命最深情的眷恋
Are your most affectionate devotion to life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念
Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make a vow in the name of love. [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严
Never give up the dignity of life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念
Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言
Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严
Never give up the dignity of life

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